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BP Magazine is being re-launched after a break! We have another interesting, excellent and bang up to date magazine, that is out now!You can get your online version here free -BP Magazine issue 14

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Contents Issue 14:


6 – INPUD on the Rise: BP reports on the first 3 years of the International Network of People who Use Drugs
11 – Judgment Day: S.Wilcox continues with his hellish story facing court – and the death penalty in Thailand.
14 – Old School: Chris Drouet, Co-Founder of Black Poppy dies of an overdose aged 60, leaving questions.
20 -Top Tips for Maintaining Overall Lung Health
21 – A Modern Day Libertine: Sebastian Horsley, in one of his last ever interviews, BP pays tribute.
31 – How to Catch a Chemical: How the government aims to beat the chemists at their own game -new efforts to ban legal highs.


8 – Out of the Mouths of Babes: The first in BP’s new Womanhood series, 13year old Molly tells the story of her family, the drugs use and her attempts to understand her parents lives.
13 – Remembrances: We remember loved ones lost.
24 – Poetry and Prose: Lisa and Robin write in to BP.
25 – I Predict a RIOTT: Hannah writes of her experience inside London’s heroin prescribing trial, RIOTT.
26 – CD’s Junkmail: Your letters plus a special report on ‘how to write a successful letter to the editor’.
27 – Love Amongst the Wheely Bins: A story of dirty love by Ben Lawrence


4 – News – Sativex, London User Forum, UKRHA
5 – What’s The Score – An Uneasy Feeling. Looking at the new Coalition’s drive for recovery.
9 – Science on Substances no.14: Diamorphine. A Wallace documents heroins’ rise to infamy.
18 – Info Update – Pulmonary Disorders: BP kicks off the first in our ‘Lung Health’ Series looking at COPD, Emphysema, Chronic bronchitis and illness from smoking drugs
30 – Crossword: Quite cryptic, we challenge you!
29- Famous Users –Jack Bruce: The Cream on Top
2 -Subscription Information.
31 –  Q & A -Caning the K, and Drug Driving.
32 – Classifieds- Resources, BP info, User Events

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Issue 13 (limited numbers) – contents

Issue 12 (limited numbers) – contents

Issue 11  (limited numbers) – contents

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  1. Under your post NEW ISSUE: No. 14: If you want to read excerpts from the new issue, click here. <— Yeah, but click here is not a link… it is just text, you cannot click here because it is not a link. I am a heroin addict, and just read about your editor who is prescribed diamorphine. I am interested in reading this magazine and maybe making a subscrition but i would like to read some articles first. Makes it hard when I run into issues like this. I just landed on this page, so I am going to explore around and if see if there are any articles I can read for free, I hope so- if there are not, then its a loss of a potential subscriber. Please fix this link, if it is intended to be a link or what? Dunno. Not a good start for me.

  2. Hi Erin I and my brother had similar problems,we came to UK in 90’s in our country was ravaging civil war.Just before it streets have been flooded with high grade heroin and it didn’t took long to spread like epidemic specially when people who was there to protect you started to poison us secret services and political nationalistic parties had they own people who sold it for them so they can arm them self for butchering.All those drugs which have been taken of smugglers in Tito’s Yugoslavia had been released on streets.My brother was one of the first generation that got completely decimated.He is now over 33 years chronic addict we tried everything methadon Buprenorphine went on detox treatment so many times could be easy over 100 times and failed it all.His teeth are falling out but he can’t get any understanding from medical people in Birmingham he works pays mortgage tax’s but when he needs help they want to assess him wait for weeks to be given choice you can get buprenorphine or methadon and on daily pick up,what he is asked to do is wait every morning in front of chemist at nine in the morning time when they open and then expected to go to work.Who starts work at 10 am can’t believe they doing this he is over 33 years on hard drugs I am around 24 years on hard drugs failed all miserably.Instead to be productive pay taxes bills they wanna make you useless human being or leave country and try luck in more liberal society like in Holland,Swiss,Germany,Denmark,Norway,Portugal they realized the way it goes the war and the policies it will never end as long as they empowering total prohibition you will have those that will try make quick money.By putting us in hands of doctors which aren’t afraid to practice and experiment to help us,we are any way old guard which should be allowed to live as normal as we can and if it means medical heroin so be it.New kids know more than we did and it is not fashionable any more us much it was before it wont go away but it can be controlled reduced crime to nearly zero.What to do while you got system which doesn’t work for you where to turn to ask for help do you have to be on your knees most of our life beg and feel worthless!!??So dear Erin what would you do?Now I know why some of my friends never made it they killed the problem literally.

