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(from BP Issue 9 with recent updates as of Nov 2015)


Many BP readers will have already witnessed the distressing sight of someone having a seizure, or you may have even experienced one yourself. It can be frightening to watch, exhausting to go through and unfortunately, people can often make the situation worse by not knowing how to deal with seizures properly, leaving everyone concerned thoroughly freaked out.

Most people associate seizures with having epilepsy and while it is certainly true to say that seizures (there are over 40 different types) are a symptom of having epilepsy, you don’t have to have epilepsy, to have a seizure. Anyone who has seen someone have a cocaine or alcohol induced seizure can attest to that.

Drug Induced:

For those of us who use drugs, particularly those of us who binge use or use to excess, seizures are known to occur for a few reasons. Sometimes they happen just before or as someone is overdosing, (i.e a seizure occurring just in the minutes before someone actually lapses into an overdose) or through withdrawing from a drug/s (i.e benzos, alcohol) or, they are a (rather intense) way of telling us that we have been pushing our bodies too hard for too long (i.e cocaine/stimulant related) and we can have a seizure which although is not an overdose -it is an overdose in the sense that you have reached the threshold in what your body can tolerate -and it is telling you -“Enough! My body has now gone into toxic overload!”. Basically, seizures occur when our systems have reached this point of toxicity or overload, even if the culprit drug is ecstasy, acid or heroin -when we tend to think of the most common culprits as stimulants and alcohol and benzodiazepines and barbituates.

 Know Your Limit

Everyone however, has what is called a ‘seizure threshold’, a certain sensitivity to seizures which means that anyone can experience one given the right conditions – such as excess use of alcohol, drug withdrawal, toxicity, dramatic metabolism changes etc. With 1 in 20 people having experienced a seizure at some stage in their lives, amongst drug users that rate increases rather dramatically, so its important that we learn something about seizures, their ‘triggers’ as well as their treatment.

It can be all too common to put the odd re-occurring seizure down to ‘the drugs I’m taking’ or to find that our medical investigations have not been followed up due to the pressures of everyday life and the difficulty embarking on consistent/stable medical care when you have other things on your mind like survival. But it’s important to remember that seizures can be very serious, they are hard work for the body and the brain in particular and, depending on where you are when you have your seizure, or if you end up having multiple seizures, you can be left in a dangerous or vulnerable situation.

If you are affected by seizures, if you have had more than 2 at once or 2 or more during the last year, or if it takes you more than a day to recover, or if your seizures start to occur regularly, it is essential you seek medical advice – at least to rule out any underlying causes such as infection, virus’s, tumors etc. You might have developed epilepsy in which you need medication, or there may be an underlying medical condition that has nothing to do with your drug use. You need to know these answers so you can take the right action.

 Types of Seizure -or -Do I have Epilepsy?

There are two main types of epileptic seizures; petit mal (minor epilepsy where a person may momentarily lapse into inattention/ daydreaming without losing consciousness) and Grand Mal ( Major epilepsy) which is more serious with muscular spasms and convulsions and a short loss of consciousness. People who are epileptic may often carry an orange ID card or wear a warning bracelet. With drug use, it is the major type of seizure that occurs most often. This is usually from long term (or heavy bingeing) benzo or barbiturate use; A person may miss taking their pills for a day and find themselves fitting. However, seizures can occur alongside an overdose on most drugs, indeed they occur from too much alcohol, heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, antidepressants and many others.  Interestingly, everyone has what is known as a ‘seizure threshold’ meaning that anyone can experience one given the right conditions.

It is certain that stress increases the possibility of seizures, as does menstrual changes, vitamin or mineral deficiencies, metabolic changes (including blood pressure that is too low or drug/alcohol use), virus activity and other things, such as trauma to the head area, with seizures more likely to  re-occur if someone has had them in the past.

It is important to get to know what ‘trigger’ your seizures as it appears that the more you get them, the more susceptible you become to getting them (see below). Thus if you can find ways to reduce the likelihood of getting a seizure, either through using certain neuroleptic drugs and / or improving your lifestyle, you have more chance of getting rid of them for good. Most people do stop or ‘grow out’ of seizures, but they can come back when your body is struggling from one thing or another.

Many of us have experienced seizures starting through too much benzodiazepines use (or rather, from stopping them too quickly). Seizures can still happen up to a few years after benzo/barbiturate use has stopped. (see warning signs).

How do seizures affect the brain?

It is helpful to understand how seizures work in the brain and to do this one needs to have a little knowledge of your grey matter – a bit about how the brain is constructed. Normal brain function is made possible by millions of tiny electrical charges passing information between nerve cells in the brain to all parts of the body.

A typical brain like yours has about 10 billion (10,000,000,000) cells called “neurons.” These neurons are all bunched up side-by-side, and communicate with each other with electrical charges.

Normally, nerve transmission in the brain occurs in an orderly way, allowing a smooth flow of electrical activity. Certain chemicals in your brain help put brakes on all of this electrical activity but a seizure occurs when these neurons generate uncoordinated electrical discharges that spread throughout the brain. Normal activity gets interrupted by brain cells ‘firing’ much faster than usual. These ‘storms’ (intermittent bursts of activity) affect the delicate systems in the brain and can cause disruption, leading to a seizure.

In a seizure, when this “short circuit” occurs, during which the neurons keep firing, the neurons are still in control of your muscles, so the muscles keep firing.  This stiffening or jerking of your muscles is what everyone sees and calls a seizure.  Sometimes, in ‘petite mal’ seizures, your body might just go into a staring spell, but it’s due to the same kind of short circuit.


Click this image to see a breakdown of this diagram and what each section of the brain relates to in our behaviours etc

Pic 2: Click this image to see a breakdown of this diagram and what each section of the brain relates to in our behaviours etc


Interestingly, certain areas of the brain are much more likely than others to be the source of a seizure. These include the motor cortex (responsible for the initiation of body movement) and the temporal lobes (including a special deep area called the hippocampus, which is involved in memory). This is also why memory and muscle coordination are affected during a seizure. The reason for this may be that the nerve cells in these areas are particularly sensitive to situations that can provoke abnormal electrical transmission such as; sensitivity to a decrease in oxygen levels (such as when you have a large ‘hit’ of a drug), metabolic changes and infection, any of which may cause a seizure.

Despite dramatic scientific advances, there are many unanswered questions about why seizures begin; why trauma (such as head injury) can produce seizures years after the event, how genetic factors influence seizures, what factors make brain cells susceptible and why some people get them from some drugs, while others don’t.


Know your ‘Triggers’

After having a seizure, your sensitivity to them will have increased. Some people find that seizures will come in ‘pairs’, another occurring a week or month after the last. Many people, after many fits, often come to know when a seizure is about to happen, some sense a strange smell or taste, or some feel an ‘aura’ or a wave of anxiety or fear surround them. It is usually very subtle although nowadays there are dogs that are specially trained to sense when their owner is about to have a seizure and will encourage the person through signals or crying, to sit down or get help, helpful for those with more uncontrollable seizures or epilepsy.

However, for a seizure that is brought on by drugs, you often won’t get any warnings but you may be able to understand what makes you more vulnerable to having one – what drugs tend to ‘push you over the edge’, whether it is more likely to occur when you’ve drunk a lot of alcohol or been banging up coke solid for 2 days with no sleep. At BP, a few of us experience seizures through long term drug related issues, and although it has taken us some years to begin to understand how our seizures affect us as individuals, we were able to feel more confident about the situation by writing down in a diary, the date the seizure occurred, what was going on in the days and weeks beforehand.


Click here for a large version of this seizure ''know your triggers' form -a really good way to keep a record of just what seems to 'trigger' your own seizures so you know how to prevent them more effectively in the future. The less seizures you have, the less you will have! Eventually most mature out of seizures -and they wont last for ever. So take control and start learning how to prevent them occurring! You can do it!

Click here for a large version of this seizure ”know your triggers’ form -a really good way to keep a record of just what seems to ‘trigger’ your own seizures so you know how to prevent them more effectively in the future. The less seizures you have, the less you will have! Eventually most mature out of seizures -and they wont last for ever. So take control and start learning how to prevent them occurring! You can do it!



Although epilepsy drugs have generally been difficult to take due to their side effects, they have recently been a whole new group of epilepsy drugs that are more easily tolerated, with less side effects and many people are able to discontinue treatment after a few years on medication. People can go into ‘remission’ with no seizures occurring for many years and others will find their seizures stop or lessen when certain factors in their life change, such as their drug use, (including alcohol) stress levels, food intake, sleeping patterns etc. And, when you have occaisional seizures, you may not need any drugs at all, and by locating what your ‘triggers’ are, you will be much better placed to start avoiding those vulnerable times. There are also doctors who recommend taking a clonazepam around the times you feel fragile or vulnerable in an effort to ‘head it off at the pass’ so to speak. This can be a really effective way of dealing with occaisional drug related seizures, as long as you only take such pills occaionally as regular or daily use can actually cause seizures. (see benzo withdrawals)

  • Subsequent management:
    • For short and ‘normal’ crises with a trigger factor (fever, drug withdrawal, photosensitivity, tiredness, toxicities…): non-urgent neurological consultation. Hospitalisation is not needed every time.
    • For a series of crises or a grand mal state, the patient must be seen quickly by his/her usual neurologist or neuro-paediatrician to review his treatment.

First Aid

Many drug users may have experienced a seizure at one time or another –and you don’t have to be an epileptic to have a seizure.

[Epileptic] seizures can be very frightening to experience and to witness and although many ‘committed’ drug users/drinkers will have experienced a seizure at some point in our lives, there are still many myths that concern how to deal with a person who is fitting and a general lack of understanding as to what triggers ones seizure, or how to deal with it when it occurs. (look at OD Myths’ in Black Poppy 2).

When someone has a seizure…

It is ESSENTIAL to remain calm when a person has a seizure -as they can often become very frightened and confused when regaining consciousness and may not recognize their surroundings. There is often no indication prior to someone having a fit, perhaps the person may get an odd taste or smell or a type of ‘aura’ surrounding their mood or body. A person will usually just suddenly lose consciousness, sometimes letting out a strange cry, or will just pass into unconsciousness and then begin fitting.

The casualty will become rigid for a few seconds and may cease breathing with their mouth and lips turning blue. There will be congestion around the face and neck. The muscles then relax and the convulsions begin. They consist of contraction and relaxation of alternate groups of muscles. These convulsions can be frightening to witness as they can be very intense. During this period which will only last a few minutes, the person may froth about the mouth and breathing can become noisy and difficult. You may see blood coming from their mouth but this will probably be the result of a bitten tongue. Your pal may sometimes lose control of their bladder or bowels.

After the convulsions finish (usually 5 minutes at most) the person will remain unconscious for a few more minutes or more, breathing will become normal and they will slowly ‘come around’ feeling dazed, confused and often scared. When a person has a seizure:

What can you do to help?

1) You can protect them from injury by holding them gently but firmly enough so they don’t hurt themselves whilst convulsing, but never hold them unnecessarily, you could do damage or you may get hurt.

2) Don’t move or lift them unless they are in danger and NEVER put anything in their mouth or try to open it. Spoons to stop people swallowing tongues are a MYTH, DONT DO IT!

3) When the convulsions cease, put them in the recovery position (see fig 6). Stay with them until they awake properly, speak calmly and reassuringly to them and try to make sure the first person they see is a loved one or friend rather than a stranger. Don’t give them anything to drink until they are fully awake. Leave them to rest as long as they need to in a quiet room. It is extremely exhausting for the body. You may need to comence mouth to mouth if their breathing hasn’t returned to normal from their overdose.

Call an ambulance if:

Pic 1: The recovery position; an essential after seizure position to prevent choking and allow good respiration.

The recovery position; an essential after seizure position to prevent choking and allow good respiration.

It is the persons first seizure,

Or it accompanies an overdose,

Or the person has two or three fits without regaining consciousness between them,

Or they take longer than 15 minutes to regain consciousness

It is always important however, they advise their doctor about the seizure, at least to rule out any other causes such as a virus, tumor or other problem.

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  1. Mariah Phearsdorf

     /  March 7, 2021

    Two months ago I was on a bad one, I’m on methadone and I was using heroin pretty regularly as well as xanax occasionally. One morning I woke up in my car, my husband driving, and piss all over my legs. I looked over at him, “where the hell are we and what’s going on?” I felt confused, sick, light headed and scared.. terrified. He was crying, speeding, “you don’t remember? I just had to carry you out of the house on my shoulder… You had two seizures. You were convulsing, you peed yourself then didn’t wake back up…. You scared the shit out of me i thought I lost you..” I almost didn’t believe him. He thought I was dying because I peed myself and wouldn’t wake up. I could barley walk into the e.r. I was so dizzy and weak. I almost fainted in the waiting room they had to put me in a wheel chair. I wasnt high, like I said it was the morning. I don’t remember not a thing besides waking up in the car. It was such a terrifying experience and I sti don’t know what caused it. I’ve had a seizure in detox before coming off of zans years prior. But I wasn’t hooked on them this time. Only hooked on the methadone and heroin and I don’t recall being that sick to the point of seizing out. Idk… The doc did nothing for me basically just gave me antibiotjcs and they couldn’t get an IV in so no fluids. They tried for 45 mins to get an IV in with no luck no veins left… This whole comment makes me sound so horrible. I’m sick. But I’m better now I go to church and meetings haven’t used in a month thank god… But I came across this article and it peaked my interest and made me remember my experience and also made me wonder… Was it drug induced? Maybe dehydration? Maybe a combination? Toxic overload? Who knows.

  2. My son started having seizures he only had one in his whole life I feel more coming he does abuse Xanax which I condemn because I think that is the major problem for him can you bring some light to me and make me understand what is going on he’s 18 years old and never had a seizure before but he has been doing a lot of Xanax please help I don’t want my son to die

    • Dear Luis, I’m so sorry to hear about your son’s difficulties, Xanax us a very tough drug to manage – particularly if u use other drugs with it. U haven’t mentioned if he uses other drugs but firstly, I would say that discussions around the importance on not mixing drugs, or at least to let him know how very very careful he must be if he takes Xanax with other things. I’m talking about opiates and alcohol mainly. I truly do believe that If u get enough education, build up enough knowledge, that u can start to realise, that perhaps I won’t talk as much of this or that, because I have already had a few X’s,….the other thing is u could try and get him swapped over to a different benzodiazapine, a milder one, like valium. I know it’s hard for a parent to think about things like this but if u are really up against it and have no other options that are working, these are some u can consider. U can talk to him about making decisions around WHERE he takes his drugs. NOT ALONE, to always be with someone he trusts – to make a pact with a using friend to never ever leave each other alone should something happen. Find out the laws in your state so u can tell him he has nothing to fear by calling an ambulance – the Samaritans law it’s called in the states (if u are in US) for example. And u won’t get In. Trouble for calling an ambulance for a friend. Also, if he lives at home u could talk about you holding the X’s and giving him an amount that gets lower each week, slowly, carefully but….he has to really want this and u have to keep an eye on him coz it’s hard to stay committed on some days. Distract him, think of cravings like a wave, they come, the peak, they crash and leave, and they pass by. You have to ride them out -and u can. But Xanax withdrawal takes a lot of care coz people can and so have seizures..they have seizures mostly when they don’t have any left and are withdrawing….make sure u know what to do in a seizure (we have an article please read it) and tell your son so he can tell friends. I used to have seizures from pills also, and kept having them after I had stopped taking them (now and again) when I used other drugs. It’s crucial to read up on seizures because u can prevent many of them, and your son has to know what are his triggers. Yes it will be the Xanax withdrawal but it’s often other things that are the final push (no sleep, no food, alcohol etc). It’s important at 18 you do what u can to get your son off them, whether at home or a detox, usually I think these days people are swapped to a shorter acting benzo, but it can be done but u must get medical advice and so some research. There is a wonderful huge benzo website for treating benzo addiction, Google it, I’m sure u will find it. At 18 he needs to know his brain is still developing and what he does now could have an impact on his future. That benzos are fun at first but they get one into big trouble as u take more and more and it’s just not worth it. Try not to get upset, but have a real heart to heart and learn together about harm reduction – ways he can be more careful as he heads towards giving them up. Best of luck, you are both in our thoughts xxxx

  3. I had a cocaine induced seizure after ingesting about 7gs over the day. My question is taking amphetamine at sensible levels will this prevent me having another seizure. If I’m seeding l sensible with drugs will I have another seizure?

  4. Gary

     /  April 26, 2019

    (Drug related seizures…. 2 part questions)
    Question: Do seizures only happen when injecting drugs.
    Or also other was like snorting or eating drugs?

    2nd question: if it’s either, witch is more comminly know to cause the seizures??


  5. Katy

     /  January 9, 2019

    Hi, I have posted on other articles before. I have been an IV addict for almost 2 decades. I was smoking meth in my very early 20s, then started IVing heroin and coke at 23( Because of the crackdown on meth ingredients I could no longer obtain good meth)

    I had a sister that experienced a seizure in front of me when I was 10 yrs old, she was 2 yrs. It was extremely terrifying. She was in her highchair. My mother was still sleeping because this was very early. (Also my mom worked a lot) I frequently got up and fed her because I was her proud big sister.
    Long story short, she was rushed to ER, but unfortunately had damage.

    I experienced another seizure in my 9th grade drivers ed class. One of my classmates all of the sudden slumped over and started turning blue (just like my sister, none of the “classic” shaking). I stood there frozen. Just as I had done w my sister. After all of the training I was taught by my mom after what happened to my sister, there I was again at 15yrs old, frozen, jaw agape, not helping.

    Fast forward 20 yrs. I’m 35 yrs old. I have been on a coke binge for 2 days. I always try to remember to drink water and eat. But let’s all face the facts, hours go by and you haven’t taken even a sip of water.
    I’m walking out of my bathroom (after picking my face for hours, leaned over towards the mirror that my legs have become purple) and all of the sudden my legs and arms start shaking so violently that I am yelling at my bf “what’s going on”. He grabs me from behind and is physically trying to stop the shaking. (He cannot)
    Finally the shaking subsides. I sit down. Both of us are very emotionally shaken.

    I have seen 2 seizures in front of my eyes.

    I never lost consciousness. However I am starting to wonder if what I experienced was a seizure?

  6. treynewthang

     /  December 2, 2018

    I have had several cocaine induced seizures over my 10-year IV use of the drug. I am always very careful or at least I have been recently because I learned my lesson very harshly and painfully buy having several odie’s back-to-back-to-back that fried my brain for a long time.
    Earlier today I had some coke and I made the stupid mistake of using a spoon that already had some dissolved liquid cocaine in and I added more not knowing how much exactly I was about to inject. Bad idea I could tell about 10 seconds after that it was going to be a shaky ride and I would have no control yet I still fought it and ended up stumbling down the hall and scaring the living shit out of my girlfriend who had never seen that happened to me.

    Not the worst one I’ve had by far I’ve had ones. I didn’t feel like I was all there for a month or two afterwards but I’m fine now what is bothering me still though is my heart I don’t know what it is it’s just not comfortable….

