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Black Poppy Magazine 
Issue 12

Issue 12

United Kingdom
Black Poppy Magazine is a health a lifestyle magazine for the drug using community. Written and created by people who use drugs – for people who use drugs, BP is a unique and essential port of call for any drug user. Our hard copy magazine is based in the UK and focuses on drug culture – in the UK and around the world -our health and the latest harm reduction debates as well as drug policies, politics and drug law reform, and the fascinating stories behind drug history. We also look at what we are using and how we are using it – all the while striving to keep us better informed to make safer decisions around our drug use as well as empowering ourselves to be knowledgeable activists within our own communities.
If you would like to subscribe to Black Poppy, visit our friends at Exchange Supplies for more information and order today for delivery tomorrow, anywhere in the world. Order remaining back, current and upcoming issues whether you are in the UK or overseas.
COST: Black Poppy varies its price according to numbers purchased. While we have had our first price increase in 6 years, we have REDUCED the price on larger orders.
Single copies (1 -9 copies) £3.50 per issue
Bulk orders  (10 – 49 copies)  £2.75 per issue
(49 – 99 copies) £2.50 per issue
(100 + )  £2.00 per issue.
Exchange Supplies in the UK will be hosting us at their online shop to make subscribing and deliveries easy and quick.
We are currently revamping our website ( so keep your eyes open and check back over the next weeks and months of 2010/11. In the meantime catch up with all the latest here at this website as this site is built up.
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  1. Alex

     /  October 5, 2014

    Hi Erin
    Thanks for taking the time to help out. Black Poppy – truly a great magazine. I will check out those booklets you suggested. Be well

  2. Hi all or any,

    Just stumbled onto Exchange Supplies org.
    Curious as to if anybody knows wether their harm reduction kits can be purchased and imported into the US? I’m from there and there are hardly any such programs around. The filter syringes are very useful too, all we use here is cotton or cig filter and get abscess regularly…Thanks for your help and best wishes

    • Hi,
      Its great you found us and exchange supplies! Yes E.S has loads of terrific harm reduction bits and pieces, not only really helpful equipment but there is some great literature, like a really comprehensive booklet on methadone,(the methadone handbook) that is always being updated, a great guide on the range of syringes and which ones are safer to use for which vein (quite an unusual booklet, haven’t seen any similar and also has some veincare info in)

      • Oops, sorry I made an error and pressed send to soon! Anyway, their actual book/guide on veincare is really well put together and the images I’ve seen being used in posters at services around the world. They always get drug users to review and work on their publications and as a result they get really spot on and useful information. Aside from all that they are a fabulous group of people who work there!! Re your question, I’m afraid I don’t know if customs allow them in the US, its possible, Exchange Supplies would certainly send them there I’d say but whether its OK in your state, I’m afraid I don’t know. But do email or ring them, they are extremely helpful and I’m sure probably know already whether certain items can be sent to the USA. They also send plain packaging etc and individuals can order syringes, water, smoking foil (so its not oiled like in the shop bought foil). Really worth a good long look around their site as they have good explanations for everything they are selling. Just to add they are not our employers or anything!!! I really mean every good word! They also supported BP to print and distribute our magazine last issue, really they are a great company!! Anyways, hope you get to import them as the kits are used all over the world coz injectors really seem to like them. All the best, hope Uncle Sam is progressive and smart and let’s american injectors protect themselves from blood borne viruses and infection!!

      • Ps! When u click the link to one product like ‘kits’ be sure to click again the name of the kit type and itt will open up again showing you all the contents inside. For example
        OK good luck!!

  3. hippycat

     /  December 20, 2011

    Hi, I tried to subscribe and got the message that an email was sent to me
    ( but never got the message from you. Also, comes up as ‘cannot find’ and the exchange supplies comes up ‘forbidden’.
    Great magazine, found it through ‘gledwood’s blog’. Although I am not a user anymore (only methadone/diazepam and weed), I have been on opiates since 1976. Something like this was really lacking. Good luck and
    Happy Xmas


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