Crack and Freebase Cocaine

Crack Constituents

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This piece (not in our mag) came from We have reprinted it here as it is an excellent and easy to understand piece on purifying your own cocaine, ie making freebase and your own crack. At least you’ll know what’s in it eh?

How To Make Crack

And How To Make Freebase Cocaine


Procedures for both substances (crack and freebase cocaine) are based on the fact that while cocaine hydrochloride (regular cocaine) requires a high temperature to ignite, base cocaine requires a much lower temperature to ignite. This makes it ideal for smoking.

These methods are based on personal experience and information found in an out of print book called the cocaine handbook , by David Lee. A truely excellent book, and a must have for any coke user. Refs at end of this article.

How To Make Crack (common method)

This is the most common method. Get a spoon and mix 2 parts of cocaine hydrochloride (regular cocaine) to 1 part baking soda in 20 ml of water.

Heat solution gently (with a lighter) until white precipitates form, and stop heating when precipitation stops.

After gentle heating, the freebase cocaine will float to the top, any excess soda will settle on the bottom.

Just collect the compound that rises to the top, and you have the finished product, it is ready to use.

Note that what you’re trying to do is start and sustain a chemical reaction (bonding the hydrochloride with the base-soda) so as long as the reaction is happening you don’t have to continue heating.

Dig this dudes crack pipe!  What you can’t see too well is the rubber tube pushed into the end of the glass pipe, which then trails about a foot or maybe even 45 cm or so, into the dudes mouth. I reckon this would work well, creating a low heat burn and burning that crack nice and slow and low temperatures, which is the recommended way. None of this WHOOSH! And its all gone up in one lungful of smoke. It should be sipped, shall we say, like the cheap wine that she is. But apart from Whitney Houston’s 8 balls wrapped up in a cannabis joint, all wrapped tightly in a…now whats the name of those cigar papers that big ass smokers roll their weed in??? Is it a bomb?  Memory has escaped me, funny that. (gee,  his thumb has seen some better days, lighting pipes till the sun goes down in Texas…

How To Make Crack (uncommon method)

I’ve never seen anyone try this method. You make crack as described above, then wash it with water and allow to dry for a day. Its for the connoisseur no doubt,  but the patient sort…

Mix 2 parts of cocaine hydrochloride to 1 part baking soda in 20 ml of water. Heat solution gently until white precipitates form, and stop heating when precipitation stops.

Collect the freebase cocaine that floats to the top.

Wash freebase once with water (this procedure usually omitted in street product).

Dry 24 hours under heat lamp. Voila (this procedure usually omitted in street product).

How To Make Freebase Cocaine.

Crack cocaine is less pure than using ether to make freebase cocaine (there is lots of baking soda left), but the procedure is safer. Ammonia appears to do real damage to the lungs, particularly because the coke is often not dried properly before it is smoked, thus one inhales ammonia fumes.

Mix about 1 g of coke in 10 ml of water in a small vial. Slowly add drops of ammonia to the solution. A white milky precipitate will form. Stop adding ammonia when additional drops no longer result in precipitation.

Add 5 ml of ethyl ether, close vial, and shake. The precipitate (freebase) will dissolve in the ether. Siphon off the ether with a pipette (ether and water don’t mix), and slowly drip it on a plate.

As the ether evaporates, white crystals will form. This is the evil freebase. Crush the crystals and put under a heat lamp for at least 24 hrs to let the solvent evaporate.


This is how Richard Pryor almost died. A lot of untrained people killed themselves doing that procedure, and this is why crack is now more popular.

What Does This Accomplish?

By doing something like one of the methods above, the resulting freebase cocaine is easy to smoke, it requires a lower temperature to ignite than non freebase cocaine.

If one were to smoke cocaine as is, there would be too much waste. Some people do smoke cocaine as is, but it is much more efficient to freebase or make crack.


You feel great when you inhale crack or freebase cocaine, but start to come down soon after exhaling. Once you start, it’s super hard to put the pipe down.

Never inject crack or freebase cocaine, it can cause a heart attack or stroke. Both of which will probably kill you.

Note – Using baking soda to FREE the cocaine BASE from cocaine hydrochloride (regular cocaine) results in a substance people call crack.

Crack is a less pure form of freebase cocaine than using ammonia and ether and gets its name from the crackling sound it makes when smoked.

Using ammonia (and ether) to FREE the cocaine BASE from cocaine hydrochloride (regular cocaine) results in a substance people call freebase cocaine.

This form of freeing the base is more time consuming and dangerous than making crack, but the result is more pure, and can give a larger yield than converting the same amount of cocaine to crack would.