    Just a little worried about it any advice would be greatly appreciate it



     /  November 19, 2018

    Hello my name is fortino I’m 25 years old from South Texas I’ve been unfortunately doing heroin crack and heroin I mean ice those three drugs plus benzos every now and then since I was 17. Since then lost two of my friends who are in prison for 20 years there are like brothers I’ve also had three overdoses luckily someone was always there with a Narcan or to call the ambulance unfortunately 15 people I know weren’t so lucky no one was around and my best friend just passed away last week from an overdose so that’s about 20 people yet I’m still here 2 years ago I move to Florida I had insurance at the time and I went to rehab and it was great I have 10 months clean I messed up by getting into a relationship I relapsed overdosed. I’ve been using since cuz I don’t have insurance no more I’m saving up money for insurance I think it’s 400 that least I need for 3 months so I can go to rehab in Florida or wherever as long as it’s out of Texas and then come back and go to school and do my meetings like I used to I need help getting the cheapest PPO insurance policy all I have to spend is 300 to 400 and I would like to go to South Florida I really don’t care I just want to get clean I’ve also had 7 seizures I don’t know how I’m still here I’m miserable sometimes I think of suicide but of course I won’t do that I got dreams I don’t get high to get high I get high to feel normal now I shoot ice and heroin every morning every night. Could you or someone you know help me with insurance getting the best PPO that will cover it please I’m begging you I’m tired of this lifestyle I don’t want to die and I have a gut feeling I’m going tosoon. Also that’s a lot of seizures and overdoses I don’t think my body can handle anymore my memory is already going bad and I’m only 25 my number is 361-695-1107 it’s urgent

    • Hi there,
      Im so sorry to hear of your struggles. Yes, we really understand and know just how hard it can be when drug use gets out of control. I am afraid we are just an online health and harm reduction website these days -based in the UK, and can’t help you get insurance. It is a terrible system when people who need support and havent the money to pay get excluded from that help. All we can say is hang in there. Things can and do get better, people DO get off drugs, or manage to find moderation and live a fulfilling life. Just hang in there and believe that things will get better -more importantly tho, believe that YOU have the power to change things -drugs are only a powder, but our brains trick us into feeling and thinking we have no control anymore. It is a HABIT and habits CAN be broken. You have to distract yourself, you have to ride a craing like its a wave, and know that cravings rush in, swamp us, but then leave again -we have to ride it out -and know that craving will pass. The more we do that -we are breaking a habit -and the easier it will get to ignore the craving next time. You need to keep your eyes on a goal ahead, somewhere you want to be, and ride those cravings off. You can do it!! Its hard but the more you do it the easier it gets. Find out what your triggers are, acknowledge them, and see them for what they are. Finding other things in life that give you pleasure are very important also. We have to balance life again, put back all the things that have disappeared because of our drug use. Bit by bit but it can be done. Your life as a drug user has not been wasted, it makes up part of what makes you you, and its up to you to decide what that person is. Good luck with your travels, we will be wishing you on and sending you the best. You can do it, get away from bad shit and bad people and start your habit change. Good luck. BP xx

  8. My 36 year old daughter had 3 grand mal seizures within a 5 hour time span. She has previously abused legal drugs but I am absolutely certain that she has not abused drugs for at least 4 months prior to her seizures. My understanding from research is that if the seizures occured from alcohol or drugs use that it would occur within 48 hours of not taking alcohol or drugs. Is this correct? She has also been under an enormous amount of stress due to an ongoing custody battle for her son. She underwent an extremely stressful confrontation with the child’s father the night that she suffered her seizures. She had been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder years earlier. Could the anxiety and increased emotional stress have caused her seizures?

  9. CDH

     /  May 19, 2018

    My step daughter began presenting with seizures at 21. She experiences eye-fluttering and momentary lapses of consciousness. After convulsing she has gone object at into “running” mode including including darting into traffic or -in one instance – throwing an object at someone in the room or just becoming violent.

    She is taking epilepsy medication now but still has seizures on about a 6-week cycle, and typically late at night.

    I believe it’s Kush or Spice as hospitals have not noted other drugs such as cocaine in her blood tests.

    She runs with a rough crowd, and is generally a train wreck. At one point she was using “bars” (street Xanax).

    Is it common to have seizures with drugs that do not show in tox screens?

  10. Carol Fletcher

     /  April 5, 2018

    My brother is a regular user of cocaine an alcohol. E started 2 yrs ago havin bouts of confusion wen ed wake up. His partner wud settle him down an reassure him e was fine. An to sleep. Wen ed wake hed be fine an wudnt remember wat had happened. They slowly got worse an I was called to my friends house 1 day were he’d stayed. They cudnt wake him an left him for hrs. I rung an ambulance an he’s later e woke was fine an discharged. E went to hospital 3 times after that an the same happened. It was like e was in a trance star in even slobbering. Then it happened again but e wasn’t lucky this time. The hospital put him in induced coma as ed vomited wen unconscious an caused pymeniona. A wk e was wired up it was horrific watching my brother I adore seen his partner an his kids fallen apart. E thankfully a complete recovery. Since then e has started taken cocaine after 3.months of it. Es havin this episodes again been in Hospital twice. However even wen e has not been on anythin the day or nite before e is quite often now waking up an his partner says Es confused an takes him bout 5 mins to register. I am worried sick. Cud this be due to his cocaine or cud it be sumthin else. His head scan showed a few dead brain tissue at front of head but Dr weren’t concerned. He’s 43 yrs old.

  11. Umm rahle

     /  March 5, 2018

    Hi im 41 years old this is my 3rd seizure due to overdose in tramadal injection. I want to leave it so how will i live it kindly advise dont anyone to know about this

  12. Sara Salta

     /  January 30, 2018

    I started having grand mal seizures at 23 I am almost 33 now. The doctors have no clue why I have them. I have them about 3 to 5 times a year. They are the most painful thing ever. I have them so bad that I tense my muscles so much during the seizure that my body releases this toxin and if they don’t flush my system in the hospital in time I could get kidney failure. I can’t drive anymore. It’s literally a curse. My husband is always afraid I will have one. I hate it. Also since all this I have become depressed and the meds make me like a zombie. I don’t wish this on my worst enemy!

    • Dear Sara – I know what its like -but rest assured -the vast majority of people tend to mature out of seizures and tho I was very much like you -by 38 they had stopped altogether and havent come back although I still get twitchy, like i have a lot of electric shocks while im half asleep, but i can live with that. What helped me most was taking Clobazam 10mg whenever I felt VULNERABLE to a fit -and I would do that. It seemed that as long as I didnt have a seizure -they slowed right down to a stop. I recommend finding out whether you could do something similar as though my seizures were drug related (usually happening after a fix with something) they still didnt know why i was having them and I wasnt an epileptic. I had about 3-5 a year for many years. Good luck to you tho -hang in there -but if you can get them under control with drugs -then they should start to fade away as you get older. The more seizures you let yourself have, the more they keep coming. Good luck. BP x

  13. Thanks so much I’m sitting in a hospital room with my favorite person in the world, my brother who has been using crack for about four years on and off while his friends and family think he is still sober after being in AA for over twenty years. Having been heavy into drugs for many many years I knew what he was doing but also knew he was not going to admit it or stop so I let him knew I knew and would do what he wanted he has had two major seizure events both times hitting his head and causing bleeding and injury to himself I’m sure he has had others.tonight he scared my mom to death and he is covered in blood and seized once at home and the. At the hospital I believe he has concussion syndrome from football in high school and college which I’m sure makes him more vulnerable to seizures I’m just so afraid he. Is going to die before he is willing to face the emotional stuff he is using crack to deal with any advice you are so informed janice

    • Jackie A.

       /  May 30, 2018

      Hi Murphyjanice, if you are still around. I am very sorry about your dear friend and his seizures. I hope he is recovered by now, and also drug free. I am not a preacher about what people want to do, or don’t want to do, with drugs. But one thing caught my attention in your post, and that is your friend using in secret and pretending to be clean in his AA group. That can cause a huge sense of guilt and shame for a person in the program, and can lead to even more reckless using and other destructive behaviors. How can he “share” about being clean in his meetings, especially knowing he is having drug induced seizures that are life threatening and that land him in the hospital? I know it’s not in your power to change him, and you are being the best friend you know how to be by standing by his side. But it is also a big weight placed on your shoulder to help him keep his dangerous secret. I am a former addict (cocaine and opiate pills) and I got clean eight years ago by doing a year of outpatient drug treatment. I also was majorly involved in NA for three years. It turned out the “fellowship” wasn’t for me in the longrun, but I absolutely know how AA and NA works. My only suggestion for your friend is to get honest in those meetings, if he truly believes in them. I know he is worried about the shame of admitting his relapse and giving up his “oldtimer” status. But his conscience needs to be free of those lies. If he tells his TRUE story, it will be like a huge weight off his mind, and his REAL meeting friends will support him and thank him for sharing something that could save somebody’s life… including his own. Of course, this suggestion I am laying on you is really for your friend, so perhaps if you think it is worthwhile, you can show my post to him. And please write back with an update on your friend’s condition. I really just want you and him to be okay. Peace.

    • Susan Rodriguez

       /  November 1, 2018

      I want to let you know my son died of a major seizure 3 weeks ago , no autopsy results yet but our family is devastated.. he got a prescription a month ago of klonipin and I am sure he was drinking .. paramedics worked on him for 45 minutes and then he passed .. please beware of all side effects and get help fir your loved ones .. for us it was too late

  14. Olivia

     /  December 16, 2017

    I tend to use meth every now and then literally started this summer, when i was in school and in a very stressful tpcix relationship, idk ive had truama to my the back of my skull in i thibk it was summer break i was stomped on the head i was told i hadn’t slept or only drank beer while coming down, my cousin whom assaulted me is 300lbs, he also punched me after my partner said i goy up walked to the road made a noise and fell into a parked car and started convulsing, and frothing at the mouth she had told me my eyes were completely rolled and i was having a grand mal apparently. I am also female and only 130lbs….my memory is shot. I stopped using meth and just had a sniff on my b-day and ended up using for another day. Leading to today righy now. First i gey a tight neck then my body hurts then i dont… I get numb and tingling from the very top of my crown down slowly into my feet but before i felt that i had some sort of taste in my mouth like my tongue even after vrushing them…..shall i seek medical attention. I live in a gang related family and someone signed the form fot me not to go into E.R …im so confused

    • Sara Salta

       /  January 30, 2018

      I get dizzy before but then after I can’t remember for like a week. Does your tongue get absolutely chewed up? Omg when I come to i can’t speak blood is running down my chin and I can’t eat for like a week. I feel ya girl if u ever need to talk contact me. It’s nice to know we’re not suffering alone.

    • Sara Salta

       /  January 30, 2018

      And yes get medical attention. I don’t want go scare u but the siezures could be a symptom of something worse. I woyls hatw doe u yo fins out too late.

  15. Christopher D Pearcy

     /  October 30, 2017

    My son has been weaning himself off of Street xanax and had a horrible seizure last night. Probably been 30 hours since he had one and I’m wondering if we should just ride this out or I should give him a little bit? Any thoughts?

    • Christopher D Pearcy

       /  October 30, 2017

      My son has been weaning himself off of Street xanax and had a horrible seizure last night. Probably been 30 hours since he had one and I’m wondering if we should just ride this out or I should give him a little bit? Any thoughts?

      • Sara Salta

         /  January 30, 2018

        And yes get medical attention. I don’t want go scare u but the siezures could be a symptom of something worse. I woyls hatw doe u yo fins out too late.

      • Sara Salta

         /  January 30, 2018

        Last sentence was: I would hate for u to find out too late.

      • Dear Christopher,
        I am so sorry we have got to you so late -BP has been a bit quiet of late but we are trying to pick things up again. Re your question tho, it is often asked by people and the answer is -you should not wean someone off without medical supervision really, although I know it isnt the reality for many. And sometimes too the medical opinion is left wanting ….But basically -if your son had a seizure then it means he is withdrawing hard from the drug -and yes you could soften this but administering a LOW DOSE, short acting benzo -even a half a 5mg valium if you have nothing else . There are dozens and dosens of benzos and there are new ones that are very good for this sort of thing. The name escapes me now but have a look at some of the benzodiazipine addiction/withdrawal sites and you should see more information. Remember – seizures can be very dangerous – you do not want your son to have another one so it is important to work out a strategy to ensure he withdraws carefully. Get as much advice/research as you can -particularly from good benzo sites. Really hope it went ok – if you would like us to find out a few recommended sites for you – let us know. Good luck to you and your son. We are also here if he would like to mail us as well. BP x

    • Sara Salta

       /  January 30, 2018

      Hey him on Keppra. It will stop the seizures until he’s detoxes. Every seizure he has makes him more likely to have more and Every time he loses more brain cells. Also your memory gets worse each time. Just realized this is old. I hope your son is doing well.

  16. Lisa Amundson

     /  October 9, 2017

    Hi, my family member has seizures. He was taking large amounts of painkillers, oxycodone for years. His seizures started during that time. Now, he doesn’t take pills. Did heroine for a while when he could no longer get the narcotic. Now, he drinks. He is unable to sleep and says that’s why he medicates himself with alcohol. He is only 27, so smart, so handsome and funny and most of all, so kind. I’m so afraid he will die during a seizure. What medicine should he take? Colotopin makes him unable to function. The article mentioned a new treatment. What is it? Thank you for any help you can offer, it is such a sad and awful thing. I want, he wants so much to be normal.
    Thank you for responding,
    ~ Lisa

  17. Trista

     /  September 20, 2017

    Hi unfortunately someone in my family is an addict there drug of choice is meth. They have been hooked for at least 5 years off and on mainly on. And the person has been having seizures I kno more than 2 a year! I would say once a month but the person does drugs everyday I am trying to get them into a rehab I contacted intervention! This person is very dear to me and it scares me to death is there anything this person can do to stop having them please get back to me asap! Thank you

    • Sara Salta

       /  January 30, 2018

      He can get on meds or even better get sober and healthy. The seizures are his body telling him no more, stop doing this to me. I hope all works out. God bless❤

  18. Canuck

     /  September 18, 2017

    Jason. I know exactly what you are feeling. All I can say is be careful my friend and seek help. With me that was exactly where it started, the flashing like watching a movie slowing down and almost as if If I just tried to say shake a bit I would go off. What comes next is not nice, a full blown seizure and often with peeing or puking. I would feel bad for a long time after, tired and confused. I quit (coke was the cause) and in the 20 years since have not had a single recurrence.

  19. Jason

     /  September 12, 2017

    I’ve started using meth, unfortunately I love it. I started smoking it but now I shoot it. I can’t remember if this was happening before I started shooting but now every week or so, and sometimes more I experience this wave or flashing it’s weird. It kinda feels like electricity running thru my brain flashing on and off and sometimes I feel like I am going to start shaking or drop to the ground. I’ve had some close calls but haven’t actually fell yet. What is this? It happens a while after use. Like the day after or so.

    • Kerry

       /  September 16, 2017

      Jason I have been smoking meth mayb 100a day I to in The last 2weeks have had the same thing happen. My hands will tingle I will kinda kick my legs or stumble if I’m walking and my brain will feel like it’s flashing to me feels like I’m on the verge of a seizure. Was driving and was very scary I wish I knew

    • Canuck

       /  September 18, 2017

      Jason. I know exactly what you are feeling. All I can say is be careful my friend and seek help. With me that was exactly where it started, the flashing like watching a movie slowing down and almost as if If I just tried to say shake a bit I would go off. What comes next is not nice, a full blown seizure and often with peeing or puking. I would feel bad for a long time after, tired and confused. I quit (coke was the cause) and in the 20 years since have not had a single recurrence.

    • Sara Salta

       /  January 30, 2018

      It could be a waking seizure I don’t know the technical name. Besides that please get clean or at least stop slamming it. I have lost too many friends to that and the ones that are still around but quit are just not the same. Meth changes u even after you’ve been clean for a long time. Good luck

  20. Samruddhi Sonkusale

     /  August 24, 2017

    Recently i lost my best friend. It was his birthday and he had 7-8 joints of marijuana and lot of alcohol (whiskey, beer n rum). Suddenly he started shaking n i thought those were normal convulsions. I tried to deal with them calmly hoping that it would stop soon n he would be normal. He wasn’t putting any efforts to breathe. Also he peed in his pants. After couple of minutes we admitted him n his pulse dropped. He was declared dead and his post mortum concluded that it was due to food choking. He didn’t had any seizure history.
    Can u tell me exactly what happened to him and was there any way to save him? I still find myself guilty for everything.

    • Sara Salta

       /  January 30, 2018

      Kind of sounds like the beginning of an overdose he just didn’t get to the overdose. Was he on any other drugs? I’m sooooo sorry for your loss. I know how u feel. I too have lost someone dear to me in a similar situation right in front of me. The guilt is overwhelming.

  21. Bunny

     /  August 13, 2017

    Hey guys I just had a seizure and didn’t go to the hospital. My head hurts and my heart I s beating very fast. It was from cocaine. I did a shot and had the seizure but I was completely aware the entire time. I could even talk a little bit. But I’m nervous I don’t know if I should go or not.

    • Kittie

       /  September 12, 2017

      Yes you should go. There could be brain problems that you are unaware. Better to be safe than sorry

    • Thelma Gordon

       /  September 12, 2017

      Dear Bunny. In April this year I watched my daughter take three seizures after her party lifestyle which included taking copious amounts of cocaine drove her to an antidepressant overdose. We rushed her to A&E and watched her take three seizures. She still abuses herself with alcohol and cocaine regularly as she has no memory of what she went through. My advise to you is to seek medical treatment as soon as possible. You need help my friend. I worry every day that I will loose my daughter. She acts like she’s invincible. I know if we hadn’t found her and taken her to hospital she would have died. My daughter is 32 with 4 children. Has cut me out of her life and thinks she’s doing ok. The scariest saddest experience of my watching those seizures. Please seek help.

    • Sara Salta

       /  January 30, 2018

      Yes go. Also the seizures could just be a symptom of something really scary. Please go

    • jessica

       /  March 16, 2018

      I’m sorry but it dosnt sound like u had a seizure . People cannot talk whilst having a seizure . Not possible.
      Nor can people stay coherent (aware of what was going on) during a seizure.
      It was probably just a reaction to the shot sometimes can send u into a weired state of mind if u do too much at once..

      I’ve had one seizure last year & it was my first one .. I was driving my 7 mo pregnant friend to get some food and soon as we got back I remember sitting down with her at the table but then I woke up on the floor VERY CONFUSED and scared of the fact I just had a seizure and could barely move my body. ( took two weeks to recover from it)
      Luckily I didn’t have it while I was driving !

      Anyways I did go about more then half the day without a xanex and had been up for a few days also was on meth and kratom powder so yeah I’m pretty sure if not all those drugs played a big role in me convulsing for which she said lasted about 5 minutes. Worst pain in the world afterwards also very very sore..
      I mean not even about 5 hours I go without taking a xanex and I withdrew that fast plus the other drugs and stress I was going thru that day and no sleep not a good combo..

  22. Michelle

     /  August 13, 2017

    If the convulsions last longer than 30 mins closer to between 40-45 in your opinion would that be multiple seizures? First 15 – non responsive to light or my voice. After that he was responsive for breif seconds. As in he would just look at me or follow a simple cue like open your mouth ( I asked bc he was clintching his teeth bad) the convulsions never stopped tho. I tried to keep him on his side incase of vomiting or tounge biting. By the time help arrived I was drinched in sweat from fighting to keep him in that position. He is so strong. I read alot of other articles before I read yours. Yours seemed most helpful but what I ecperienced I cant find any info on. It lasted so long it just seemed so violent. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

    • Sara Salta

       /  January 30, 2018

      Omg yes that’s bad if it last more them 2 min your supposed to call an ambulance.

