The A-Z of Overdose

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If you indulge in tightrope walking from time to time with your drug usage -then you owe it to yourself, your mates and those around you to learn how to save lives, recognise the signs of overdose and pass on the right information where you can. With rights, comes responsibility -to many of us have died needlessly when a few simple actions would have sufficed. Don't let it happen to someone you know. Ask at you local needle exchange or user group for workshops on overdose prevention, first aid, Naloxone training etc

The Many Types of  Overdose-

A run down on the various signs and symptoms of a range of drug related overdoses, from seizures, to stimulant induced anxiety attacks and chest pains, to the semi-overdose which could tip either way depending on your actions.

Cocaine and stimulant OD’s

A look at how to respond to heart attacks, angina, crack lung attacks, and panic attacks induced by stimulant drugs.

Drug Induced Seizures

Most regular drug users / drinkers will have experienced a seizure at some time or other whilst others are unlucky enough to experience the regularly. Seizures can be very hard on the brain and so it is essential that if you suffer from them – however intermittently -you understand your ‘triggers’ and how you can regain control again.

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  1. danni murry

     /  February 17, 2019

    Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Unfortunately, my 2 yo and I are not celebrating because it’s the first anniversary of her daddy’s fentanyl overdose death. You can all enjoy your own festivities while viewing this video. Get off that crap and stay off, please. Life is short.

  2. Danni

     /  October 6, 2018

    Wow…thank you so much for your valuable public service (dripping with irony here). My EX-husband died of a massive fentanyl overdose in February. The fentanyl bound to the receptors in his brain that control breathing, so he essentially asphyxiated. Brown foam cone etc. A gruesome way to die, and he died alone. How can you think this is ‘normal’? A site by drug users for drug users???? Are you effing kidding me? Wake up before you too end up stiff as a board on an autopsy table. Very cool. Def something to aspire to.

      • Dear Jeff: Thank you for your insightful comment. I’m sure that’s what my ex’s last breath sounded like through the brown fentanyl foam cone. Stay away from that shit. The devil will win every time, and after you die your family can order up your postmortem report. Very heavy reading. Happy New Decade! Hope everyone can liberate themselves over the next 10 years.

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