While both forms of the drug can be called freebase cocaine, only using the baking soda method results in a product that can be called crack. See how cocaine is made for a better understanding of how cocaine itself is produced.

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Cocaine research – Nearly one in five whites could carry a genetic variant that substantially increases their odds of being susceptible to severe cocaine abuse, according to new research. (dec 2010)

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  1. i smoked crack on reg. basis while selling to borac oboma. when he resided in illinois along with constant mari jane deliveries.

  2. Hi folks,

    Can I just start by saying it is very good to know that there are informative websites like this one and to hear people giving good sensible advice to the curious or uninitiated when it comes to recreational drug usage.

    I come from Brighton UK and have been for most of my life a DJ. Those that know me would tell you I would never proclaim to be a expert be it in music or drug/club land. My principal is simply this. Where possible make sure you’re in control of the drug and not the other way around.
    Not easy to do but after almost 40yrs I’m still here making great friends and memorable party’s.
    We once and I’ve always believed in experiencing as much as possible if only just once and provided it dont kill you we are still on a path of evolving and one of my greatest joys has been to stop doing drugs but getting others high through the power of the mind..and of course music. There will always be experimenters, drugs and new ways of doing things. I have been instrumental with a few others in trying to help people who develop a hard to break out of cycosis and sorry it’s taken me a while to get to my point. Forget the amonia. Not good. Forget washing in water. Anyone tried washing it in Vodka yet or Rum? It helps with that modish feeling plus your money might last a bit longer…

    • Dude! Thanks for your reflective and thoughtful message. We have some contacts in Brighton who are starting up something pretty special re music and a whole DIY ethical approach. Ill email you shortly and see what you think. Thanks for the feedback btw. Alcohol -vodka or rum? No kidding? what then -it washes up just clean to snort after drying or it stones up for smoking? Anyone else tired this way? Always interesting to hear! ciao DJML

  3. Licky

     /  April 25, 2015

    Basically, as from what can be created, it’s quite simple to wash up the boom ting licks .. Purer the more affective obviously .. First ” place a fifth of a tea spoons full of ammonia ,,, not drowning it … Use a sharp object to roll the outer .. Gently forming it into a decent looking slab !!! Dabbing more ammonia out if needed , if there’s a slick shine .. Your on the right tracks,,,,, now whisk aflame until a cloudy ring is seeping out.. . Judder the spoon and also nudge it .. (5-6 secs) More for the best results …(can whisk a flame once again for a couple of seconds , don’t over do it … Rush or ruin from what could be a masterpiece, slowly nudge the slab onto Rizzlas constantly flipping , then a tissue for a good soak then back onto Rizzlas , the better it’s washed the less you will have to continue this process , but the longer it’s done the better and more potent the ‘freebase’ .. If you follow this and don’t think this is bullshit .you will get to become a happy and pro washer … I’ve been shown by a boss .. And now I’ve mastered it… Don’t rush it , and don’t over do the ammonia part ,, if it’s a proper block , wash it under water a few times , sometimes it may turn out like a honeycomb lump , don’t wish with water after just dry for a good ten minutes …… Trust me when you see the results …. X licky X

  4. Dlo33

     /  February 13, 2015

    This information was highly useful. Thank you. I now know what was making me sick when smoking this certain persons crack.

  5. Louise Barrett

     /  February 10, 2015

    I really need to learn how to make crack using ammonia because I’ve heard it’s stronger than using anything else please tell me how to do it properly thanx

  6. Estafador

     /  February 9, 2015

    how is this shit not shut down yet?

  7. HeXORcist

     /  February 2, 2015

    @getfuzy123 – I wash up in this way as well (ammonia only) and the only advantages of using water and ether is that you don’t really want to be smoking something that has been soaked in ammonia, it’s not too good for your lungs! The ether gets rid of the ammonia and then evaporates, leaving the good stuff behind. The only problem is ether is really tightly controlled and so it is hard to get/expensive.

    • Thanks, yes your right, of course its really important to let your rocks dry properly -this is where the difference shows with the coke smokers; i.e the one who is gagging for a pipe – and the one who is a connoisseur, and is prepared to wait for the best result! Any smoking where there is ammonia left, is really, honestly detrimental to the lungs, really we have known people to have severe lung problems that seem to be due to the ammonia….thanks for your terrific post!

  8. I in 5 whites and 110% of non-whites. Interesting!

  9. Is this a scumbag druggy site or a normal party and experimental site.. Do users here miss days of work, buy drugs instead of food, rent,or mortgage, etc.? Or is this a cool upper class party info site? I don’t have major ethical/moral trips but I do have a line I draw. Who are you?