  23. Nikkie

     /  July 26, 2017

    😑I took buproprion with Tylenol pm. The mixture of both put me in a delusional state, I got lost outside, fell down in a person’s yard and started convulsing and screaming my head off. It seemed I’d been out there for hours but I doubt it. I woke up in the hospital. The Dr. Said I died for 7 minutes but started breathing again😑

    😟A few days later, same scenario. This time I’d been biting my tongue, hallucinating and thinking that the bed I had fallen near too was crushing me. I completely tore apart the bedroom like the hulk and usually I’m not that strong. Same damage to the living room. I woke up or regained consciousness, having jumped a fence and was in my neighbors yard across the street. I have no clue as to how I ended up there. I know I had to have ran across a busy street and could have been hit by a car. However I had no clue of how I even ended up outside😨
    Eventually I came around to find 10 cops enclosed around me. I explained what I could only recall. They asked if I wanted to go to the hospital and initially I said no I’m fine now. They insisted since I was badly bruised up, bleeding and partially naked😮 I was put on the stretcher, lifted up and pushed into the back of the ambulance truck. To my left was a male medic and a female was to my right. Well… I began feeling odd and had the urge to keep repeating the same thing over and over again. I told her, I think it’s happening again and sure enough it was. They were trying to get me to look at either them or the light. I can’t recall which one though. It’s like while I was going through this, I can’t depict what was real or imagined by me.

    I vaguely recall My head kept banging the bar and I’d grinded my heels into the carpet so hard, that they stayed wounded and badly infected for 3 months. My right foot stayed oddly swollen for about the same time. Even now.. Both feet go numb or tingle and I’ve never known them to do that prior to any of this.

  24. Ann Wesley

     /  July 6, 2017

    My boyfriend smokes meth about once a week or every other week, which he’s been doing for the last 7 months (after being clean for 2 years). Over a month ago, there was one night when he was sleeping on his stomach and suddenly started pounding the bed with his hands and feet. He’d do that for about 20 seconds, stop, and then start up again every 5 mins or so for about half an hour or more. Was he having a seizure?

    • I cannot be sure -it does sound like a sort of seizure. Take note of the ‘triggers’ -what happened around the few days before this happened and try and take careful note. A lot can be avoided if you listen to your body and are more careful how and when you use your drugs. Good luck. ALWAYS aim to get enough sleep and food as they make a HUGE difference to how you manage your life on drugs. BPx

      • Ann Wesley

         /  July 22, 2017

        Thanks, Erin, for your reply. My boyfriend (who was a medic in the Army many years ago) claims it was just muscle spasms. I believe, though, that he wasn’t aware of it or may not remember it. The 2 times this has happened to him was after he spent all night doing meth, as opposed to just taking a few ‘tokes on the pipe.’ I have no idea how much he does when he does the all nighters because he’s not at home with me. It just seems like the effects of meth and other drugs on the body/mind is not fully known. Even from the many comments on this site, those who use are experiencing new effects the more they use….I wish them the best. I appreciate them sharing their experiences.

  25. Cameron Shaw

     /  July 1, 2017

    a few weeks ago i ended up in the hospital over night due to a seizure caused by MDMA;
    at the start of the night (about 9pm) i took my first bomb of 0.1g. Then at about 00:15am i took my second bomb of 0.1g. this had me going for awhile, until at 3:30am i had 3 decent dabs from a bag containing 0.5g. i went home at 5am where i began to have weird constant movement of my left arm and very bad teeth grinding. eventually, at 6:30am i had a seizure that my friend told me lasted roughly 20 sec, where he said by body went very rigid.

    this was the 3rd time using MDMA, the first time i had 0.1g and the second time i had it i had 0.3g; on both occasions i was totally fine the next day. on all 3 occasions i tested the MDMA and it was 100% MDMA.

    the question i have is this: –

    i have a feeling this was my bodys way of saying that my limit is 0.3g; therefore would i be okay to let my brain heal for awhile then have smaller doses of MDMA the next time i use it such as doses of 0.15g/0.2g??

    if its any help im an 18 year old male who weighs 70kg (155lbs)

    i appreciate that youre not a doctor but i would appreciate any help from you!

    • I appreciate your careful consideration of this. I think it IS a way of your body telling you that you have a toxic limit – it cannot deal with that amount of drug in your system.

      It is impossible for me to say whether you could take smaller doses in meantime – but whatever you do – let yourself recover – avoid doses like that -LISTEN to your body like you are doing. Make sure you eat a lot and look into MDMA harm reduction websites – there are really good ones out there – we will look into a few actually.
      Eat and sleep in between and remember, once you start having seizures, your seizure threshold is lowered so you are vulnerable to having more of them in the future; so lower your dose, dont push your body when you hear it saying NOooooo! Good luck!

  26. Terrie

     /  June 8, 2017

    My son is a drug user, and he has spasms after usage. This is the first time I have ever seen anything like this in my life. I am truly concerned and I don’t know what to do.

  27. Very Urgent
    Do puberty change and make seizures worse at puberty 13 year old girl
    Have anybody a 13 year old little girl with Double cortex band hetrotypia
    And what drugs were effective for your child as I feel my child have got worse on seizure drugs and is imaginating things now and geting very frightened It’s very scarey as she never had that problem Please help

  28. Urgent
    Please have anyone got seizures escalating and imaginating Frightning things that aren’t thr and seeing things that aren’t thr Hallussinating getting numbness in hands and legs from drugs Frisium Keppra phenytoin Pleade help

  29. Hi I had seizure last month….I used to take codeine in my college days n I stopped taking it after graduation….then after 3yrs met my college friend n again I started taking it for almost 8month till last month when I had seizure…..last month I had it for 1 week like 2 bottles a day and rested for one week and again I had for two days….n on second day I had seizure around 3am. when I used take codeine I didn’t eat properly n I was always touring on my big…thank God! when it happened I wasn’t riding…I was watching a movie. When it happened I don’t remember anything….only thing I remember is that I was watching a movie n next thing I was coming out from toilet…and saw my girlfriend in tears n she was afraid she couldn’t even speak to properly …I had no clue that I had just experience a seizure.Afterward I went to a neuro surgeon he told me to do some test….MRI and EEG…my MRI came clean…but there was some problem with eeg. He told me that I had epilepsy and gave me some medicine (Xbaron 300) he told me not to ride bikes for one yr,to eat properly,no late nights and to take this medicine for 3yrs.After this seizure my shoulder n my back was in pain,i couldn’t even lift my arms properly I think that was becoz I rode a bike after the seizure attack….still now I can’t move my arms properly. I just wanted to ask u that do I really have epilepsy or its just a substance induced seizure..lyk partial seizure,am I going to have seizure in future, do I have to live rest of my life like an epileptic person avoiding everything that I lyk to do the most lyk riding,late night partying etc etc

    • Bal

       /  April 24, 2018

      Hi Sid how are You mate hope you don’t have another seizure bro
      I have got same problem mri was clean and some problems in eeg
      Plz let me know your situation
      Plz contact me I m very scared 😟 bro
      I m from Australia 🇦🇺 plz reply me

  30. jakline

     /  May 2, 2017

    This info is scary as shit. I have never had a seizure, and I have definitely done a LOT of coke. Years ago I dabbled with speed. I don’t do any of that stuff now, and you guys have given me one more reason to stay off it. I can’t imagine having drug induced seizures and having to “manage” them. I became curious about this subject after reading a book about Edie Sedwick (Andy Warhol “superstar,” socialite, etc). She was a monster amphetamine user who began having regular seizures shortly before her death in 1971 at the age of 28. In the biography, she is quoted as saying she believed she was controlling her seizures by taking mega doses of barbiturates after being high on speed. All this was news to me. I googled amphetamines and seizures and, voila, I am here on this site. At any rate, Edie’s death was attributed to a barbiturate overdose and alcohol intoxication. I know what it is to be a slave to a drug and a druggie lifestyle. Just by the grace, I didn’t die. There is no way to do these things “safely.” You don’t know what will take you out. God bless.

  31. Barbara Blau

     /  April 26, 2017

    Although i found this seizure information helpful & interesting, my mother had hip surgery & hasnt regained conciousness. Then was transfered to a reputable hosp & hasnt woke, & dr’s said she had bk 2 bk fast seizures. What does that mean?

  32. With an overdose type seizure, is it normal to have no memory if it if you were alone?
    If so, how can you tell if you had a seizure or just an OD?

    • Kittie

       /  July 22, 2017

      I came to and was alone (the people with me were scared and left me for dead). I was soaking wet in sweat blood and urine. I almost bit through my cheek and I was so sore from seizing it was hard to move. I knew I had aseizure. I called my ex and went to emerg. They were shocked I was alive.

  33. Thelma

     /  April 14, 2017

    My daughter had three seizures through the night after taking an overdose of anti depressants. Four days later even though we have told her repeatedly what happened she doesn’t remember anything or the next day even that we have told her about that nights events. She looks like a deer in the headlights, sleeps a lot and refuses to eat. I would like to know how long it will take for her to return to normal or if she will ever be the same woman again.

    • jessica

       /  March 16, 2018

      It Sounds like she could be using meth possibly .
      can u point out any other things she may be doing that is not normal for her.?

  34. Andy

     /  March 25, 2017

    Hi – I live in the U.K. And have a fairly well paid high profile job which involves the culture of work hard / play hard.

    I am a regular cocaine user and I tend to binge along with alcohol most weekends for days a time with minimal sleeep and at least 2 times a month during the week where it would normally start with a few beers and end up an all night coke binge with a shower then straight into work afterward.

    I have had 2 seizures, the first being nearly 2 years ago to the date, I came home after a heavy night / morning of close to 24 hours of binge drinking and snorting e, about 3.5 grams roughly of fairly good quality stuff. On returning home I felt a lot more anxious than normal, didn’t have any xanax or Valium which is what I usually use to come down and sleep, got into bed about eleven AM then went to the toilet and that’s all I remember. I came to confused and then a paramedic crew arrived, my girlfriend had found me fitting for about 2 minutes. I was checked, tested etc at the hospital and discharged with them stating cocaine obviously contributed but no definite diagnosis.

    Life went on and I have since hit it very hard on occasions staying up for 3/4 days at a time in Ibiza on a binge as well as various festivals.

    Then last Thursday after not taking cocaine for around 3 weeks I was sat in a hotel having a sniff and drink with a colleague (about 1.5g) and I collapsed again, came around with a few injuries from falling and again got admitted to hospital via Ambulance.

    They ran the usual checks again and nothing except high heart rate as this was obviously the drugs so was given diazepam and fluids on a drip, however they found me to have a small amount of water on the brain after performing a CT scan from the small bump on my head. They were not clear what caused this and warned me of the risk of strokes, brain damage etc.

    Could someone advise if this has happened to them before and if this is a sign that even a small amount of cocaine will no doubt induce another seizure and if so do I run the risk of permenant brain damage?

    I am going to therapy to get my habit under control and have not indulged since, in fact I have been avoiding situations where it will be present but I need to continue my life.

    Does this mean I need to never touch cocaine again, its a drug I am not dependant on but I enjoy recreationally and although any illegal drug is a risk as they weren’t clear about if its got a good chance of it hands down killing me then I am a bit in the dark as whether if it it crosses my path again i should avoid even the smallest bit at ll costs??

    Any help or similar experiences would be really useful knowledge , thanks in advance.


    • Kittie

       /  July 22, 2017

      Each time you fit/seize makes it that mucheasierfor it to happen again. I’d personally steer clear until your brain has healed.

  35. Han

     /  March 15, 2017

    Hi.. a few nights ago I had been smoking and did a few bumps of Coke . I smoke everyday and most of the time never have a problem but I have passed out before. I was feeling good that night when all of a sudden I got like the hazy bad terrified feeling and apparently everyone said I had a seizure that my eyes rolled back in my head and I was convulsing and my lips were blue just like you explained. I don’t know what would have caused it.. I hadn’t done that much Coke or weed just a few bumps and a few bong hits.. what are the odds this could happen again how do I make sure it doesn’t?

  36. Joe Hampton

     /  March 3, 2017

    I had a seizure about 5 months ago while at work, I was rushed to hospital where I was given blood tests. 3 weeks before this I took a orange Rolex pill… this wasn’t my first time taking drugs as I was already bombing MDMA months before… my seizure was triggered by a spiral video I had been watching on my phone … I have no record of having epilepsy… I have never had a seizure before this and I have been completely fine with flashing lights ever since. Is it possible it was just a one off or I had lowered my seizure threshold? No one online seem to have the same experience as me and I would like to find some answers.. thanks!

    • Joe

       /  March 3, 2017

      Also.. this was the first ecstasy pill I have ever taken.. and I haven’t done any drugs since the seizure

    • Hi Joe,

      We aren’t doctors here and sadly we don’t have one at our fingertips at present but I’ll tell u what it sounds like. There are some rather odd, seizure inducing chemicals around, being mixed in with powders and pills in the form of new research chemicals that many of us are taking when out and about these day. (I say out n about but I mean on various dance scenes etc). But to have a seizure 3 weeks after u took the pill is unusual – usually such fits will happen during the 24-48 hours after taking the pill.
      So in my humble opinion I would agree with u that it may be more like you had lowered ur seizure threshold by, possible taking the pill – and ON TOP of that, pushing ur body a little harder (or not replenishing it properly) in the 3. Weeks after taking the pill. So I would think back and ask yourself what were u doing g in the weeks leading up to the fit – yes u took a pill, but had u been eating less, sleeping less or erratically, low on decent nutrition, vitamins, taking downers like xanax on and off again etc. Then, by looking at a spiral thing on ur phone, it wastes enough to perhaps lower ur blood pressure through relaxation (or stimulate the brain through the eye etc)…But the critical thing here is – did u have e ought follow up tests to make sure it is nothing else causing it – virus, Illness etc) and yes now u will have lowered ur seizure threshold slightly so the next seizure may come behind it or happen again under similar circumstances. But, what u can do is recognise what u were doing in the week and day leading up to the seizure and make sure you protect urself next time by rely resting ur mind and body before and after taking ecstasy, or other pills – get a testing kit and learn what is in what u buy (marquis test etc ) and read up about foods that are good for the nervous system and, another crucial thing is to buy a Sacbet of powder to put in a morning drink to readjust ur electrolytes, ESP after a nite out drinking and or dancing. That stuff is magic and totally natural and replenishes ur body’s salts and more. Always good to keep at home. And listen to it body. It tells u stuff. Listen to what are YOUR triggers, and prevent them. Good luck Joe!

      • Joe

         /  March 15, 2017

        Hi, thanks for the reply.. yeah I do think that my seizure was cause by my threshold being lowered. Also yess I probably wasn’t having enough sleep and I was working on a really hot day when it happened so I was dehydrated at the time… however, after having this experience I don’t think I am ever going to be taking pills again… and if I do take anything like MDMA which I was taking before.. I’ll probably take it in small doses to start off with to reduce the chance of having another seizure.

  37. Zachary

     /  February 16, 2017

    Can I shoot meth after oding an being administered narcon

  38. beth

     /  February 1, 2017

    My friend smokef a little methh then ssmoked a big hit of black tar heroin went Unconsciemce and had a seizure.hr is comfortable breathing OK but still umconscience after 15 minutes. What should I do???

  39. Audrey

     /  January 28, 2017

    My first Seizure happened when I was coming down off some meth a friend lied to me and told me it was coke.. after the third day, my first seizure hit. But i never knew till I woke up in an ambulance being questioned about my birthday. However I switched my drug use to xanax next, using everyday until I noticed if I go without them for 3 days I’d get a seizure. I ended up quiting for about a month now and I just recently had another seizure. In total, I’ve had about 5 seizures in the past couple months. Ive quit everything, but i don’t know what to do to help my seizures or if I should seek proffesional help because I also have short like faints thru out the day not bad, but to where I do scare myself awake because I’m falling. I do have to admit though, I do drink some beers every other weekend.. but I’m scared I’m having to many seizures and I don’t know how to help myself because I never know when they hit and I don’t want it to hit one night I’m alone without my boyfriend there and I choke on my toung. Please help.

    • Erica McNamee

       /  March 7, 2017

      I was over 20 years old, and have always been one to enjoy drugs. I’ve been using excessively since I w as soon 10. You name it, I want to do it. Anyways besides a severe car accident at age 4, which did result in head trauma, I have been a exceptionally healthy young lady. I awoke one evening, in my mid to early 20’so, with my aunt and uncle standing over me asking me if I knew what had happened. I was so tired, and confused. I felt like I had awoke from one of those naps you take but when you open your eyes your still extremely tired and don’t know if you have slept only a short time or clear to the next night. After they told me I had full gran maul seizure, I was baffled. I have never had one before, I don’t think. There’s really nothing to do afterwards. During this time I was popping hydro odome whenever I could get them, but wasn’t taking enough to experience with drawl. Wasn’t drinking, no history, or recent trauma. I guess I wrote it off. Several weeks even months pass and I am back to normal. Until, I remember sitting in the bed writing in a note book, and while I’m writing the hand I’m using, my right, involuntary Jerks. This was not just unusual but a bit scary with a whole lot of weird. That is all I remember until my aunt and uncle again standing over me asking me question after question, which I don’t know the answers to because I’m tired, confused, and scared. After my 3rd full seizure my mom took me to MCV where I seen a neurologist. There he told me that he wanted a CT and MRI. Both came back normal. Then he wanted to induce a seizure because unless you can make it to a hospital with the needed equipment within minutes after your seizure, inducing one is the best way to Diagnose the type and hopefully the cause of your seizures. After having a shit load of electrodes glued to my head connected to an EEG. They began a “stress test” 10 minutes of deep inhaling/exhaling, strobe lights, agrivatting questions and other techniques that is supposed to bring you into a seizure. It didn’t work for me. So I’m not epileptic, there’s nothing to point to exactly what and why. I decided to try the medication because I’m terrified of not knowing when or where I’m going to have an attack. My neurologist perceived me Keppra. It’s a one a day pill that will keep me from having a seizure. One a day, forever. After about 2 years, I stopped taking it, which is very dangerous to follow without your doctor’s okay. Luckily, I have not taken any medication for prevention And several years went buy without any episodes. I will be honest and say because of my drug use and limitless consumption of them I have experienced a couple more. I advise you to at least talk to a neurologist and keep a record of your fits so you can be as clear as possible. The day, location, new vitamins, wine, new prescription, a amount of rest not just at the time of attack but the surrounding days. I wish you luck hopefully you are not as dumb as I, because if I practiced better self control and will power, or believe I would be seizure free.

