A- Z Substances

Welcome to our list of ‘A-Z of Substances of Use’

Based on Black Poppy magazine’s regular feature ‘Science On Substances’ where we feature a new drug every issue, here we bring you those comprehensively researched articles providing you with good quality information on the drugs we use, how we use them, what they do to the body and mind and how to keep yourself safer if deciding to use or experiment with them. And because Black Poppy Magazine is written by people who use drugs FOR people who use drugs, we add another dimension to the information provided and we believe we add something a bit different to the usual drugs information currently available. Here, we have also added some extra articles we think have been good ones on the web (links and credited info). Feel free to add your comments and experiences at the end of any articles in the comment boxes provided – we’d love to hear from you!

Note: We are currently updating this page so please stay tuned and check back soon! (June 2012)

Ayahuasca the Vine, Yage the brew; Our expert on psychoactives OldTheRod, gives this plant a closer look and holds it up to its true jungle light for inspection…(issue 12)

Dexedrine (Dexamphetamine): A very interesting article about one of history’s more popular pharmaceuticals, and its relationship with users in the UK. (M.McNamee, issue 10)

Cannabis A terrific article from BP on the safest ways to consume your  pot; Vapourizing comes out as the safest method, followed by (careful) eating of a cooked form of cannabis (gets out the dodgy microbes apparently). Smoking joints (bongs are even worse) always comes out as bad for you -adding tobacco to your mix is obviously worse than taking it straight. Included are links to, what we have discovered to be the best cannabis sites.

Cocaine and Crack: A straightforward guide on how to make your own crack from cocaine and freebase. While this was not published in Black Poppy, it is useful for coke users to help cut down some of the adulterants in street bought cocaine.

Cocaine: How do You Take Yours?  Cocaine is used by such a diverse group of people, probably because it lends itself to being snorted, smoked, injected, freebased, chased,  chipped, drunk, or blown up an orifice somewhere,  and as such, many of us will have a preference of our own. What’s yours? BP speaks to users and provides some good harm reduction tips for all types of cocaine users.

Heroin / Diamorphine on Prescription: Until we get our own guide up, this is a useful run down about heroin and diamorphine on prescription across the world. We plan to add to this and fill it out to add the latest updates. Stay tuned.

Heroin Purification: An interesting article from Slade courtesy of The Lyceum. Here he tells you how to purify the gram of heroin you buy from your dealer, into a much purer, safer product, with a little knowledge of chemistry.

Ibogaine: A BP feature on the plant Tabernathe Iboga – from which derived Ibogaine – the drug that claims to stop addiction, with a following of thousands across the world, Ibogaine is a fascinating plant for helping to tackle addiction. Howard Lotsof is interviewed as is David Graham Scott on his personal experience at detoxing off methadone. (issue 13)

Ketamine: A popular drug for a reason, Ketamine is one of those drugs that you need to know the ins and outs of, in order to be able to enjoy it safely. Many people have found themselves freaked out by Ketamine by making some simple errors of judgment and not taking the time to understand this unique substance before the indulge. This is a great introduction to K.

Mephedrone; (4-MethylMethCathinone) Black Poppy has yet to do our own investigation into Mephedrone but until we do, here is a piece we think is a good introduction to 4-MMCat. It is from Synchronium’s Website.

Methadone -The History of Juice: M Haskins writes about methadone and delves into its history, it’s role in treatment and its journey through the last century as a heroin ‘substitute’.

Methamphetamine: An excellent article on methamphetamine and its return as a rather different drug, to the UK market. In-depth text from people in the know on methamphetamine culture past and present, its effects on the brain and harm reduction tips. (M.McNamee)

Naloxone / Narcan: The miracle drug that literally brings back a person from the point of overdose and near death.Make sure you have some in your possession -and make sure your local health authority is giving it or prescribing it to opiate users, their partners and families.

Naltrexone: An updated article on a somewhat interesting drug with many uses from treating alcohol, opiate and cocaine  dependence, to even more developing ones today.

PMA –  and its dangerous role in the contamination of ecstasy; a global issue.Deaths caused by ecstasy contaminated with the drug para-Methoxyamphetamine (PMA) have increased substantially over the last two years. For anyone using MDMA, ecstasy, Ketamine or uppers -this info sheet put together from our comrades at INPUD – should concern you. Read it and tell your mates and know your doing more to keep yourselves safe.

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