Safer Injecting: Best videos on how to inject safely

 Here are a few videos we have credited from our friends in harm reduction. After looking
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at many, many videos for correct, simple to follow, easy to understand videos on safer injecting, I think we have found a few here,  ones that are at the top of the list for good information, easy to follow imagery, excellent explanations of why we ought to follow the advice and up to date health information. If you have a favourite you think should be here -drop us a line (comments below).   Thanks to all the film makers and harm reductionists for the chance to post their terrific videos for our community-we will always credit and link back to you.

Safer Injecting -A short and sweet production! 2  1/2 minutes. Video produced by Jon Derricot: Published on 26 May 2013

This film is designed to help people to identify ways to reduce potential harms resulting from injecting. The film is aimed at people who inject heroin (specifically, the brown heroin commonly available in the UK and many other parts of the world), but many of the steps shown can be applied to the injection of other drugs. Injecting can never be completely safe and is often very harmful, but taking a few simple steps and practicing good technique can make it a much safer process. Taking these measures can help to maintain veins, reduce soft tissue damage, prevent bacterial/blood borne virus infections and reduce the pain, discomfort and scarring associated with poor injecting.



2) A Comprehensive Safer Injecting Video  (18 minutes)

Here is another really good video from Dan Bigg and the Chicago Recovery Alliance (Any Positive Change) which covers a lot of stuff around safer injecting -we especially like the info on vein valves and how to find yours (and how to avoid hitting them!). Also good info on tourniquets and their use (wider is better and why its important to avoid skinny tourniquets like shoelaces etc), why you should shoot ABOVE your last injection site whenever possible (not below) and why when cleaning a syringe you have to go water, bleach, water -and NOT bleach first. The Chigago Recovery Alliance tells you the WHY in all these issues -not just a spiel about the fact that you just shouldn’t do it. It is important to know the why’s because it helps you to make better decisions around other things -learning how to do the math helps you work out the answers when you need them -rather than just having the answers given to you. It is an 18 minute that goes into a lot of detail without being too much information in one sitting. Well done Mr Bigg and friends!

Here are some very clear guidance on safer injecting in different languages from The Chicago Recovery Alliance (Any Positive Change) Thanks to our American friends!

Better Vein Care, Safer Injection
Better Vein Care, Safer Injection – Pictures and Text Together
Better Vein Care, Safer Injection – Spanish Pictures and Text Together
Better Vein Care, Safer Injection – Romanian Text
Better Vein Care, Safer Injection – Croation TEXT
Better Vein Care, Safer Injection – English TEXT
Better Vein Care, Safer Injection – Russian Pictures and Text Together


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  1. David Durbin

     /  November 8, 2020

    Can you post a link or way to view the 18 min video above about safer injection practices from CRA. The video was removed from YouTube and I can’t find it on their website…thank you love the site

  2. Kat

     /  March 6, 2020

    What is the best way to find veins that are small and make them pop? I drink water and exercise and I cannot ever find anything. I don’t shoot up that often and I always use a medical blue band to tie off… HELP ME

  3. Robert G

     /  November 16, 2019

    I have hard black areas on my butt from shooting heroin. Will they go away? What is the best treatment for this? Or best cream?


    • I’m sorry to hear about this! It really sounds like you should get to a doctor asap. It sounds like dead or necrotic skin there and you should get it checked to make sure there is nothing bad underneath it – ie has it gotten bigger in size? Is there any soreness there? Please see a Dr and get it looked at – it has to be looked at professionally to see what’s going on underneath. Please do this brother. Good luck. Bp x

  4. Robert G

     /  November 16, 2019

    I have hard black areas on my butt from shooting heroin. Will they go away? What is the best treatment for this? Or best cream?

  5. Ivy

     /  November 30, 2018

    Ok i have a question about my IV drug use, specifically methamphetamines.. So it registered in my left arm/drew up a little blood as usual, figured i wasnt missing because of this, however as i finished there was a very mild burn in which i checked again to be sure, there was still blood seen, so i ignored the little pain. I assumed that the pain should be worse if anything bad was taking place but immediately after the shot i noticed some patchy swelling around the injection site along with a bit of warmth there. It moslty went away after 15 minutes or so and just not sure what this meant and if different than the painful lumps i am aware of already when i miss so thank you and appreciate any response.

  6. Vicki King

     /  April 2, 2018

    It’s weird but I have 2 abseses 1 on each thigh it wasn’t a miss they both seem to be getting better but are still painful and swollen. No head has has come up nor pus drainage. Should and can I cut and drain it myself?

    • NO! You might spread the infection and it could get into the bone. Often we dont see a head -and sometimes abscesses are sterile -but if yours are painful and swollen then it might be infected – you must get it checked out. Osteomyelitis is a bone abscess which, tho rare does happen to injectors -and you certainly dont want that! Read our abscesses sections carefully and get up to date. If there is no head – DONT force one. You will spread the infection -underneath the skin where the infection is it will be surrounded in a bubble -you dont want to burst that unknowingly as this is how the infection spreads. be careful and let us know what happened! BP xxx


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