  40. Kelly

     /  January 13, 2017

    I was adopted at birth. Come to find out my birth father has grand mal epilepsy. Sunday January 1st I took my Zyrtec, which I’ve been taking daily for 14 years due to allergies… I forgot I had taken it Sunday night, woke up and took another Monday morning. My boyfriend and I took our little daschund to the park at lunch time Monday, I got up
    To get him water, knelt on the blanket and had a major seizure… my boyfriend had to resuscitate me. I’ve since stopped the Zyrtec and take Allegra now, could the overdose of Zyrtec be the trigger, or have I developed Epilepsy at almost age 39? Any help be appreciated. It took me 3 days to recover, and now I’m afraid it’ll happen again in a less friendly environment.
    Kindest regards, Kelly

  41. James

     /  January 12, 2017

    Hi my names James about a year ago after taking mdma I had a seizure and then again about a week ago after taking cocaine both times I went over the top and both times the seizure was a day after I’d took them and after I’d slept. I’ve been referred to a neurologist and I do see why I am being referred but I really do think there only drug induced probably because of the past 3-4 years I have abused drugs weed mdma I stopped mdma and then done cocaine for a year. I haven’t had any seizures off of drugs and never in my past apart from them 2 times if I go to the neurologist and it is just drug induced will they still say I can’t drive again? I don’t drive atm but looking to start I just want to know if anyone been through the same and what they say and what you recommend cheers

  42. JR

     /  January 9, 2017

    Hi I started to have seizures when I was about 5 months pregnant and every month after it was like I was having another seizure. After I gave birth I still am having seizures just not every month. They might separate 2 /3 months apart. Well back in November I had 1 then 2 weeks ago I had one and the ņext night I was having another one. When the medics arrived I still didn’t come to and it would have been about 10 minutes before the ambulance arrive, there was a cop on scene not sure who decide but they gave me a narcan shot.when I woke I was puking but got up n got clean clothes n went to bed. I didn’t experience any kind of withdrawals, they were saying that maybe I was having an overdose but I no I couldn’t have cuss I don’t use drugs so what did I overdose on. Now someone has made a call to cps involving my children. It’s crazy. Has any_ one heard of them giving this medicine to wake up sum one in a seizure

  43. lcgrande7

     /  December 29, 2016

    I found this post very informative but I have a few questions and concerns. I am in IV drug user, mostly cocaine and heroin. Over the last 5 years I’ve started experiencing seizures after a heavy shot of a mixture of both drugs. It doesn’t happen every time I do a strong one but I’ve noticed an increase lately. Around 5-6 in the last 2 weeks or so. My husband is always with me and takes care of me during and after. They usually last a couple of minutes from what he reports (from the time I lose consciousness to the time I start to make sense again). I have no memory of the event and once it’s over I struggle with remembering where I am, what day it is, what just happened, etc. My memory is even effected for some time afterwards, maybe a day or two. My question is: what long term damage am I doing to my memory and brain? I know what I’m putting into my system isn’t the healthiest of substances and that the smart thing to do is stop but I’m sure you understand the mindset of an addict and the struggles we face. I want to quit but getting the help I need is expensive and hard to come by. I can’t afford to continue using but I can’t afford the help to quit. Catch 22. I’m at a point in my addiction where I need professional help in order to successfully stop and get my life back. This is a new realization I have recently accepted. I use to believe I could do it on my own but after years of failing to stop I now know that I have damaged myself beyond my own ability to fix it. I no longer possess the life skills and self control I once believed I had and need “life training” and therapy. But after 15 years plummeting down the rabbit hole I managed to lose the trust and help of my family and good friends who once apon a time where willing to help get me the help I need.
    Not sure why I’m bombarding you with all this in a comment about seizures. I apologize. If you could get me any more info about the long term damage and even info regarding the type of seizures I’m experiencing I would appreciate it. Thanks for writing about these things

    • jessica

       /  March 16, 2018


      I too suffer with addiction.. I’ve been to read in California . . And 3 different outpatient classes that I graduated each time . They are a bit pricey if you don’t have insurance . .but if u do have insurance just know most insurance company cover those bills.
      I have medicaid and blue cross blue shield so I pay 0$..
      Also if u don’t have insurance there is a couple other options .
      1. Find a outpatient center that dosnt charge anything .
      And if u don’t have one around u then ur other option is to go to
      MEETINGS I’m 99% positive u will find some to go to.
      & those are very helpful if u just get yourself in a habit of going and working the steps and get a sponsor then you will be good to go..
      Trust me I’ve done all those
      Classes and rehabs.. and I’ve relapsed after each time after being clean for long periods of time 10 months is the longest Ive been without .
      But even if u do have a free clinic u can go too you can’t go forever eventually it will end .. then you’ll have to consistently go to NA meetings .. cause I can guarantee if u don’t u WILL relapse… Eventually . .
      Well the chances are high it’s to risky.
      Being sober is not easy . Well not for me I’ve been using for 7 years and heavily ..speedballing the whole 9 yards for 7 friggin years ! It takes a lot of work to stay clean and you HAVE TO WANT IT SISTER! 🙂 GLUCK.

  44. Alex Renner

     /  December 24, 2016

    So I had a drug overdose on welbutrin a week or two ago and apparently had a seizure (1 I know of) and was in a coma for 2 days. Am I more likely to have seizures such as ones from lights flashing or anything now that I have had one? I never had a seizure or issue with lights before but now I get scared when I’m driving in the afternoon and the sun flashes behind trees or when watching a movie that I’ll have another one

  45. Keven

     /  December 17, 2016


  46. Tony

     /  December 3, 2016

    Hello, thank you for this site. Just had my 2nd seizure ever and boy was the hospital fuckd up. I had done cocaine 4 days prior and of course they blamed it on that, treated me like SHIT and took away my driving license for an entire year when the epilepsy scans came back normal. Could ANY drug (btw i only used cocaine once in a while, like once a month) cause seizures that long afterwards, aside from withdrawl? Either way I’m going to 12 step groups and NEED to be sober as i don’t want to take any risk at all. But it seems very unfair that they just blame it on the drugs and boom I’ll have a hard time getting around for that long, when regular seizures you only lose your license for a month. Thanks

  47. Dean Pennington

     /  November 28, 2016

    Can someone tell me what the procedure is called (acronym is OK) when a physician deliberately induces a grand mal seizure? (with electric shock)

  48. luara

     /  November 26, 2016

    Thank goodness for your wonderful help and prayers Diviner Odi. My son Stephen is now well and have quit drugs and alcohol. I was making all efforts to make my son Stephen quit drugs. He was addicted to drugs for the past 13 years. He had made my life a living hell and that of his siblings. His late Dad developed a heart attack and died as a result of when Stephen was caught with cocaine and sentenced to 6 years in prison. He steals from me to buy drugs when he has no money. Sometimes, i do pity him when he sit down crying like a child when he does not have the money to buy the drugs. He has been taking to rehabilitation centers, yet he did not change.I came across a testimony of a man on a prayer blog of how Diviner Odi helped his daughter to quit drugs. I wrote Him, and i was told what to do, in 5 days, my son quit drugs and alcohol. thanks to Diviner Odi for his prayers. If anybody on this blogs needs his help you can contact him via his email address: latterdayassembly@gmail.com

  49. Lynn

     /  November 19, 2016

    Urgent, my daughter took god knows what even she doesn’t know and she has been fitting every half hour or so since, the hospital treated her badly and said the brain scan shows nothing however she has had to be resuscitated by her boyfriend since and 48 hours later is still fitting help

    • This sounds extremely serious! Anything more than 3-5 seizures in a row is very dangerous and your daughter must go to emergency. If they are full tonic clonic seizures where she seizes up and goes unconscious – it is dangerous to continue like this and if the hospital or Dr isn’t taking things/you and her seriously – go to another one! There is a HUGE amount of discrimination against people who use drugs so its vital that if you encounter apathy – you tell them ‘Ill be back to deal with you later” and go and find another doctor or hospital if necessary. She should NOT be having so many seizures. Just because her brain scan showed nothing, it does NOT mean she should be left to still have fits. They must give her some kind of medication to stop the seizures asap, and then look at what are the other reasons that may be causing her to fit. Good luck, we are very sorry to hear of your situation. Best of luck and I hope your daughters gets better very soon. BP X

  50. My friend has cocaine Sezuirse and forgot how to breathe in the point we’re I did it for her until she remembered the problem is she won’t stop even though she knows it’s the cause of the problem we live in uk

  51. My son aged 39 was diagnosed with paranoid scitzophrenia 15 yrs ago after leaving army and taking drugs. He suffers non epileptic fits average 2/3 per month which can last up to 6 hours. His neurolgist has also seen scarring on his brain from many years of boxing. He smoked weed today with few drinks and fitted
    Also he suffers anxiety attacks. He is on fortnightly depot of clopixol and takes 2 pregabalin 75 mg tabs every day. Do you think there are combination of causes for these fits or are they drug induced. They are very stressful to watch.

    • Pregabalin & Gabapentin are known to cause fits, its their side effects.
      Talk to your doctor about this medication or changing its dosage.

  52. Bridget

     /  October 7, 2016

    Is it possible to have a drug induced seizure if the drugs were ingested about 4 days prior? My boyfriend had a seizure last night in his sleep and has no history of epilepsy. He recreationally takes xanax and ketamine.. are these drugs prone to causing seizures? even days later? thanks!

  53. Richard

     /  September 22, 2016

    I had a seizure from drug overdose I thought it was cleaver to put 1.5 grams in my mouth and swill it down with a beer 30 mins later I had a terrible seizure luckly my friend was around to call an ambulance and make sure basically I didn’t die haven’t touched cocaine since I advise people that are looking to take it orally not to think because it’s easy too take a bigger hit orally to not take over half a gram in one go all I can imagine abut my experience now is that my blood was pumping way too much coke around my body and to my brain plus it was Albanian flizzy !

  54. Renee

     /  September 11, 2016

    Thank you for your website it is very helpful

  55. SOPHY ( The confused African)

     /  August 28, 2016

    Hi I’m paralysed with fear as I’ve had 5 Grand Mal seizures in a 3 week period. I’m a widow with an 18 year old son who has watched my spinal illness and the pain I live in his whole life. Now we are alone and broke but I have to take care of him
    I’m a medically created addict having been given pethidine, morphine, Injectable valium, then head drugs for PTSD of course I’ve self medicated my whole life often with better results. Intense Pain is a very dangerous constant companion but a seriously Shit friend. I have built up such a tolerance to the very high schedule drugs. As I’m a confused African I’m fortunate in the dube I’ve smoked has always been outdoor like the excellent Malawi Gold Cobs.
    I’ve taken coke off and on for over 30 years? Acid for about 15 years but never again since we became parents, mdma, ectacy, mushrooms and valium for over 30 years that I can take 60mg and wait for sleep. Since I lost my soul mate 4 years ago I’ve been taking Kat which is the poor man’s coke it lasts longer. Ironically I’m also an insomniac from growing up in a war and now the drugs take away sleep too but also help with the pain. I have a terrifying tolerance to hard core drugs but never spiked heroine or coke. Always believed that most Drugs (natural form) illegal, maybe but actually can be good for many of us. I always talked to my son about drugs and how it would be better to smoke a joint then drink legal alcohol. Problem now is I’m off to the Government Pain hospital that has been looking after me once a month for 7 years on Wednesday to tell them about the grand mal seizures I’ve had and get the litre of pure morphine syrup of which I’m supposed to take 10 ml every 4 hours, I take less. Valium I get about 280 pills every month but now I prefer to smoke a joint, trying dope oil too and the Kat gives me strength
    I’ve never had and I can dance for a night so I seriously hope it’s not that
    Obviously it’s something to do with the drugs but is it what I’m legally being given or what I illegally have to aquire? I’m certified as disabled and now due to the seizures I can’t drive as I have no warning or memory. Don’t laugh but I’m seriously impressed with your site so I want to share something I wrote last night about the seizures & tonight I find you. I’m sure you’ll find it corny but I’ve always written poems since I was first diagnosed at 12, I do doodles too I see them as my yin and yang of life’s journey. The pain Dr’s don’t know about my self medicating, don’t mind telling them about the the dope but not the kat as we have a Serious problem with Tik here, like heroine one drug I will never take but I’m not sure how they will react. I hope you can give me some advice as to what to do this Wednesday as I’d really appreciate it. In 6 months I will be half a century old but if I don’t sort this others will try and force me to live in the UK but I can’t it’s too cold and as I said I’m just a confused African. I don’t show my poems to anyone but I hope you will get an idea of how terrified I am and the best way forward as I can’t have my son see me fit. PERHAPS A GRAND MAL OR TWO? – Of all the indignities to date,
    This one certainly takes the cake,
    Eyes rolling into the back of the head,
    Then collapsing to the floor, suddenly Dead.
    Aaaah but we aren’t finished with you yet,
    Now for some convulsing, foaming and twitching, my Pet,
    As the crowds draw back but caught in their constant stare,
    Here for all to see the bladder bursts, feeding their greatest fear.
    Been highly medicated for over two decades gone,
    Now the brain’s neural pathways just can’t stay switched on,
    No warning, no memory but still any dignity left, definitely ripped away,
    Now totally paralysed with fear as this Brain trembles and wonders if today is The Day.
    I know it’s no masterpiece but weird that I write it last night only to find PLU’s tonight. Anyway any help a day advice would be so excellent especially if you can do it before Wednesday if you have time. Thank you. I have never done anything like this before as I’m not only a serious drug taker but a total techno moron so I really hope it will work. Take care all you guys.

    • Rhiannon

       /  November 13, 2016

      Hey there Sophie. My name is Rhiannon. I have suffered with Non Epileptic grand mal seizures since April 2012 when I did an opiate detox and came off cannabis too. Due to psychological trauma The combination of the two has caused the seizures. I live alone too so very scary when home alone. Medical people frustrate me as as soon as they rule out one most common form of epilepsy which is of course that which derives from the temporal lobe of our brain, they then seem to stop looking any further and it’s because there are quite a few seizures that have idiopathic causes so they sometimes don’t actually know. I was diagnosed with PTSD when I was 19 and further re diagnosed with complex PTSD when I lost my twin at 23. I’d been just a cannabis smoker until opiates. I’m in recovery but still fitting. Don’t let anyone tell you that they aint real as people that have seen mine have actually been quite shocked. I have no warning or no memory after and had to have cpr only a matter of a couple of months ago. I am getting back into things like relaxation, mindfulness and meditation and trying to keep my seizure threshold as low I can. I like this site so will come on it. I’m okay with Internet but not a major lover lol..I’m 38 and am about to go private for Pychotherapist as our mental health team here in Cornwall where I live is atrocious for helping you and especially if you have any addictions with alcohol or substances. Anyway I hope I have been of some help to you Sophie. Yeah look to more holistic things than more drugs as keeping your sensory system in check and listening to your gut and intuition will serve your sense of soul and spirit and apparently it all helps allow the parasympathetic nervous system to take over. Take care and I hope you start to feel better or as okay as you can be. Kind regards Rhiannon. X

  56. tomg12@gmail.co.uk

     /  July 29, 2016


    Me and my girlfriend have recently been taking cocaine and been mixing it with Lyricas (Pregabalin). We slept fine for about 6 hours after waking up she was just talking and had a random black out moment (at this point she was not on drugs and sober) she fell back and passed out and stopped breathing and went blue and purple on her lips she also had muscle spasms, this lasted about 10 minutes. It did not look like a seizure it was a lot more intense and a frightening experience any idea what this was? is it worth visiting the hospital? This is the 2nd time it has happened

    • Hi there, I am afraid that does indeed sound like a seizure – sometimes they look like an overdose like you say, the lips go purple, she stops breathing -and the fact that she started having spasms pretty much confirms it when you put all those elements together. Sometimes we expect seizures to happen when we are actually using drugs, but just as often they are a result of long term drug use and those effects on the body – especially when you are dabbling with a very strong pain killer (neuropathic pain /for nerve pain) such as Pregabalin. Interestingly, Pregabs 2nd most common use is as a seizure medication – to stop people having fits. Stopping it suddenly if you are taking it every day could possibly induce one. You may want to look around the internet to find out a bit more about Pregab and seizures -although I think that it is unlikely that it is from the pregab alone -it is more likely that your gal’s body was completely exhausted and, perhaps waking up to no food in the system, low blood pressure, the body dropped into seizure mode as a response to all its hard work recently. The thing is tho – I WOULD go and make sure she is seen by a doctor. The fact that she has had 2 seizures, and that this one occurred without the use of drugs immediately prior (at least 6 hours you say), then it is important to rule out that nothing else is going on – like a virus or something else. Seizures are a warning sign that all is not well at home – whether that is exhaustion, toxicity or somethiong else going astray. Reemember, we are NOT doctors or nurses here – just harm reductionists who help advise and provide info for people to be able to be as safe as they can be when taking drugs – it can be a risky business but you gotta do what you can to minimise the risks wherever you can, eh?! Good luck my friend, and make sure she makes a dr appoint. PS -I would also say – now she has a bit of a suseptibility to seizures, it is all the more important that she takes precaustions on those coke binges – eat well before hand, keep hydrated, dont stay up more than one night (or at least make sure binges are intersperesed with decent sleep sessions). Eat and drink foods that are good for the nervous system as in the article above (bannanas, potassium – electrolite raising drinks which you get from the pharmacy are fabulous for the morning after). She shouldnt use first thing in the morning either, make sure she (and you) have woken up properly, had some food, stretched your legs etc, before even thinking about starting on the white stuff again. Go lightly!

      • Nikki

         /  January 14, 2017

        I live in a small town and the latest trend that the majority of people from the area are using neurottins/gabapentin with suboxone or subutex. I know of quite a few people who have had seizures from taking to many neurottins. And they are a drug that is preferred around here especially if they are doing sub ozone or subutex. The two of them together are getting people high. One guy had three bad seizures, 2 of them after arriving at the hospital, from to many neurottins. He stayed in the hospital a few days and they ran different tests on him but said they couldn’t find anything that was causing them. He told the doctors that he had took to many neurottins but the doctors didn’t seem to think that is what caused them but he whined himself off of them and he hasn’t had any more problems.

  57. Danielle

     /  July 8, 2016

    After an overdose seizure, with no epilepsy or anything, what’s best to eat? And sleeping, how do I take care of him while he’s sleeping without staring at him all night long to make sure he’s breathing? This is his first seizure in his life and his first overdose as well. He’s almost 30 and he went to the hospital for this seizure. He has a beautifully clean bill of health. I’m just worried and scared and want to make sure his home care is up to par… advice, please??? Thank you in advance…

  58. Julie selzer

     /  July 6, 2016

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  59. frank

     /  July 4, 2016

    Hi folks, I want to start by saying thanks to all who provide information and run this site. Until I came across the site I had no idea what my episode tonight was. I have been a fairly frequent cocaine user for the past 5 years, and I am 29 years of age. I now know that my first seizure occured about 3 years ago when I had my heaviest binges. The onset came about after binging maybe a little less of good quality coke. It started with a tingling sensation and numbness in the limbs accompanied by an overwhelming sense of fear, because I thought it was a heart attack. My fingers started to curl inward and arms started pressing against my body, however I remained conscious throughout the fit, so I guess that was a petite mall. It lasted for about one minute accompanied by lots of prayer. Tonight was my second occurence. My friend and I had split a half gram, so I had about .25g worth. My paranoia and anxiety is already at an advanced stage from the years of coke use, so it is relatively easy for me to reach alarming anxiety while on coke. However, I have found that driving is the most anxiety inducing activity while on the product. About 10 minutes after the last line, which we finished the bag withing a span on ten minutes, I had dropped my buddy off and proceeded to head home. Of course my usual anxiety was starting to climb. About 5 minutes into driving i feel that familiar sense of limbs going numb and my anxiety doubles immediate, because again I am worried this is a heart attack. My fingers curled and arms and legs went numb. I tried to maintaine deep steady breaths to avoid passing out. Due to ignorance of it being a seizure I did not pull off the road for fear I would pass in the car on the side of the road. In hindsight I should have pulled over. 2 miles and 5-10 minutes of onset I arrive home and quickly exit the car, to my surprise as soon as I started walked the numbness went away. For the next 20 minutes I am in my room sweating and anxious. Sitting in an upright position it seemed that a second attack was on the verge. I thought this all had to do with blood circulatio, because of the sympton relief after getting up and walking. I know now to be more careful of having to drive after I partake in partying. If I feel a seizure coming on in the future should I assure myself that it is not a heart attack and I won’t die and try to calmy ride through it? I really enjoy doing charley but tonight’s episode really scared me. Also, do you suggest trying to deter an oncoming fit by moving around, which seeme to help me? Is it normal to feel numb limbs or head pressure from coke? I am worried a lot about hemorrage signs.