    • Me I got ill and developed a 10yr heroin habit (been clean for 20yrs now) because I’m a workaholic and ended up with a seriously mental breakdown. Came through it all, got asked to share my experiences with others that were struggling and play at very classy parties. What about you Mike maybe I. Will see you at one if ever you come to Brighton U.K. 😎

  10. I always ruined the coke I bought, when wasted at the bar, trying to make crack or free base and always ruining an 8-ball. My college roommates always get pissed. This info will hopefully help my chemistry at frat parties.

    • Licky

       /  April 25, 2015

      Mucker … If you want to not waste it it knowing you want that banging result … Look up the page and literally follow my resepy.. ‘Instructions’ I shit you not … Every one does it different and I won’t change the way I’ve been taught .. Look up and give it a go .. X licky X it’s the detailed last post … Only start on a 0.5 and you’ll be fucking inpressed x all the best

  11. getfuzy123

     /  July 3, 2014

    Hey Erin, you never did answer SairraCakes85 question. I would like to know the answer as well.

  12. Can you send me some cocaine

  13. I recently caught my girlfriend smoking what smelled like base from a small metal weed pipe. I have been finding ultra small ziplock bags and plastic twist-x hidden in her kitchen cabinets. Unfortunately, having smoked freebase myself 29yrs ago, I know what it smells like versus smoking cocaine powder in a cigarette. Recently I found a cigarette that was torn almost down to the filter. The filter and remaining paper were not burned or used. I’ve found what appears to be the remnants of the cigarette paper, some burned, others still clean. What method is this with the cigarette paper? When I smoked decades ago, I added the powder to a cigarette after partially removing the tobacco then adding the powder and tobacco again. That produced a sickly sweet aroma, which I smelled once at her place. I have since smelled what I believe is freebase burning. I don’t get what she is doing with a cigarette w/o the filter. What is she doing with that and what should I look out for since this her preferred method?

    • freebasedgod

       /  October 11, 2014

      shes using the filter as a cotton filter to shoot up more than likely

  14. linda terry

     /  April 12, 2014

    crack and cocaine 519-865-2402 or 416 524 1908

  15. dre

     /  March 26, 2014

    yes,this is andre,and I just got lutted by smoking some good stuff made by the best a friend that could grab you the take me to the next level man or female is all the same I mean just to be there and never want to leave the moment to be there for the next time again maybe!!!!!

    • Maggie Maye

       /  May 5, 2014

      Ive been gone from my home town for quite a few years and since I’ve been back my best friend (from my teen years) and I have started hanging out, visiting, etc. She told me last night that she believes her newest boyfriend is using cocaine.and cooking it. After reading your article I see that she’s right. She has special needs children and this is definitely an issue she does not need in her life. Thank you for the information. Im hoping this article will save her from a lot of un-nessasary heartache and pain. I applaud you.

  16. no name

     /  March 23, 2014

    Hi, theres a 16 year old female who smoked crack for their first time…did alot of blow the day before (not their first time)…
    but the day she smoked hard, she felt very dope sick. And not thinking very wisely-she smoked an 80 rock between 2 people…felt good at first of course, but the last blast got her into a seizure… felt like she blacked out, then coming to, all she heard was “shes having a seizure!!..!” Couldnt stop moving her body, it was just lying there moving without having any control to it….
    Is she safe? Did waaaay too much in the past couple days…drinking while she was smoking rock too…

  17. Luan

     /  March 19, 2014

    Olá Abradeço Desde De Já Pelo Post,E Sobre O Primeiro Post no Inicio,Como Eu Faço Para deixa o Crack Branco Amarelo ??

  18. Breaking gud

     /  January 13, 2014

    Ok So where is the most modern lab work on making cocaine from scratch? With the apparatus and quantitative measure of the reagents used. I am a formal chemist more interested in proving to myself the regioselectivity of the chiral moitie.

  19. Sairracakes

     /  September 2, 2013

    Hi Erin THANKS for your comment/reply to my question (I didn’t realise I’d asked such a good question!) Thank you for your interest and attention to my query, I will be VERY glad to hear more from you on this subject as soon as you feel you have enough information to give a valid response! Thanks love Sairra x X x

  20. thebaric

     /  September 2, 2013

    Freebase. Free internet, Free knowledge. Thanks for the thorough article and respect :)

