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Below are links to websites that we at BP, personally like. If you think we should include yours, please paste your website in the comment box below and, if you’re an interesting site -we’ll link you straight up.

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INPUD – – International Network of People who Use Drugs. This is a global peer-based organisation seeking to promote the health and defend the rights of people who use drugs. Through processes of empowerment and international advocacy INPUD strive to challenge stigma, discrimination and the criminalisation of people who use drugs. Their website gives details of their facebook page and you can also follow them on twitter
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  1. Hi there

    We’d like introduce a new online resource – – that we think will be of interest to Black Poppy. Recently launched, presents carefully researched personal stories of alcohol or other drug addiction, dependence or habit, presented in people’s own words. Its aim is to challenge stigma and present much-needed new insights into the range of experiences that make up life for people with drug use experiences of this kind.

    Given the aims of Lives of Substance and Black Poppy’s work, we’re hoping you’ll help us spread the word about this new online resource and consider sharing website links, if you think it’s appropriate. We’d be happy to include a link to your website on our dedicated resources and information page and we’re hoping you link to on this page. We suggest this as cross-linking of this kind helps improve a website’s search engine ranking, making it easier to find and broadening its reach.

    I’d be happy to send you more information if you like? We have a blurb and digital postcards that might be suitable for inclusion in your magazine.

    Many thanks,

    Dr Kiran Pienaar
    Curtin University, Australia

  2. amanda

     /  September 30, 2015

    Hi my names amanda. I have a friend thAt injected meth and thinks he may have gotton a blood clot from it. Says can feel it In his arm and at first was really sore. He has shortness of breaDth, speech is a little different, numbness,soreness, and ALOT more tiredness is there anything you could tell me regarding if this really is a blood clot or what. The part he feels in his arm that he thinks is. Blood clot has been there for approximately 1 week. ALSO on his other arm he injected meth and the spot he did it left a BIG bump and the spot (like inside the hole) turned white kind of looked like a cigarrett burn so to speak.which that one has been there for approximately 2 weeks anything anyone can tell me would be helpful and appreciated. Thanks


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