  60. MzK

     /  June 28, 2016

    Hello and thank you for all the wonderful info here! I have been iv’ing for over 20 years. I am 40 right now. I always do my coke shots to be ringers. I have have a severe grand mal and was left alone(years ago) luckily I had the sense to go to emergency a bit after coming to.

    Anyways last night, what happened was beyond a ringer. I called my bf to hold my legs(I was sitting) because they felt like they were shaking sooo bad and I would fall over. He said they were still. Also my eyes were goi g left/right so fast that I could not focus. I had to look straight up to sort of calm them. Today my body is in so much pain, as in I can barely walk. I am thinking I had a tonic seizure ( where muscles go tight but do not convulse, even though it felt like they were) scary stuff. I hope it stops me from going back.

    Has anyone else experienced this? I have had similar experiences in which my period suddenly started(as if again everything tensed so hard it made it start) I truly believe it may be tonic seizures. Any opinion appreciated.

    Keep informing people. Try to stay safe everyone.


  61. Nikki

     /  June 24, 2016

    Why did my boyfriend wake up not knowing me or were he was then trying to attack me

  62. Marie

     /  June 24, 2016

    Hi, Im reading your information because I am very worried/ scared because I had a seizure in 2015 and just this past april 5th 2016 due to mis-using drugs/alchohol the first time i went out drinking and took tramadol, muscle relaxers and went home to sleep and my mom heard a bang in the am i got up i guess ? And I woke up to EMT in my room. This most recent one i was getting xanax 2mg (not rx by dr ) 10 here and there for id say 2 months and then I took a couple adderal for a couple days. So I ran out of the xanax, didnt have a presciption for it, was with drawing from the xanax and suboxone that I was taking due to an opiate dependence that I went to rehab for in 2015. And I was back at work on monday I work at a drs office ironically, was feeling the withdrawel symstoms but thought it was mainly from the suboxone, I never been hooked on xanax like that before to know the dangers of the seizure. Last thing I remember was talking to my co-worker and I guess i fell and has a scary seizure, very frightend when i woke etc -my dr that i work for called ambulance and i was admitted for 2 nights. I saw a phyciatrist afterwards, he put me on lexapro and zubsolv lowest dose, was off xanax for about a month, was doing good I was just taking z-quil fot sleep and smoking weed occasionally, after finishing the zubsolv for the month i started getting cravings for things so i started to get a few suboxone off street, adderal, and xanax . Its been about a month that i been taking the xanax at 2mg a day or it varies, and i liked the way the adderall made me feel bcause i have depression since i was young i think due to my father passing , anyway the adderal gave/can give me motivation at work, waking up etc. but since im an addict obviously i got my hands on some concerta last week 54mg & took about 11 pills in a week
    Of those. On top of some adderal , xanax and half or quarter of subs every other day or depending how i feel. I know this is a lot and confusing, but i guess im desperate . I been stressed at work working 12 hr shifts and i havnt felt right the past 2 days. Anxiety, sad, And weird twinges in my arms, legs, chest discomfort not pain…my body feels weird like my arms i get a burning sensation. I have a follow up appointment with the phyciatrist tomorw and then im going away down the shore with my bf family. Im 29 and my mom doesnt understand my problem esp aftrr having the seizures which scared me and her etc. my bf thinks i been doing good since last month. I just am feeling weird and Im going to the dr tomorw but im in my room and
    Im scared to even sleep now. Like i was last nite but i woke up fine. But i took adderal today 30mg half of sub and some xanax. Im freaking myself out i dont want to seizure or die. Any advice. Also i dont have a car at the moment or i woulda did something about it already after work tonight. I will tell dr everything tomorw. Any suggestions tho? Thanks so much. Urgent

  63. Lynn

     /  June 21, 2016

    Urgent. My husband and I have been up for a couple days and we used meth/ice during. As we do from time to time, never longer than a couple days. He had a wreck in December, the air bags didn’t deploy and he had hallucinations and everything for days after. He was using when he wrecked, also, he wasn’t at fault. He told the ER he’d been using and they sent him home after giving him about six medications. I wasn’t with him when it all happened, so I don’t know if he had anything else going on or not. Last night we were going to sleep, usually not a problem even after using the days prior and no sleep, but he turned his head and arched his back. It appeared to me he’d stopped breathing, and I wasn’t sure what was going on so I put my hand to his shoulder and called his name.. after a brief second he turned quickly and looked at me. He has been in and out since but not of literal consciousness. He will be awake just singing a song, or piddling with a bottle, or staring blankly at something then snap back, he will scroll online on social media and I don’t even think he is seeing what is there from the look on his face. Which he also seemed to have no control over, he kept smiling, making a pout type face with his lips or sticking his tongue out.. He has also been having hallucinations again, well, once He heard someone call his name and he seen someone outside, a shape in the street light, and then a light coming through the crack of our bedroom door. His mother gave him a Xanax, and he finally went to sleep. He was still. He woke up again though and was a little better it seemed. Then he couldn’t control his face again. He ate upon waking up and stumbled to the bathroom and pissed and went back to sleep but hasn’t been up since. I’ve been watching him sleep and praying. Is this seizure related, is it drug induced or due to the wreck? Could he have brain damage from it? Did he have a stroke? We’re going to the ER when his step dad gets home with the vehicle- I just want answers now….

  64. john Dare

     /  June 20, 2016

    URGENT; Hi, pls i have been on TRAMADOL for a few years and am so on to it. i take 360mg per day. I’ve had seizures in the past years but all together its not more 6 times with each one not lasting for more than 3-5minutes according to people that are present. if i get taken to the hospital during or after the seizure i notice that they only give me sedatives and when i wake up,i feel ok but i really wanna what trigger it and how i can stop using. am tired of been an Addict and am not liking it but i can’t do a day without it….pls help me. this is my number incase you wanna contact me on phone. +23407035721122

  65. Josh

     /  June 16, 2016

    Hi there, I just have a question, back on December 28th, I went to a music festival and I did cocaine about 1.5 hours before the show, (more than I ever have, because I didn’t feel anything). I also drank 2 energy drinks within the period before the show. When I got there, I didn’t feel much so I thought it was okay to take Mdma, because I’ve never tried it before. I waited about 45 minutes and I barley gelt anything still while everyone else was feeling great. On the advice of a friend I took a other “m” pill. I felt it within 10 mins. About 2 hours later out of nowhere, the flashing lights messed me up. As they flashed faster and faster I got “stuck” staring at them. Everything went dark in my prerifrial and all I saw was the flashing. Also the music got all distorted. I put my hands up and yelled and it dropped me to my knees. As the lights stopped flashing I was on the ground but back to normal. I was curious if it was a one time thing so I tested it out with the sunglasses that I had with me. Lights flashed faster and I got stuck again. WheN the lights stopped my head snapped back wards and I was back to normal again, standing though. So I went to go sit down, I just felt a bit exhausted. After 10 mins i was ready to party again even though it was the scariest thing I’ve ever experienced.
    Ive never had something like that before and I haven’t since then. Since one of the symptoms of a seizure is “fear or anxiety”, I get that with flashing sunlight and I got it with a very low fast flashing florescent light once. My question is, is this just PTSD or am I susceptible to photo

  66. Josh

     /  June 16, 2016

    Hi there, I just have a question, back on December 28th, I went to a music festival and I did cocaine about 1.5 hours before the show, (more than I ever have, because I didn’t feel anything). I also drank 2 energy drinks within the period before the show. When I got there, I didn’t feel much so I thought it was okay to take Mdma, because I’ve never tried it before. I waited about 45 minutes and I barley gelt anything still while everyone else was feeling great. On the advice of a friend I took a other “m” pill. I felt it within 10 mins. About 2 hours later out of nowhere, the flashing lights messed me up. As they flashed faster and faster I got “stuck” staring at them. Everything went dark in my prerifrial and all I saw was the flashing. Also the music got all distorted. I put my hands up and yelled and it dropped me to my knees. As the lights stopped flashing I was on the ground but back to normal. I was curious if it was a one time thing so I tested it out with the sunglasses that I had with me. Lights flashed faster and I got stuck again. WheN the lights stopped my head snapped back wards and I was back to normal again, standing though. So I went to go sit down, I just felt a bit exhausted. After 10 mins i was ready to party again even though it was the scariest thing I’ve ever experienced.
    Ive never had something like that before and I haven’t since then. Since one of the symptoms of a seizure is “fear or anxiety”, I get that with flashing sunlight and I got it with a very low fast flashing florescent light once. My question is, is this just PTSD or am I susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy?
    I test it out sometimes to see if something will happen, nothing does but I also get really scared that something will so I stop shortly after. I also notice I’m getting better at going a bit longer, which makes it seem like PTSD, but just curious on your thoughts.

    Thank you!

  67. jane

     /  June 13, 2016

    My boyfriend has had seizures for awhile now only while hes sleeping. He was on medication but stopped taking it. He has only had one at a time until just recently. He has asked me to record him having a seizure in the past so I did when he was having one. But then he had another one in total he had six. My question is when he was done having His first of six while I was recording him and he was coming too opening and closing his eyes there is a bright light on my phone that was shining in the direction in which he was looking. Could that have caused him to go into another seizure and then multiple after wards cause he has never had more then one.

    • Hi,
      You havent mentioned any drug use from your partner? Again it is really important to say we are not Doctors of any sort here whatsoever – we are only involved in harm reduction – reducing the harms associated with drug taking by being as informed as possible about the potential pitfalls. Re your boyfriend -6 seizures in a row (if that is what tyou are saying) is a LOT of seizures to have all at once. Shining a light into his eyes is not ideal, however as far as I understand it, it is flickering and strobe lighting effects that can trigger a certain type of seizure. Your boyfriend really should go back on his medication – havig a seizure is effectively damaging your brain, affecting your memory or other areas -and it is very true to say that the more you can prevent seizures, the less you have of them, until most people grow out of them in the late 30’s. But it is crucial that he looks after his brain until then, and gets back on his medication – if he dosent like his meds – then he needs to speak to his doctor to find the right med for him – there are many out there and these days they are a lot more tolerable for people. Good luck – I have added a link for you about seizures in your sleep -its really important he is back on his meds as 6 fits in a row is TOO MANY to have. It will be taking much to much out of him. Not good! Good luck and the best to your boyfriend. BPX http://www.epilepsy.com/get-help/staying-safe/safety-while-sleeping

  68. joeg5760

     /  June 11, 2016


    I’m Joe a recent seizure patient, who underwent (6) within a weeks span (I think)., from a severe car accident I was involved in. Would it be possible to talk to someone in your offices about this? As I have a ton of questions and it would be easier for me to talk to some than type, as the accident had left me a bit disabled and function of my hands is very painful and quite challenging.

    Looking fwd. in hearing from you soon, hopefully.

    Thank you!


  69. Lorna

     /  May 30, 2016

    Hi I had something similar happen,not proud to say but I was snorting cocaine last thing I remember was being in bed then the next bent over a bin throwing up and my mate near by with a petrified look on his face I can’t fill in the blanks my self,but he told me I started switching out and was scared of him and was screaming like I didn’t know who he was then my lips turned blue and clenched my teeth together ,he said he had to open my moth with his thumb to let me vomit apparently it lasted around 15-20 mins I can’t remember a thing!!I don’t do cocaine often especially the amount I did that night,I don’t have a clue what happened to me !!

  70. Caroline

     /  May 24, 2016

    URGENT: I believe my husband had a seizure last night. But I was wondering if seizures can occur after having local anesthesia on the mouth, due to removing a tooth, and after taking a pill of 600mg of ibuprofen…He had Never had anything like this happen to him. So I just want an answer because I’m worried about him.

  71. Amanda

     /  May 16, 2016

    My friend was doing ice or meth I don’t know if there is a difference but he said it was ice. He was fine all day, but kept doing it he had been up for a few days. I was trying to get him to eat and go to bed. He then became delusional, he was seeing people and things that were not there he told me my eyes look like the devil. I was so scared he had a small seizure, his head turned sideways on his shoulder and eyes rolled back in his head and his fingers drawed up and he convulsed several times. When he come back to I made him some soup and he ate and layed down. It is now 8:25am the next morning and he went to sleep about 12 am. He still can’t talk to me his tongue keeps falling out of his mouth, which it done last night to. I’m so scared does that mean it may be permanent or can it just take a while to come back around??

    • Dear Amanda,
      This does indeed sound worrying. Regarding him having a seizure – which it sort of sounds like he may have – it is very unusual for someone to not be able to speak, or have their tongue falling out of their mouth – especially after 8 hours of sleep and food. You did all the right things Amanda, you sound like a very good friend, but it is is very concerning that your friend is still struggling to speak. You need to overcome any fears you may have in calling for help and get your friend to the hospital, call an ambulance, etc straight away. A seizure should only last several minutes and the person will normally sleep it off and be a bit groggy, maybe a touch confused, but that will quickly disappear and they will just remain very, very tired. But from what you have said, it really does sound like he needs immediate medical attention. It is always better to be safer in these situations. Dont risk it. Let us know how you both get on, and we wish you the best of luck, BP xx

  72. Chloe

     /  May 10, 2016

    a couple of weeks ago myself and my partner was taking cocaine. We hadn’t done it for a good 2/3 months. I need to mention that I have been taking Concaine over a number of years on and off. Social drug using. I also should add that I have been doing exercise classes every day which I only started 2 weeks prior to this day. The stuff we had taken was meant to be ” the shit” and it was ! After 2 lines I was rocking .. Which is not like me. We have got through 7 grams between us before but this time I had only done 5 lines and ate about a gram maybe a bit more. And suddenly after a very intense sexual session literally after my partner had stopped what he was doing to me .. I dropped and passed out and my partner said I shook for about 20 seconds maybe less. He then carried me downstairs and slapped me 5 times to wake me up. I didn’t no where I was and for an hour and half I was walking around in a trip ..if at any point I stopped walking I felt like I was going to fall.. My Partner was walking with me and cooling me down and giving me water. He kept asking me what things were around the house to keep my mind active. I new what everything was but I was like saying the words so odd! The only thing I dirk no was my pass code! which is amazing as I use my phone every minute of every day ! After2 hours I came down and I went to sleep.

    Has anyone got any idea what happened???

    • Hi Chloe,

      Well, I am afraid it sounds like you had a seizure. Classic symptoms. Your boyfriend shouldnt really of slapped you, but to be fair I understand what he was trying to do (wake you up etc), but really the best thing is -as outlined in our ‘what to do when your friend has a seizure’ section of the article, – is to have your partner lie you down in the recovery position to keep your airways clear, talk soothingly and calmly to you, hold you gently so you cant hurt yourself while fitting, and gently speak to you as you slowly come around. You dont need to walk and walk, just relax and rest. Keep fed and watered and sleep as much as you need to but get your boyfriend to wake you up intermittently for a drink or something to eat. Sometimes a ‘perfect storm’ of elements gathers around – no food, no sleep, low blood pressure, lots of activity, and the coke would play a big factor (sometimes the only factor!) and you have the perfect circumstances that could just be enough to TIP YOU OVER the edge. But Chloe – you said you have been exercising every day for the last 2 weeks – and while this is usually a a great thing to do and send oxygen around the body and organs like the brain etc, it kind of adds to the fact that if this has been your first seizure – it is usually recommended that you get yourself checked over by a doctor properly – this is to make sure your seizure hasnt been caused by something else – and the coke just made it worse. So get yourself down to your doctors as soon as you feel able and let them know what happened to you – but you dont have to mention the cocaine if you dont want to -basically they will check you out regardless -and if they find nothing, well you will know that it was the coke that did it. You might feel ok telling them you had a line at a party just this once or something like that maybe – it all depends on how you feel about the doctor you are seeing and whether they are non judgemental or not. Best of luck – remembver though that once you have had one seizure, you have lowered your seizure threshold slightly so it is easier for it to happen again. Read through the article carefully and always eat, sleep well and prepare yourself fr any drug taking -being careful to listen to your body and not push yourself too hard. Take the drugs nice and easy -enjoy them. Remember, we arent doctors here, so its always best to go and see one. All the best Chloe, BP x

    • Richard

       /  September 22, 2016

      This happened to me I had been snorting good coke maybe done 2 grams was high as but I got to the point where I couldn’t snort it and insted of trying my hardest to snort it I new I would be fighting a losing battle so I decided to take the rest orally just over a gram 30 mins later I had a seizure and woke up in a ambulance was a scary experience I advise anyone who is debating taking cocaine orally to be careful of your dosage just because it’s easy to take be sensible and only do maybe very maximum 0.5

    • Richard

       /  September 22, 2016

      Definitely a seizure I had one when I took about ,1.5 grams of pure cocaine orally just ate it ,30 mins later I was fitting on the floor bad news don’t take large amounts orally its so easy to do but can have devastating repercussions

  73. I am recently am seeing my primary doctor & a neurologist, I have been hospitalize several times and have four seizures at work currently I am take two medications prescribe by both doctors, one is lamotrigine (100mgs twice a day) and lorazepam ( 1 mg twice a day) I am currently taking both at the same time, is this safe to do, my primary Dr. says its o.k. to take both of them, I need to know if this safe ? I do drink , would be safe say to stop drinking, since I’ve read your site, I do not take drugs, I feel its the alcohol may be causing these seizures

  74. Emily

     /  March 8, 2016

    Hi! My husband had a seizure one night around 9 pm. He wouldn’t let me take him to the hospital or call an ambulance so I just watched him closely the rest of the night. 8 days went by and he had another BIG seizure around the same time of night. This time I made him go to the hospital. After 4 hrs of waiting and running tests the nurse returns to tell us he definitely had a seizure and cocaine was found in his urine. I had NO CLUE he was using/had ever used. He admitted that he has been using 2-3 times a week and doing a gram at a time for the past 8 years. And also admitted that the last time he used was during the day of the first seizure about 6 hrs before it occurred. So my question is does this make sense??? Would he have failed a urine test 8 days after using? Are seizures possible 8 days after using???

  75. Urgent: My brother had a siezure smoking synthetic weed when he got to the hospital he wasnt responding at first but then started responding but cnt speak will he speak again its the first rime this has ever happened and he smoked will he have brain damage or any problems

    • Jeffrey

       /  February 19, 2016

      Hey were not all doctors but in our best options and trying to help you.that stuff has a crazy name for reason.you don’t know what you’re inhaling until the effects wears off.Im sorry this happened I’ve had 6 seizures from drug induced I believe , now I’m on medication but I do smoke Marijuana to help with my Aniexty and how I still cope with things.have him take a CT scan on his head and remind him how scary this fucking seizures are.These are no joke ,these can severely hurt or kill you.you wanna start you’re 2016 right or wrong remind him that.