  3. Jane McCaw

     /  November 4, 2013

    Erin luv
    Can you please contact me through Facebook Jane McCaw

    It is very important
    Regarding chris Drouet

  4. BronzeAgeDeity

     /  July 12, 2012

    Hi Erin,

    I was searching online for information about diamorphine prescription, and I came across a BBC article from 2004 talking about your story. It was remarkable because I also tried heroin at age 15 in my native Australia, have tried repeatedly to use methadone and subutex to stay off, to no avail.

    I’m desperate to get access to a diamoprhine maintenance programme; how do I go about it?


    • Hi, – well it aint easy in this climate thats for sure – do you live in London? There are options out there – very few mind you – but they are there it just takes some real detective work and a long history of use and ‘failing’ at other treatment options…email me at so I can reply in person.
      all the best

  5. Hi,
    As a long term user with a doctor who refuses to acknowledge my clinical need for diamorphine, prescribes unwanted methadone and uses that prescription to punish and manipulate me, i need advice on my rights.
    I am a writer and my pen-name is above, i only mention this because i could contribute to your journal if possible and wonder if you consider unsolicited articles? If so let me know if i should send in a sample piece or, if better for you, give me a topic to prattle on about, and i will submit something.
    In the meantime, what can i do to get some choices in my treatment beside methadone/abstinance.

    • Hi,
      Im really sorry to hear about your situation. Im afraid its all too common, despite the inroads that have been made over the last decade to encourage more understanding from the medical profession about drug dependence. Its a long hard slog! Please feel free to write -at the moment we are only taking submissions for our blog -as we dont have enough money to publish the next copy at the moment until we sell more of the last one, as we are entirely self funded, so it makes it a bit hard. But we get thousands and thousands of unique hits per month on our site, so a lot of people would see your writing should you choose to write something. We havent started to encourage writers for our blog yet (having had the magazine) but hey, now seems like a good time to start!
      In terms of your treatment -a lot depends on the area where you live in. If you want to email me offlist (Ill send you a personal email) and we can communicate further about this. You shouldnt have to put up with horrendous treatment, it makes a persons life a real misery, and some health professions -and people -have diabolical attitudes towards people who use drugs and can go out of their way to make things difficult. There are options however, and their is support out there from other people who use, and work as advocates or just as support. Ill email you offlist and we can see if there is something you can do,
      best of luck

  6. Dear Erin and all,
    I want to send in some poems for ‘Black Poppy’ but am confused as to where to send them, please let me know.
    Best wishes

    OR…. if you have the time Erin please phone me on 07936179418.
    We have not spoken to each other for about ten years!

    • Hey Gorden,
      Sure you can send us at BLACK POPPY, PO BOX 33033 London w93LT.
      JUST trying to picture u Gorden, did we meet or chat on fone? 10 years ago is a.long time ago for my memory I’m afraid! I’m on hols for couple of weeks but will give u a ring when I get back. If I haven’t, perhaps send me a quick reminder! Thanks so much for sending in ur poems, actually we r going to put a poetry page on this site so we can include much more poetry. Do u subscribe? Have a look at our new issue section and see what u think. Best wishes and thanks Again

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