  21. SairraCakes85

     /  July 31, 2013

    Hi there – I’m confused… What exactly am I making & smoking then – crack, freebase, or something else?… The method that I use to get/make smokeable “rocks” from my cocaine powder is the same way that everyone in my area does it, and the process is known, colloquially, as “washing up”. The “Freebase Cocaine” method, that you’ve described on your website, is quite similar, in some respects, to my method, but also involves some unfamiliar, additional steps as well, (such as the use of water and ether), that I don’t include in my method. So, I’m wondering what the reasons for these additional steps in your procedure are and also how the two end products differ from each other? Essentially, my method of “washing up” (to get rocks from powder) uses nothing but ammonia and heat, (and occasionally water, right at the end, to “rinse” the ammonia off of end product before smoking it), and the product I get at the end is perfect in my opinion and gives me exactly the kind and quality of hit you would expect from cocaine rocks, so I want to know, A) What’s the advantage of using water & ether in the process AS WELL as ammonia, and B) Without the inclusion of water & ether in the process, what exactly is the end product I get called? – Is it still technically freebase cocaine or not? I’m really curious about the chemistry of all the various processes and I’d appreciate anything new that you can tell me, especially about how MY procedure works, and what it produces, in particular.For your reference, this is my exact method, detailed step-by-step, below:

    1) I get my cocaine powder, (cocaine-HCL, right?), usually 0.5G and chuck it into a metal dessert spoon.

    2) I then add to the spoon just enough liquid ammonia, which I buy from the hardware store or chemist, to cover all of the powder so it sorta “swims” in the liquid.

    3) Then I hold a standard cigarette lighter, with a mid-high flame, underneath the spoon just until the white coke powder “melts” into a yellowish liquid and floats on the clear ammonia liquid like oil does on water, (this usually only takes about 10 – 20 secs to achieve for a half gram), and then I take the flame/lighter away, put the spoon down and wait for the liquid contents of the spoon to start to cool down for around 1 – 2 minutes, depending on the room temperature.

    4) Use a pin or pen-knife, or another spoon’s handle – whatever – to slowly pull/wipe the yellowy, floating precipitate together to the edge of the spoon. As I do this is gets thicker & thicker as it get cooler and starts to collect/stick together and become hard. Once I have it all collected together in one piece/rock I push the whole lot out of the spoon and lay it on tissue to soak off any excess ammonia that remains on the surface.

    5) SOMETIMES – I dip and hold the rock in tap water for a few seconds and then touch it on tissue to dry it of again, sometimes repeating this a few times if I’m feeling health-concious! – But usually, more often than not, I stop at the end of Step 4; I’ve got what I was after so f**k the rest – Get the party started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Sairra x X x

    • sorry for delay- you made a great post and a terrific question – i will try my best to answer it fully this weekend -thanks tho – a really great question, stay tuned. BPx

      • bonehead to da max

         /  February 9, 2015

        I apologize for asking,if it has already been answered. I could not find your answer if you had. Could you possibly provide a link toit? TIA

    • AJ

       /  January 13, 2015

      Don’t know who you are, just wanted to say thanks for the info. Been dealing with white for a bit. Was considering the risk/reward between powder/rock. – A.V. – Boston, MA

    • kc

       /  April 11, 2015

      Ring the bell sister!

  22. Your own write-up offers proven useful to myself.

    It’s really informative and you’re certainly very educated of this type. You get opened up my own sight to varying thoughts about this matter using intriguing and sound content.

  23. Rajan rana

     /  October 4, 2012

    Mention picture wise detail of brown sugar,how to smoke and tools materials used for that.

  24. castrol 15W-40
    Hey, can I use your article on my blog with a linkback?

  25. CrackHat

     /  December 15, 2011

    good clear info . many internet sites don’t mention any difference between crack en freebase . ( so the point is that Freebase is better than Crack but a bit more difficult to make)

    what also good to know is that you can smoke Freebase coke from a little weedpipe and just hold a lighter on it and smoke it like weed ( dont torch it with a big flame but light it fast with a
    small/medium fire ( and is also better to roll a ,,cocaine sigaret,, with )
    and Cack needs a crackpipe similiar to a meth pipe cause crack is not so good to smoke with a direct fire and need some glass in between)

    • Adam

       /  June 22, 2014

      best way is to put down a little bed of tobacco or weed ASH. pack it down a little, put the base on top and heat gently with the lighter. the base melts and speads out through the ash and then vapourises quickly giving a very intense hit even froma big rock you can smakk#e all in one hit. old junkie trick.

      wide short glass with foil on top. small holes near the edge. 20 pin pricks. ash ontop pat down. make slit just off opposite to suck through. fill the glass 2/3 with water (optional) get less condensing on glass.

  26. Hello there, simply turned into alert to your weblog through Google, and located that it’s really informative. I’m gonna be careful for brussels. I’ll be grateful for those who proceed this in future. Many folks might be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

  27. Awesome, i was looking for that. Thanks for your time!

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