    • I am sorry for the delay -yes we are hearing more and morew about seizures from synthetic cannabis -and the results have been really awful for those experiencing it and thoise witnessing it. It can even seem like the effects of some kind of chemical toxicity overload – very freaky. Happily the vast majority of people recover -but this stuff is seriously strong and much of it untested and unknown. Try and talk your brother into smoking organics dope if he must. Much nicer, cooler, safer. We wish him and you, all the very best. Do let us know how you got on. We will be covering ODs from these substances more this year. good luck, BP x

  76. angelica

     /  February 15, 2016

    URGENT…Hi my name is angie and today my brother and i smoked synthetic weed he had a really bad seizure i was shocked and stuck froze and couldnt do nothing to help him i felt helpless…my mom came and sat him up he was not in a good condition either ambulance came then took him to the hopital he wasnt responding my mom went back and he was responding but he cannot talk is he gonna stay like thats or will he talk again or will he have any brain damage or anything

  77. Mary

     /  January 25, 2016

    Hi my son in law is a a recovered herion user. He is taking a opien drug to control his seizures. Having trouble getting him to take his meds everyday. Had a seizure the other day. What should we do to help him. Thanks Reese

    • Jeffrey

       /  January 25, 2016

      Hello Mary.My names Jeff I had for what I like to believe a drug induced seizure on February 1 2014.I have 2 seizures one minor gran Mal and a severe gran Mal at the hospital.ive had 6 in 2014 and 1 in 2015.im on a very moderate seizure medication called topirmate.I take now 150 mil in the morning and 200mil at night.i used to be a dug addict but after these seizures it really helped me realize there’s better things in life besides drugs.ive had that one minor one but I was one 5 hour energy drink and I think that’s what caused it.lifes to short it’ll be annoying to him because it was for me keep reminding him to take it and remind him how precious his life is.i work in worcester and I see alot herion addicts and drug addicts most I went to school with.its a long road and I hope everything turns around you and you’re family.

    • Jeffrey

       /  February 19, 2016

      You could always make food for him crush it up and put it in there.or in juice to say this will him.

  78. URGENT: I had my 1st seizure /convulsions jan.2, 2016.. I have an extensive list med conditions, but had felt fine. My husband call 911& they insisted on taking me to the er. The doctor ran several tests and everything was normal except, a small urinary tract infection & was given cipro. Dr.Sri, my pain mgmt Dr. Told me it was a result of Tramadol interaction with prozac, as the other dr. Had increased the dosage on, knowing that I was on TraMadonna for a long time. Cipro interacts with zanaflex.,which the Dr knew I had been on too. The er Dr basically service me up to have another seizure, had I picked up the cipro from the pharmacy. What can I do about this idiotic negligence with a person with a very rare type of sarcoidosis among other things???

  79. Drea Lee

     /  January 10, 2016

    Urgent! Today I shot up cocain and I believe I was having a seizure, but was still conscious. It felt like my brain was shaking back and forth then making my body shake back and forth. It was scary because then I started feeling almost for lack of a better term retarded. This isn’t something I normally do but have been lately. The first time I shot coke though I had a full blown seizure. Please let me know if any of you know if having a seizure conscious is even possible as well as any other knowledge you all are aware of.


    • Hi, It sounds like you were going through what can happen from a serious cocaine fix. Meaning, you injected a hit that was really big for you and your brain feels like it shudders from the effect. It would not be a seizure if you were conscious -you can’t have a seizure and still be aware of what is happening around you. Large hits of coke are often known as things like ‘bell ringers’ coz they literally feel like your brain is switched onto super sensitive and is also being shaken all around your skull. This can then move into the cocaine overdose as it goes from bell ringer, to what is known as ‘snow blind’.This is when, although you are still conscious, everything goes white, blank -you can’t see or hear -for a few minutes at least -maybe up to 5 minutes. It then resides as the peak after the injection, falls. I think it sounds like you were somewhere inbetween a bell ringer -and going snow blind. You CAN of course have a seizure from cocaine, but you would have been unconscious for a period of minutes to 60 mins and a serious ache of the muscles in the hours and day after the seizure will tell you for sure. If injecting cocaine -and you are worried about seizures, listen to your body. Listen when it says -that is enough, that was too much, I shouldnt have any more coz I feel weak, faint, fragile etc. Be sure you eat reasonably well before any session and don’t lose to much sleep. Being forced by chemicals to stay awake is classic seizure territory. Good luck, but go easy. Coke will always be around so don’t rush it or stuff it down! Overdoses aren’t fun, theyre frightening!

    • daphne

       /  January 29, 2016

      Hi, yes with most of my seizures i stay conscious but i become confused and my brain just feels so strange & it wont do what i want it to do… eg. I was just starting to make myself a coffee & was determined to atleast get the coffee in the cup before sitting… the confusion started, i try my hardest to keep focus but i cant, then my right arm starts uncontrollably moving and shaking. I had the coffee on the teaspoon already & all I wanted to do was put it in the cup, but my hand kept taking it back to the coffee jar! It was like the wires in my brain were totally crossed. Anyway I didn’t sit down in time coz of the coffee thing so my whole body just lost strength & fell to the ground. I didn’t lose consciousness, and after i fall i immediately feel back to normal like nothing happened…. however recently my seizures have changed and now I very briefly lose consciousness, I’m talking like 1 to 3 seconds. I only know this because I never remember falling anymore. But as soon as I hit the ground I’m sure I wake up immediately.

    • jody

       /  February 22, 2016

      If this isnt a wake up call to u shooting it up. Well then suffer the consequenced when u have a big seizure and die. I cant believe how stupid ppl are

      • Tammy

         /  March 9, 2016

        Don’t you think that if people could help it they would stop? To non users it seems stupid and idiotic, that just means you are ignorant to addiction. So why are you even on here?

  80. James

     /  January 4, 2016

    Thank you. .

  81. Tara

     /  December 20, 2015

    I had a seizure on Halloween after going to a rave popping (what I thought was) mdma.. I haven’t been able to drive, drink or smoke weed since. Im wondering if alcohol & weed can cause another seizure? And how long will it take till I can drive again? Thanks for your help.

  82. shaun

     /  November 27, 2015

    Hi last night I think I may have smoked too much Crack and I was with a friend and he told me after I took my last hit I closed my eyes and passed out then started turning blue. At that point he got scared tried to wake me up and I was not responsive and he started giving me mouth to mouth to bring me back. He told me after that I started going into convulsions for 2-3 minutes. When I opened my eyes all I remember was I was so out of it and scared when I saw him I first didn’t recognize my friend and saw the dog barking at me and I got more frightened for a moment then he started calling me down. I was sweating like crazy and I never had a history of this happening however something similar has happend about 3 months ago and that was after using the same drug. I’m for sure done using now after this last incident and I’m happy to have had a good friend their with me to help me out.

    • Hi Shaun, that sounds scary -and it sounds exactly like you had a grand mal seizure. People often wake up confused and even hallucinate for minutes afterwards due to the area of the brain where a grand mal seizure is active (see article). It really can be very frightening -for you and of course for your friend witnessing. This is why its so important for friends to know what to do and be able to keep you calm, speak gently, hold you so you dont hurt yourself and make sure your breathing doesnt stop during it, which can happen -as it did in your case and your friend giving mouth to mouth certainly did the right thing. Yes -now its interesting that seizures often come in pairs -if they are a years away from happening, and then you get 2 in 3 months. What tyou need to be careful of now, is that now your seizure threshold has lowered, you need to ensure that if you do smoke crack in the future (and if you can stop well thats brilliant and the best option) -have a think about all the circumstances that surrounded those 2 crack induced seizures. Had the sessions been long ones? Did you inject instead of smoke? Was the gear strong both times? Had to been up for a few days? Had you not eaten all day either? Were you really tired and your smoking was fighting your natural instinct to sleep? etc etc. What I am saying is -the more you can identify similarities between occaisions, the better informed you will be to avoid getting yourself in that space; meaning -if you know you are going to smoke crack, make sure you have been sleeping well the night before, you have eaten properly in the hours beforehand, you havent taken any other stimulants, you keep your session a bit shorter etc etc. But also Shaun -if you can get to a doctor -it is advisable for someone who has their first and 2nd seizure becauise it could be related to something else. If you can get some bloods taken by a sympathetic doctor, maybe an MRI scan…? If worst comes to worst and you are really worried about the Drs reaction – dont mention you had crack, just tell them everything else about the event -leading up to it etc, and they can do all the tests -without making any assumptions first! If they dont find anything (and that means it was probably definately related directly to the crack) then all well and good -you know for sure what it was all about. Not ideal but it shouldnt detract from the resulting test results. Taker care of yourself -and write down those dates and events around your 2 fits so if they ever happen again -you have something to help you start making sense of it all. Good luck my friend, BP (we are NOT doctors though please remember)

    • Jim Beam

       /  December 29, 2015

      Dude..The same thing happened to me tonight. .Been banging H for 3-4 days straight. Haven’t been able to sleep. Which I think may have attributed. I ran into a different dealer today and this shit was fire. Thing is I really didn’t think of seizure till this girl I was talking to on thr phone suggested that. I woke after 20 minutes to what looked like a violent encounter man. I was by myself all my shit scattered everywhere. Cigarette Butts in the bed, I was soaked with sweat and I was kind of upside down in fetal position on my back
      Was it a seizure?? And I think I may be lucky to even be alive! Nobody was here to revive me. Scary shit man.

      • Hi Jim B, Just to add, it is kind of interesting in a way as we dont usually think of heroin as something that causes seizures but it can do -especicially if it is stronger than usual -the dropping of the blood pressure can be what does it, esp if you have the hit as soon as you wake up in the morning or, like you had said, perhaps if you hadnt been sleeping much and were overly tired and the blood pressure low. Also i think sometimes gear can be mixed with benzos and such like which can also cause seizures but thats usually if you are used to it and then stop using it. but they are putting the odd weird thing in gear these days which can cause a strange reaction or a toxic one. take good care -the best way to tell if you have had a fit versus just fainting is – if after about 6-12 hours after the suspected seizure -your bodies muscles are really sore like you have been for a huge run, then that means a seizure is likely. Confusion and unease for hours afterwards is also a key sign…Take care, BP

      • Jeffrey

         /  December 30, 2015

        Jim it does sound you had grand Mal seizure.the last time I had one was in April 20..out of all 4/20 give me a break lol.but when I woke up from that seizure I was pouring in sweat and didn’t know what happened.The doctors said it was a grand mal.me being on drugs and partying it’s not worth it bro.you Gatta find out who you really want to be.a guy on drugs Inc that kids father’s are ganna be hey son don’t be like that guy or be a mentor and help stop this stuff bro.j apologize for saying stuff like this.its a new year and fresh start.you be the judge jim.im only 26 and finally figured out my mess and what I wanna do bro.

  83. Ben

     /  November 16, 2015

    URGENT – So within the last month, I’ve done way too much mdma, and at first I thought I was fine, and I did a lot over the course of about three weeks, then I started experiencing weird pulses in my body. Nothing alarming, sort of just startled me, scrambled my thoughts. Tonight, it got a lot worse. My body freezes up, my ears ring, my thoughts disappear, it feels like I got zapped by a lightning bolt, and I see this weird white ball of what I associate with as static, then it stops. It only lasts a few seconds, but keeps happening, hardly ever standing up doing things, more sitting down, more when I try to sleep, more when I am laying down, and peaks when I’m laying down trying to sleep. Obviously I got scared as hell, tried asking people, but it’s late everyone is asleep, so I turned to google and stumbled upon simple partial seizures which is what I’m figuring is my problem, though I am no doctor, nor do I intend to see one, for obvious reason, unless it gets worse. Assuming I am having this issue, caused by drug abuse, and I what I’m assuming to be withdrawal since I haven’t done any for a while, do drug induced/drug withdrawal partial seizures ever stop? I tried googling that as well, with very little success only seeing one thing saying it should go away after some time has passed. Great article BTW, really wish I could sleep, if only I was certain I’d wake up. If I could fall asleep.

  84. jeff

     /  November 6, 2015

    I’ve wrote here before and talked to some very kind individuals who were either confused or just wanted to tell there story and see what others had to say ,or comment on there incident.Im not epileptic but I’ve had 6 seizures since February 1 of 2014.but before these seizures I was hopeless and didn’t understand life.i had certain things to survive in life but who doesn’t. ..I was under the radar 90% of the time.ive read some story’s and these story’s are very interested. I’ve heard of people having drug induced seizures like i like to assume I did and never got clean and focused and made it worse.its crazy to think back now I’ve only been clean for a year and 3 months but the best ever.ive had 1 seizure this year and that’s just with 5 hour energy drink and with my medicine but I didn’t fight anyone or go naked so it’s a good one 8 guess lol and I remembered this one wich made it weird if I was went naked lol..won’t say the first 2 times episodes now what happened. …I try to push positive feedback as much as I can to people who need it.the epilepsy Era seems to growing.the different types of foods,fast foods,types of females guys are with jk but seriously everyone reading this with some issue ,I hate the term count you’re blessings but look around you you don’t need to wake up in a hospital to realize how many people love you..keep that in mind.

  85. Wow I enjoy reading your articles, saved to favorites!

  86. I just lost my brother this month, October 2015. He had a history of alcohol and drug abuse. After several years of talking with his roommate who was a nurse, and the doctors that have treated my brother over the last 5 years, I believe his seizures were alcohol or drug induced. Meaning that he was either indulging or he was withdrawing from whatever substance he was using at the time. Please please, if there’s anyone reading this, if you have a substance abuse either of alcohol or any kind of drugs, please seek help. If your family won’t help you, go to a local church. Pray and ask God to help you, don’t give up. Don’t give in to these urges, these substances that grab hold of us and won’t let go. Please get help, because the next seizure could be your last, and your family and friends will have to endure the suffering of your loss.
    – signed, The Departed’s sister

  87. Rachel

     /  October 25, 2015

    I need to know what’s happened and I’m not sure if it was a seizure or what. My twin and her girlfriend went out last night for a birthday and celebrate and whatnot. They claimed to have had 2 drinks and bumped some Molly, once at 9:30, again at 12, and the last at 4:30 am. They came home at 8 am, and were resting in bed. Aside from their pupils being extremely dialated, they seemed hung over and fine. My twin was fine, drowsy but fine. Her girlfriend though stood up and lost her balance for 5 minutes and we held her up and placed her on the couch. After waiting a few minutes for her to regain her composure we helped her up and proceeded to move to the bathroom to have her take a shower. She didn’t want to move quite yet so she stood hanging her weight on my twin, the next thing we know her body stiffs and contracts, her hands balled into fists and her head when back. It lasted for 15 seconds and then she was ok. She says it happens from time to time when she goes out and parties. My twin freaking out and crying hysterically is scared, while I am concerned and angry that her girlfriend is down playing the situation. I gave her water, and a bowl of Cheerios without milk. And she’s laying on the couch for now. I’m scared to stand her up, in case it happens again. What happened to her? Can anyone please help me ASAP?

  88. This just happened to me I believe! please bear with me as I try to explain. I woke up feeling very odd after a few nights of mixing benzos with cocaine and expired opiates. I didnt think until now thats what caused it cause we had all done it many times with no issues. besides the recently added expired opiates. anyways, I mixed those for a few days and wind up having a seizure and have to be taken to the emergency room. Had to have been well past the “safe” 15 min mark but idk how fast they responded or drove so I’m unsure how long the seizure itself was. Were they pretty sure it was the drugs themselves? Ive never had one of these before either we were all very scared. I have had this strange sensation over my brain ever since and cant really stand. Im having all the symptoms. light sensitivity, weakness, muscle spasm, even auditory hallucinations. i have a neurology appointment this week so ill know more soon, just very curious as to what exactly happened. I am on the same path now my friend. scarred completely straight. This never something id recommend.

    So its been about 4 days since than now and i feel no better im unsure which steps to take. hope youre feeling better my friend. God Bless

    • jeff

       /  September 18, 2015

      The best advice I could give you is this.ive been addicted to pills and was drinking rather heavy with em mixing cocaine in the process as well for about 2 ,2 and half years.since Feb 1 of 2014 I started having seizures.ive had 6 of em I’m glad I can’t remember but there ganna haunt my wife’s memories for the rest of her life.im glad to say these seizures helped me get clean because life’s more precious than a pill that can not could will kill you bro…you’re story reminds me of me man I was so confused like wtf lol this is happening to me why me pick somebody else.but it’s you for a reason man a little preach,but here’s a some advice stay away from that and see if it happens again..it sucks to say that but have a clear mind and body so you function well and see what you’re doctor can see.

      • We just updated all our seizure info -take a look it might help shed a bit more light -hope your doing ok Jeff, BPx

    • Shawn

       /  September 22, 2015

      Hope you’re feeling better,bro…I just had my (2) seizure ever on September 3,2015.Very similar to my first one,exacept for one huge difference.. This time,I either fell,or hit my head while convulsing.Also,right before the seizure this time I remember this really intense sense of deja vu right before the seizure,so intense I remember hunching over and grabbing my stomach.SO hard to explain this deja vu feeling.Anyway,I awoke to blood EVERYWHERE..My clothes and the wall and table ect were all covered in blood.I didn’t know it at the the time,but I had a huge lacration on my scalp.SO huge that I needed 15 staples in my head to close the wound.They are out now and,the wound is healing.Like so many others,it is of my opinion that this was drug related.I’m legally prescribed all of these drugs,except the one that is legal to buy over the internet counter.That drug being Phenibut.I’ve been ” clean” from opiates for 3+ years on Suboxone,and have been on Klonopin,Xanax for many years.A few months ago my MD started to drastically cut down everyone’s ( patients) Klonopin.No weaning or anything.I’ve passed all drug tests,never missed an appointment ect,so I wasn’t sure why I was one of the pts being punished.So,I started to scour the web looking for a similar drug as Klonopin,that’s when I found and ordered Phenibut.It arrived in the mail and worked good,albeit not as good as Klonopin or any benzo for that matter-for me at least.

      Well,with Phenibut,you cannot take it everyday,you can take for 4-5 days then have to flush your system out as to not grow a dependence.Of course,I threw all caution to the wind and took them regularly ( pretty much) until I ran out and did not plan ahead to order more.Phenibut basically ” tickles” your GABA receptors,it is not a full on flood your GABA receptors like benzos,but still very effective.I remember both times I had the seizures ( almost a year apart to the day) that I had not taken my Suboxone those days.Sometimes at this point,I just forget to being extremely wrapped up in other things,and I know I will be fine until the next morning as Sub lasts a long time in ones system.I’d say there was a good 24+ that I didn’t take my Suboxone before this seizure occurred.It was also going on about 24 hours since running out of Phenibut ( at this point I hadn’t taken benzos in a few weeks).I know that medically and technically that Suboxone does not work on the same receptors as does benzos,Phenibut ect ( GABA drugs) BUT,every time if i ve run low on my Klonopin,Xanax ect and I take my Suboxone when I should twice daily,I’ve NEVER had a seizure and I’ve never suffered Benzo withdrawals.If I’m out of benzos and or Phenibut and do not take my Suboxone,both times I’ve suffered massive seizures.I’m no expert in this,and I don’t know how or why this works for me at least this way,but it does and it has..

      By the way,Iam in no way endorsing you to go buy Phenibut.Its actually an old Russian drug that there’s not alot known about here in the US.Plus,you will gain dependence within days to this stuff,and the withdrawal is worse or just as bad as benzos.It is NOT worth it.And,if stopped abruptly,like I did,you ” may” suffer a seizure.Everyone is different,but just sharing my side of things.Having a seizure is an experience I would not wish on anyone.The worst part for me ( besides the huge laceration on my scalp) is when I finally come to..I feel terrified,lost,confused,and its just the worst feeling ever that you cannot ever explain to someone who has never suffered this.Even worse,you could die from a seizure.That,alone,is reason enough for ALL of us to reassess our situations with putting this drugs in our system.Please!Be safe,everyone.Peace & Love
      Shawn https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phenibut

      • Hi again Shauan, thanks again for your really thoughtful comment -Id never heard of Phenibut -though we do know about Pregabalin here in UK, which seems to be from the same family. Its so irritating sometimes when heroin -or pharmaceutically prepared heroin has actually so few side effects compared to everything else out there -if only we could receive clean heroin from the chemist on prescription or something, we would all be a lot better off and would probably not seek out everything and anything else nearly as much. god damn drugs war! hope your feeling ok. We are updating a lot of the articles at the mo so stay tuned! In solidarity, BP

    • jeff

       /  October 13, 2015

      My cousin went through the same effect bro.when his body didn’t have certain drugs and it started to lower in his I’m assuming it induced a seizure.my cousin not here with us and everytime I see or hear a story like this bro,I try my best to give info because I don’t wanna see you’re family go through what my family did.he was only 26.smart kid had his life ahead of him,but these drugs took him.and seizures are nothing to fuck around with.he still did what he did.i didn’t judge I still loved him.but when I had my seizures and realizing wtf am I ganna do and I have a gf and family worried about me.my gf and family never knew I was doing pills and coke and drinking.me having these seizures helped in a weird way I tell people . because if they didn’t happen I’d probably be on them still.i gots to be on meds my whole life and I have bad anxiety now because of what happened but I’m learning to cope and deal.

  89. Tracey

     /  August 30, 2015

    My friend looked to be having a seizure. His arms and legs were convulsing eyes rolled back in his head and made weird noises when he came to he tried to get up and go but we held on to him bringing him back to were he originally he had no idea who I was. He kept saying it looks like me over and over again. Than I finally got him down on the couch and he started again but not as bad when the cops arrives they kept telling me I no what was wrong and it was a over dose not a seizure and how I no that it was. How could I no If I’ve never witnessed anyone OD and to me it looked like a seizure that I have witnessed before however the doc said it was a seizure but not sure from what yet. He had a high tempt and fast heart rate after. How am I suppose to no what happened when he came to my house around 830am and said he wasn’t going to work because he didn’t feel rt had a really bad headache (asked me for Tylenol that I gave him 2 of )and felt really sick and said he didn’t feel like walking to his house so i told him he could lay on my couch and rest that’s what he did all day than I left for 3hrs and came back to that. First of all why would I lie if it was a OD. I called for help for a reason and told them Everything I knew and how he’s had seizure before. What I thought was the best thing to do I was harassed bad by the female officer who even yelled at me because I was shocken up telling me I had to no something when I can swear to god I don’t no anything besides what he said to me in AM. I’m going to be extreamly upset with him if he had a sezuire from drugs because he knows how I feel about that but to be honest I think it maybe something else since he said Wednesday when i talked to him he didn’t feel good and had a bad headache. It continued into Saturday but just got worse . I wish I knew more

  90. Dan

     /  August 9, 2015

    Yesterday, August 7th, I endured a cocaine-induced Grand mal seizure. The last thing I remember before going rigid was coming over extremely hot, opening every door and window I could. Next thing I know I’m awakening with paramedics hovering over me. After a few minutes I was fully conciouss but with hardly any recollection of the events that took place. I was then told I went rigid standing up – as I was lowered to the floor the convulsions started and breathing difficulties along with a bitten lip and frothing of the mouth. After being taken to the hospital I was informed that the seizure was brought on by overdose. The scariest part was asking the emergency team ‘am I going to die’ because at that point I thought it was the end. So a day later and my muscles are aching like hell, but due to this experience I will never be taking any form of drugs again. The seizure lasted all but 15 mins but has changed me for life. Feel free to ask any questions.

  91. today in merathon my memory was lost and few min after my all body is jarking and till it 30 min .after medical help my memory is come short and after 1 hour it fully back.but my head is now paining .

  92. lisa

     /  June 19, 2015

    I had a seizure this Saturday. I was smoking crack before it happened. I didn’t stay at the emergency because I was very scared of them finding out. I’m just wondering why did I have the seizure and try to pick myself back up.. My friend wotnessed the whole thing… I cannot remember much at all but he said i was Running outside falling really hurting myself… I’m curious to know why that occurs.

    • Hi Lisa, hope you are well -we have just updated our seizure page so you might want to check back. We are also going through our articles and updating many of them and adding some more. Stay tuned! BPx

  93. Jesse Legg

     /  May 7, 2015

    I had a Grand mal seizure from legal highs(SPICE) which was one of the most scariest things in my life. My friends never knew what was happening so they tried to stop me from swallowing my tongue which we all know is not the best idea, but this is not there fault as they were not aware. I just want to know is it normal to experience severe back pains after this because of it is antagonising and want it to stop.

    • Dear Jesse. God, yes it is frightening – for you and those who care about you. People do sadley do the wrong thing of trying not to let you swallow your tongue -try and gently inform them -any of you mates with whom you all use together etc, that everyone – yes everyone – has a ‘seizure threshold’ and it can depend on many things what could just push you over one time and not another. But its almost always when youve been pushing your body further than your gut instinct tells you you should go. Its ok to say, “no thanks, Im gonna ride this wave longer.” But it can also be a ‘First Time’ with a substance. Your body gets a shock and wasnt prepared coz it was a new experience for the brain.
      To be honest, we dont much like this ‘spice’ and similar types of research chemicals etc. Again it is about doing your homework and sourcing sourcing and sourcing your dealers. Can you really trust who is at the other end of the exchange? BP is going to put on some harm reduction advice for spice shortly, so stay tuned. there are things you can do to be a bitmore careful. Firstly – dont bong it. Asking for trouble. There really has been some fucked up reactions to this drug and types of fits Ive never seen the likes of in 30 years of using drugs. That tells me something else we dont knowabout is going on in the brain and fucking with our neurotransmitters. If your under 25 – you need to be esp protective of your brain chemistry. But re your question – your back, muscles etc should normally only hurt for a day or so after your seizure- like youve been in the gym for the biggest workout in your life – if itstill hurts after that then you have done something to your back – pulled a muscle, ligament, bruised something etc. If you cant go an see your doc (you dont have to tellthem what happened, just say you stretched really weirdly one morning, or you had sex and…something that would fit the injury (dont say something to ‘out there’) or an osteopath or physiotherapist and see. Sometimes a hot bath and a gentle- i said gentle – massage all over by someone who has a bit of knowledge etc. Otherwise, maybe you could go to a gym and nosy up to a gym dude / dudette and ask them what gentle movement would they recommend coz you hurt your back etc. But i can assure you – it will be damage done to the back from the extreme clenching of bodily muscles etc.Please take care with the spice – best to stick to normal marijuana and maybe a few mushrooms now and again. And never let your mates push you harder than you really want to go.thats just not cool. Have a look on Spice Overdoses on you tube and see what I mean…good luck Jesse BPx

  94. Cassandra

     /  April 17, 2015

    I had a seizure after popping to much E. I’m just wondering if I happen to pop again whether I’ll be more likely to have another seizure?

  95. Rudy

     /  March 26, 2015

    I just had a Heroin seizure yesterday with my friends in a car, I have been addicted to H for 6 years but the last three of them I have been clean and just recently relapsed after 2 major operations. It took a min. For the seizure to happen and my friend said I had 4 in a row with foam and turning blue she had seen me have one before not this bad and I came out of it fast, but this one she said I just kept having them and she had to breath for me acouple times, they ended up calling the ambulance and getting me to the ER where they did not narcan me thank god, it was weird I woke up and felt weird but I would have never known, I’m little sore today and confused feeling but would seriously never know. I’m putting the drugs down again way to close for me, my crazy addict brain keeps saying it wasn’t that bad but my friends face told me different.

  96. Phil

     /  February 7, 2015

    I had a Crack Cocaine Induced seizure 6 days ago now. I did one last pipe and it was a big one right before bed, I remember putting it down and laying on my pillow, The next thing I know My partner is stroking my forehead comforting me saying Its ok! Do you know what just happened to which I replied, Where am I and I have no idea, She said you just woke me up having a fit, you were rigid and shaking the whole bed and foaming at the mouth, It lasted about 6-7 mins she said and she was talking calmly the whole time, I was confused for a few days and Did not drink or touch drugs for few days, I certainly will think again before doing anything stupid again. Not a nice feeling at all

  97. It was interesting. Thank you for sharing.

  98. Nick

     /  January 7, 2015

    Hi I am doing research and I would like to know what seizures are like for people who sniff cocaine? how much cocaine has to be used in order for a seizure to occur? how long does it last? and what should you do if your a friend who has witnessed this seizure what can you do to help?

    • Wow Nick, this is terrific, I will email you directly because this is research that needs to be done! Good on you! Erin

      • Nick

         /  January 10, 2015

        Wow Thank you so much, I am looking forward to this email and learning more about cocaine and the effects it had on the body.

    • Paris

       /  March 26, 2015

      Hey im Paris, I’ve been using drugs since I was 12. I started experimenting with weed shrooms k2 and planks here and there. When I hit 15 almost about to turn 16 I started using meth. When I would use it mainly would be smoking and I have had injected it a few times..
      I kept getting sent to the Juvenile here in TX not bc of possession but being blowed out of my mind and getting caught doing other things. I ended up going in and out of a few rehabs in TX but right when I got out my last time in Oct. I started using again about to be 19… I hit up this guy I had never bought from. Lied and made up a story told him I’d pay him back. He stopped at my place I got it and went back inside. There was about 3 boulder size pieces of ice.. anyways, I smoked about 2 and in the middle of just about ready to take another hit. I had my phone in my hand and the pipe, just had enough time to set the pipe down when I felt this extremely intense head rush in the back of my head ..I lost control of my body and chunked my phone on the ground. While my hands shook my knees felt like noodles, luckily there was a glass of a little bit of water left from earlier. I forced myself to drink it and ran to the restroom right next to my room and drank some water out my sink. I felt better as I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror. Ignored it and went back to smoking.
      Now I have moved in with my fiancé a couple months ago, he works long hours and its usually from 10 @ night to 7 in the morning… I am extremely paranoid then I have ever been. Bc I always be thinking there’s someone watching me , or in the house. ex: when I take a shower I always have to peak my head out the shower curtain bc I think someone is in there..
      Please HELP !! I feel like I might be having early signs of schizophrenia… Or am I just extremely paranoid?
      Note: I have been diagnosed with depression and severe anxiety

      • Hey Paris (from Texas! Great Name by the way!). Im in a bit of a rush – but will try and answer 2 points. A full grand mal seizure – if you have one – you will not be able to remember anything at all during it – only , maybe, feeling weird first, then waking up on the floor or something, sleeping a load afterwards, for hours, then the next day or later that day, feeling your muscles ache like you have been on a five mile jog. Otherwise it seems like you might have been close to having one. It certainly seems like it was too much for your body to handle. But it dosent sound like it was a seizure, so thats a relief. You didnt mention if you are still smoking now you have moved in with your fiance? If you arent smoking then it does sound like some mental health issue is going on. Are you on meds for your depression or anxiety? extreme anxiety will do that – make you very paranoid (schizophrenia is quite different, you usually other voices in your head telling you lots of things, like the tv or the people in the street – check it out online) it dosent sound like that is it from what you have said but it does sound like you may need to go back to the person who diagnosed you or a similar health professional. You may needs some anti anxiety meds if you are not on them already. They can be helpful when you feel like things are escalating in your head and they dont have to be big heavy meds, there are some good anti anxiety meds out there these days that can really help get you over those kinda periods. BUT if you are still smoking meth (it mixes badly with antidepressants so would help if you told the dr whether you still use occaisionally or not – if you possibly can, before they prescribed for you). Crack dosent seem to be as bad with anti depressents and anti anxiety meds – but DO CHECK interactions online first. good luck Paris BP x

    • chris s

       /  June 13, 2015

      My girlfriend just had a seizure from shooting coke. It was dark in the truck and we didn’t realize she had as much as she did in the cooker. she did the shot and I did mine and sat back looking in the rearview I went to look over at her and she just started convulsing like crazy. I was trying to wake her out of it as I started the truck to get help, the whole while she was frothing at the mouth and next thing you know she went completely limp and slumped over. I thought she had a heart attack and died. I phone 911 and when they were pulling up behind me I got out of the truck and she had come to, with this possesed look in her eyes then she locked me out and kept saying get in they are going to get us. After she was released from the hospital I asked her what she remembered and she told me doing the shot and then she thought we were getting robbed, she had no memory of seizing at all . The craziest part was that she cleaned her rig and was able to put everything away before it all happened. I do believe weight plays a role in tolerance to overdose and having seizures. The doctor said that she is more likely to have them now in the future because of the use of the coke.

      • chris s

         /  June 13, 2015

        Just to add one thing be careful anyone who is using coke I.V. I had been doing the same batch for a few days and I went to do the same amount, it was in a clump, (Always bust it into powder first clumps can be deceiving), and I went into this what i would call pre seizure/ o.d. I had no vision and my heart felt like it was going to explode, I started to get what I call 20/20 hearing where everything gets amplified and then it cut out, my girlfriend was yelling to me from the back seat and i couldn’t see or hear her. This is no joke. My friend always throws up from it no matter the amount and i was reading that that could be a sign of overdose but i always get blurry vision and feel like my heart is going to explode out of my chest. If your used to sniffing cocaine and you decide you want to shoot it DO NOT think your going to do the same size line in a shot or you will not have an opportunity to do it ever again you will fall out and die. I’ve lost a lot of friends from cocaine overdoses and they were all pretty much the same, they went to do the size of a good line in a shot and had a massive heart attack. with all this being said i am no longer shooting coke, lifes to great to loose for the 2 second rush you get from it followed by the worrying wether your going to pull through or not

  99. Anne

     /  November 22, 2014

    So i was diagnosed with epilepsy back in 2001 and have been treated by the best of the best doctors in Singapore and have been declared as free from epilepsy 99^. I’ve Had only 3 fits in my life, that too back then. I’m planning on taking Ecstasy (Yellow Martini) on my birthday with some friends at a resort/island. And i’m worried simply because i tend to overthink and read into things and have seen so much about epilepsy and MDMA. And since i dont exactly have it anymore, do you think it would be safe to use half a pill? Reply asap as my birthday is in 5 days

  100. I had a seizure and I think it was from use of synthetic pot due to it happening after rite after use and I remember feeling weird before on prior times but long story short I do not and will not do any type of drug again in my life and its been a threes month sense the day I quit and had that one seizure will I have another please help

  101. madison

     /  September 26, 2014

    I am 20. I was addicted to Percocet for 2 years before finally making the terrible to switch to injecting heroin. about 5 days ago I was sitting on my sofa, cell phone in one hand and a cig in another when suddenly I jerked back, my phone flew out of my hand and I began jerking. I had no control and although my eyes were open I couldn’t see. about 20 seconds later I came to and sat up. for a few moments I had no idea what happened, I felt confused and scared. then I realized what happened. I brushed it off and tried not to think about it. 2 days later I used quite a bit in a matter of id say 6 hours. I was still very high when a friend offered me a shot. everything in my body told me not to use it, but being the drug addict that I am I decided to push the limit. immediately after injecting I felt a euphoria and a panic. I knew what was going to happen. I could instantly feel my heart began to race. I sat down on my friends bed and I could feel myself fighting off a seizure. I seized briefly. came to, panicked, flew back seized again. this happened on and off for about 25 min. each time I felt them coming but couldn’t do anything to stop it. they were brief but intense. I finally managed to calm down and slowed my heart rate. I told myself I was done, but found myself the very next day using. I took it slow this time sure to not over do it. I didn’t seize. however just now, after using a decent amount. I instantly felt the same aura, my left hand began tingly, and very bright red. I felt my heart rate increase rapidly. however this time, I felt I had a better sense of what was happening. I managed to tell myself everything was ok. I slowed my heart rate and although my brain still feels vulnerable to a seizure I have not yet had one. I realized that all 3 times, including now, the heroin was all from the same person. I guess my question is, now realizing that your mental state leading right up to having the seizure has a very big impact on whether or not you even have one, do you think I need to seek medical attention? I cannot lie, although I feel I have a better sense of my “triggers” it still terrifies the hell out of me considering even though I know the dope is doing this, I still continue to use the dope. also I want to mention before having the longer lasting more intense seizures, since starting to experiment with drugs I noticed sometimes I would twitch in the middle of speaking, and while I thought they were noticeable, considering they would stop me dead in the middle of my sentence, no one else could notice what just happened to me. is this something I should talk to a doctor about or should I just avoid that dealer and hope for the best? and also remember to remain calm and most importantly AVOID thinking about having a seizure right before I think one is about to happen. sorry for the lengthily comment. any feedback would be GREATLY appreciated. thank you.


  102. Janelle

     /  August 6, 2014

    Well, here’s the ultimate story/question I had for you…I have never had history of seizures ever, and I have done my fair share of drugs. I had never tried crystal meth before and was put in a situation where the opportunity arose and I said yes. The “one line” a friend and I were offered turned into a 3 day tweak binge. It started on a Sunday afternoon with some cocaine, and deciding to go get more found all the dealer had was meth. My friend and I stayed up sun, Mon, and Tues with no sleep and no food. So today, Tuesday morning rolls around and we do a line around 6am. Around 7 am I got up off the couch for what I thought was too quickly and went to get some water. That was the last thing I remember before coming to my friend holding my arm asking if i knew what had happened. I thought it was just the results of not sleeping or eating for 3 days. About 30 minutes later, I came to on the kitchen floor, and my friend saying I really needed to force myself to eat and drink some water. Thinking these incidents were not involved with the meth, we finished our last line around 9 am and called it a day, as we were ready to lounge and relax. Around 3 pm that same afternoon (I was now sober) i got up from the couch and had the most intense headrush ever. I immediately had tunnel vision, my ears seemed as tho they were plugged and my face and arms felt prickly. I carried on with my day, and when I got home that evening at 6pm, I napped on the couch shortly for about 30 mins. When I got up, I went to get a glass of water. Thankfully my boyfriend was in the kitchen at the time because when I came to my boyfriend had his arms wrapped around me and I immediately started crying. I told him it was probably from lack of sleep, and he quickly helped me up, only to be in the same situation again, only 6 ft away. Now I was concerned as I had forced myself a full meal and what I thought was plenty of water. But now, here I am at 12am, Asking your advice. As I read in your replies, stimulants such as meth, can really trigger seizures. This was my first time in crystal meth, and we did quite a bit of it. Snorting most and ingesting a few times. My question to you is, do you think I overdosed and that’s how I caused the seizures? Or, as you’ve also stated, the fact that I hadn’t eaten or slept in a few days was the culprit? I have Googled everything I could on info, however I am still unclear on how one gets to be convulsing. Did I od? Was I allergic to something? Or was this about something completely different? Thank you!

  103. Janelle

     /  August 6, 2014

    Hey there! So I have been in and out of drugs since I was 16 years old. I am now 23, and up until now I have never had a seizure before. My good ol trail takes me back to popping a few percocets my older sis gave me when I was 16. I loved the feeling of not caring for once, so I continued taking opiates without knowing there was a risk for addiction. When I first withdrew I told myself I would never go through that again! Just how did I think that was worth it?! Haha. Well one Friday night, in our boring small town, a friend of mine and I met at the local starbucks. I noticed she was extremely talkative which was unlike her and asked what was up. That’s when she introduced me to the White Girl. From then on i dabbled in coke here and there, for about a year and a half, trying my best to avoid becoming addicted to something again. That’s when I got my wisdom teeth out, along with a trusty sidekick of norcos. So let’s be real and say I took all 30 within 2 days. I was in pain so went back to my doc and said it had been stolen, and what do ya know, they filled me a new 30 tab Norco script. I found myself getting in over my head this time. Not having the money to pay back fronts, faking injuries at different doctor offices, and ultimately I am ashamed to say I stole from my family, which put my relationship with them on the rocks. I stuck with good ol opiates for 5 whole years. I cannot believe all the nice things I could own if i never bought all those pills

  104. Holly

     /  June 21, 2014

    Hi there,
    I am 25yrs old and was diagnosed with petit mal when I was 11. I was put on medication until I was 16, when I stopped taking it and was able to get my license, where I was told I had grown out of it.
    When I was 20 I saw a neurologist to get an EEG to confirm I was safe to get my full license.
    Up until now I haven’t had a seizure or problem and have partaken in recreational drug use, including ecstasy, alcohol and amphetamines. I usually drink twice a week, smoke marijuana regularly and would take 1-3 caps or pills every second weekend. On occasion I would also continue partying through the night and skip sleep on a Saturday.

    Now it’s been 9years since I have had medication with no problems..

    Until last week when I had been drinking and taking drugs every couple of days over a 3 week period due to holidays. I thought I was fine considering my previous history in taking these types of drugs with no seizures

    Over a weekend of taking mdma, smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol (skipping sleep and food from Tuesday to Wednesday) I had a seizure followed by another seizure and was taken to hospital. Here I had another seizure while the drugs would still have been in my body.

    I have realised this is a wake up call and have decided to be more sensible and not party as hard or take as many drugs. In saying this I do not want to stop drinking and occasionally taking a small amount of drugs with friends (although the days of staying up for 2 nights is over)

    Doctors advise to never take drugs again and only drink in moderation. As I have never had a problem with drinking or taking drugs, I want to know if this was due to my petit mal when I was younger or it is likely my seizures were caused from too much drugs, no sleep and dehydration? And if so is drinking a couple of times a week still safe?

    I also enjoy smoking a joint with my boyfriend after work or before a movie, is marijuana likely to cause a seizure?
    if I attend a festival with my friends would taking 1e tablet or small amount of speed cause another seizure?
    I’m confused because now I’m told not to drink or do any drugs when I have been partying for awhile with no seizures (and I admit I was dumb and took too much this 1 time)

    Thanks in advance for your help and advice.

    • Hi Holly. The relationship between drug use and health problems like epilepsy is complex, and depends upon the type of epilepsy, frequency and scale of fits, and other health problems. Regarding drugs, many of them can increase the risks of fits under certain conditions, but moderate use of cannabis, alcohol or depressant drugs (eg. opioids, benzodiazepines) has a far lower risk compared with use of stimulants like amphetamine, cocaine and ecstasy (MDMA). Regarding fits and seizures: frequency of use, amounts used and methods of use are also relevant consumption factors, and use of several drugs together can also be very risky. You also need to remember that illicit drugs are typically adulterated, and so you do not always know what substances you have consumed (eg. the legal stimulant caffeine is a common adulterant in powdered drugs). And given the huge range and variable risks of ‘legal highs’, these drugs are best avoided altogether by people who have seizures.
      In short, the only way to avoid increasing the frequency/scale of seizures and fits is not to use any psychoactive drugs at all – though stimulants are the drugs to be particularly avoided, especially regular or heavy stimulant use. Some people believe that moderate use of cannabis or alcohol helps control the number and extent of their seizures, but there’s no hard evidence of this, and individual differences are very apparent. You should also check the information provided with your prescribed medicines, to see if it gives warnings about avoiding particular types of drug.
      Last, but by no means least, seizures can also be worsened by indirect drug-related things, notably – especially when stimulants are used – not eating properly, not sleeping enough, and over-exerting yourself (eg. dancing too long). So, if drugs are used, it’s even more important to look after yourself while you are under their influence (i.e. drinking, eating and sleeping normally, as much as possible). Take it easy!
      Answered by: Dr Nuke

  105. Deemster_Diva

     /  June 19, 2014

    I had a drug induced seizure over New Years Eve 2011-2012. I’d never had a seizure before, nothing even close. Never even fainted. Despite copious amounts of GHB, I had been up for four days straight, which honestly wasn’t all that usual for me back then since I was addicted to meth. But I was going even bigger and harder than normal since I was on vacation in NY for a week. LSD, 2c-e, cocaine, crack, ecstasy, benzo’s, you name it. And right before I was about to do a line of coke, I felt like, electricity pulses through my body and had small uncontrolled muscle spasms. But despite the itching feeling in the back of my mind that said “something isn’t right. This isn’t a good idea.” I did the line of coke anyway… and it was a massive line of coke. Cut especially for me since they knew I liked to go big or go home. I did the line and immediately knew something was really wrong. I was able to walk over to the bed where my boyfriend was in the hotel room and say “Something’s not right.” and collapsed. My next memory was waking up in the bed with all the people in the room standing over me debating calling 911. It was terrifying coming out of. I was fine after, but definitely a scary experience in the moment, being that it was completely new to me, and I’ve been partying like that for approaching two decades. I was glad I was able to make it over to my bf and he caught me and placed me on the bed while it was happening. So I avoided any bodily injury.

    • Paris

       /  March 26, 2015

      Hey im Paris, I’ve been using drugs since I was 12. I started experimenting with weed shrooms k2 and planks here and there. When I hit 15 almost about to turn 16 I started using meth. When I would use it mainly would be smoking and I have had injected it a few times..
      I kept getting sent to the Juvenile here in TX not bc of possession but being blowed out of my mind and getting caught doing other things. I ended up going in and out of a few rehabs in TX but right when I got out my last time in Oct. I started using again about to be 19… I hit up this guy I had never bought from. Lied and made up a story told him I’d pay him back. He stopped at my place I got it and went back inside. There was about 3 boulder size pieces of ice.. anyways, I smoked about 2 and in the middle of just about ready to take another hit. I had my phone in my hand and the pipe, just had enough time to set the pipe down when I felt this extremely intense head rush in the back of my head ..I lost control of my body and chunked my phone on the ground. While my hands shook my knees felt like noodles, luckily there was a glass of a little bit of water left from earlier. I forced myself to drink it and ran to the restroom right next to my room and drank some water out my sink. I felt better as I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror. Ignored it and went back to smoking.
      Now I have moved in with my fiancé a couple months ago, he works long hours and its usually from 10 @ night to 7 in the morning… I am extremely paranoid then I have ever been. Bc I always be thinking there’s someone watching me , or in the house. ex: when I take a shower I always have to peak my head out the shower curtain bc I think someone is in there..
      Please HELP !! I feel like I might be having early signs of schizophrenia… Or am I just extremely paranoid?
      Note: I have been diagnosed with depression and severe anxiety

  106. Sajid

     /  June 18, 2014

    I am sajid from india. I am a student and my age is 21+. In my family background no one ever had the seizures/epilepsy. But I often had since 2012 due to taking medicinal drugs (cough syrups). But even after that incidence I continued to keep my dosage. And till the day I had experienced 6-7 attacks of fits. The last one was the previous week. Now I have realized that I am lucky till now to survive after 6-7 attacts. I understood the importance of life. I know how precious is the life. Now I dont want to live the life that I have been living last 2 years. I now want to live a healthy life and want to give all of my life to my parents who gave me such beautiful gift of life. Please guide me to live a healthy life in future. I also want to know that now I have quitted the intake of drugs. Is there any chance even after this to be attacked by fits. Is fits in my situation curable. Please inform me every little information related to this. I dont want to lose my life at this very beginning. I want to live more years. Please help me please!

    • Hi Sajid. It sounds to me like you have decided to stop using drugs, and want help and support to remain abstinent. You should ask your closest friends/relatives to help you stay clear of drugs, or if you have a local drug/health agency, contact them and see what help they can offer you. There are also many online forums and other sites for ex-users of drugs – google terms like ‘recovery’ and ‘drug advice’, and try out some sites until you find one that suits you.
      Also, from what you say, it’s not clear that drugs are involved in your seizures, though they could be one of the causes. Did anything else in your lifestyle or life change in the weeks or months before your seizures started? If you think carefully about your recent and present life, you may be able to identify other things which could have triggered your seizures (eg. greater exposure to flashing lights, over-use of computers). Especially if you stop taking drugs, and/or get medical help, it’s quite possible that your seizures will reduce in frequency or intensity, or even stop altogether – so don’t lose hope!
      Remember though its always really important to get a dr to clear whether it was just drug related and not something else underlying, such as epilepsy or a hundred other things.
      If ur scared to mention the drugs to the dr then don’t, just say you have been fitting when you’ve been pushing yourself or stay as close to the truth as possible. The bottom line is a scan is needed if you are getting seizures frequently.
      Answered by: Dr Nuke

  107. Sara

     /  June 16, 2014

    I have these seizure feeling thisngs in my sleep as I’m falling asleep sometimes and when it happens its when I have been drinking for days or when I have abused a drug or if I’m just stressed bad..I can’t pin point it to anything in particular. It has happened even when I’m not doing any of those things what can I do when it happens? Because I’ll force myself awake and I’m scared to fall asleep..

    • Hi Sara. It’s always best to get medical help if you are having seizures, particularly if they are frequent, and if they lead to injuries or accidents. There are many medications which can reduce the frequency and intensity of seizures. If you feel a seizure coming on, you should tell the friends/relatives you are with, so that they can look after you. You should also try to lay down on a soft surface, like a large bed or carpeted floor; if you are wearing a tie or collar, loosen them; and remove anything in your mouth, such as dentures or chewing gum. Avoiding drugs is also a good idea – particularly stimulant drugs like amphetamines, cocaine and ecstasy (MDMA). Good luck.
      Answered by: Dr Nuke

  108. George

     /  June 1, 2014

    Hi im 23 and going through a benzo withdrawl ( consumed benzos for about three months) started with clonazepam and then they switched me to diazepam mixed with sulpiride,which I have snorted on occasions( stupid I know). It’s been a month since my last benzo, its been a cold turkey withdrawl, due to money issues. I’m very afraid of the consequences this may bring as I’m told this could induce a seizure. I took a SSRI (Paxil) to see if it would help a little with this hell that is the benzo withdrawl but it made it worse, that same day I took the SSRI I had an odd experience where a friend came over to my place and we started talking, he noticed I was very quiet and asked me if something was wrong, I said yes but it was far from the truth. I can’t describe it very well but the sensation was odd and I had this weird taste all of sudden in my mouth, and I started to panic, I had a glass of water in my hand and when I sat it on the table i noticed that my arm moved in a very peculiar way almost robotic in its movement, not natural at all, I felt dissociated almost. I spaced out completely. I never lost consciousness but could no longer keep up with what my friend was saying, I would try to keep the conversation going so he wouldn’t notice, but I would slur a little which made me panic even more and decided just to shut up and not say anything not that I really could if I wanted to. Then I “came back” because I heard his voice but from a different direction, don’t know if I’m making much sense. Say he is on my left side and I heard him from the right side, very odd. I felt a very strong euphoria in my body almost like a roll with E but not pleasant at all. Like an aura around my body pulsing, as if someone was pulling me from various points of my body and my head felt like it was going to explode with all the tension. I thought it was a very strong panic attack, which I have very often and I know how bad they can get and I have experienced some dissociation and spacing out when I panic, but this was different. It was a very terrifying experience and I really thought I was dying. I have experienced hallucinations in this withdrawl (door frames seem to move, and sometimes I can’t pin point where a sound is coming from) they have stopped now, but the increased anxiety, muscle pains, headaches etc keep going. I know it’s the benzo but still I’m afraid for my health don’t know if I should bring it up with my Doctor, because I know it will just be more benzos and they seem to do more harm than good… Could have this been a seizure?

  109. Marla

     /  May 31, 2014

    Hi i’m currently into my seizure experience, and I just am trying to understand everything while being very very afraid of the worst. Yet i’m starting to understand that it’s my abuse of benzos that may have caused this. Let me start from the beginning and if i’m not making sense i’m sorry..i ramble

    I was introduced to xanex when I was around 22 years old by some friends, and because of my issues with anxiety I thought it was the best thing in the world. I started drinking and taking it while partying. Not even thinking about the amount I was doing because it felt so amazing to be on the benzos. I got into more drugs during that time as well. opiates which I never really took a liking too because the effect wasn’t the effect that the benzos gave me. They gave me the feeling of not giving a fuck which I enjoyed so much because I was always thinking about what everyone thought of me. Then I took MDMA on a few occasions. I would say I had around 4-5 experiences at the most with that. Only did coke like two time…i wasn’t an upper girl. I was a downer chick. So never got into other forms of speed and really disliked the feeling coke gave me. I never tried heroin because I was afraid of it being too good, and i didn’t want to take the risk. Well my love of benzos kind of got out of control. With the abusive relationship I used them to not feel like stuff was happening. Even then tho it was me having to take them when I got my hands on them, but then I found a doctor that gave me whatever I wanted. So I had a monthly prescription to benzos.

    I was almost 25 and the addiction and love of the pills wasn’t going anywhere. I then broke up with that boyfriend, but continued to get my prescription. Then I had a bit of a break down when I all of a sudden had to stop due to switching doctors. I went off in the doctors office, and he pretty much stopped me cold turkey on the benzos. He also got in contact with my doctor (Per my irrational request) and that doctor said that I didn’t need to continue taking them. I went home stressed and upset and then my break down started. My father passed away and I ended up telling my then mentally abusive boyfriend that I wanted to kill myself. I was put into the mental hospital, and I was very open about my addiction.They of course told me that it wouldn’t be a good idea for my to continue on those drugs, and I was released. Then I found another doctor (Gotta love Florida) who gave me a prescription of Koladapen (sorry for the spelling), and xanex cr. Which kind of helped, but I ended up losing my job due to not going to it, and insurance ran out.

    Broke up with that boyfriend when I was 26 and early part of that year I used my last prescription of koladapen. I was feeling fine and meet my current boyfriend. Who is such a support through all this. After we got together tho my 15 year old sister passed away. Which was one of the biggest blows to me that I have ever felt. I ended up going to the doctor after she passed, and that doctor didn’t know anything about my history. They prescribed my adivan for a few months, and I didn’t return to the doctor because I didn’t insurance. Also because I wanted to feel my sister’s death. I didn’t want to make it go away like I would do with the drugs. I got intense agoraphobia after this, and my panic attacks went to a place they had never been in my life. I was very paranoid, and extremely stressed. Now fast forward to 32 year old me. Still off of everything, but barely wanting to leave the house. Then my father in law’s new girlfriend came in town with loratab and valiums. She was very giving of these, and I started taking them off and on for the next year. drinking with them. Mixing them together. just a mess of abuse. Then when she found out that she was out of them until her insurance kicked in for the new state she was living in. I wasn’t able to get them anymore.

    33 year old me and I have my first seizure. Now I had never had any seizures before this. I had light tremors when detoxing but never seizures. My boyfriend was the witness to these and he said what happened was like a grand mal. I blacked out, so i have no idea what happened. I just rememeber waking up and confused. He took me to the er. I was a mess and confused as to what happened. Now also before this seizure happened I was going through extremely business stress. The night before we had an extreme fight with someone with this business and i was running on low sleep. Bad eating habits. also my weight had went up really high. I had the seizure while I was sleep. It woke my boyfriend up. Lucky he didn’t put anything in my mouth or anything like that. I had blood work and it showed my iron was low. I was also dehydrated extremely. I had a ct scan which came out a little blurry but for the most part showed nothing. So I told the ER about my stress and panic issues. They gave me blood pressure medicine because that was high and I’m at risk for high blood pressure due to weight. They also gave me adtivan. Then I had to do a follow up appointment 30 days later, which was needed cause my meds was running low. That doctor gave me xanex and warned me of an addiction. I didn’t say anything because I still didn’t know what was going on. They also didn’t continue me on blood pressure meds because it was doing well, but that kind of freaked me out. I still didn’t know why I had the seizure, and I thought if I ran out I would have another one. I abused my xanex drinking with it trying to make myself calm, and when it was running low. I decided it would make more sense for me to get a weed card. I thought the weed would help my blood pressure. .I got my weed card, and my xanex was done. The weed helped my nerves a lot, but the stress going on with the business was still very much present. I would smoke the weed and I would be chill. Yet on the 23 of november I had another seizure. This is with no medicine except for the weed. I was in a high stress situation and in the car. We opted not to go to the er right away. We wanted to see if it would happen again. Basically I thought I was just epiletic, and that’s why it keeps happening. Then when I was talking to my mom on the phone, and we started fighting. I had another one while on the phone with her fighting. So I went to the hospital.Told them the situation. The doctor told me that the weed more than likely made it worse, and he put me on dilantin. He wasn’t very helpful at all, and seemed like he was trying to get me out of his office. Again they knew about the weed, but knew nothing about my drug abuse history. They just knew about the benzo’s I was prescribed in the past few months. Not that I was abusing benzo’s hard for the last year. I was afraid, and I still am. Because I started wondering why this happened out of the blue. Because I thought if it was from the benzo’s someone would have said something. Now they knew I had taken benzo’s in the passed for my anixities…but they didn’t know how I was taking them. I went to a neuro doctor, and they wanted another ct scan that wasn’t blurry. She said that the CT scan looked ok, but it was a little blurry. So she wanted a better look. Now this was with temp insurance, and it went away before I could schedule the CT scan. Also I ran out of dialantin. Which I was like oh well. I gotta see what happens while i’m waiting for insurance. Then a little over a month later. 23rd of jan I had another 2 seizures. I went to the er, and they set me up with dilantin again. They didn’t set up an appointment or anything like that.

    They basically gave me enough to try to last me until I got insurance. So now I have insurance, and I just started the early part of the test. Which is my blood levels was taken again. The pattern I noticed with these attacks is that they happen around the time of my period, and again they happened when I had no benzo at all in my system or dilantin. I’m extremely scared, because I’m afraid i’m dying or i’m going to die from the seizure. I plan on being totally open with my doctor when I get my lab results. Letting him know my full history. I’m also waiting for my referral to a neuro doctor, and I also plan on letting them know everything I’m going through. I guess I’m typing this to share my story with you. I’m afraid, but today actually is where I kind of had an Aha Moment. That I started thinking about all my past drug use, and how right after I was done with a year of abusing. That this happened. That has given me a little peace of mind, but i’m still scared. I just hope it’s something I’m able to fix. I plan on doing everything I can to lead a healthy lifestyle from now one. My main concern is that i’m going to die, and will the seizures continue for the rest of my life. Since they started.

    • Yog

       /  July 3, 2014

      I read your whole story, and you are incredibly strong. I applaud you. That’s a lot to deal with. It’s completely normal to be scared after a seizure and your fears are valid. Luckily, I don’t think it’s possible to actually die FROM a seizure. Seizure-related deaths occur because the person having the seizure had hit their head on a surface HARD, or are in an otherwise dangerous situation. Seizure-related deaths aren’t that common though. My best advice to you is, whenever you feel a seizure coming on or sense your ‘aura’, lay on the ground in a safe spot with a jacket or pillow under your head and take slow breaths. There are lots of medications that can help you deal with seizures, marijuana being one of them, but sometimes weed doesn’t work for everyone, or only certain strains of weed work. Your seizure may not have been related to the pot.
      I have had one seizure in my life and it was after a stressful 5-hour bus trip, with minimal sleep, food, oxygen, and water: I was visiting home and I lit up a spliff on my dad’s front patio one afternoon where I started to feel way more high than I should have been after one little spliff. I went inside and got myself a cup (a paper cup, thank god!) of water and I started to have tunnel vision, but I thought nothing of it since I was high. I sat on the couch and moments later I was crushing the cup in my hand, frothing at the mouth and convulsing. My dad took me to the ER and when I woke up in the car I thought he had kidnapped me to go to the hardware store with him. Ha! Anyway…. that was the only humorous part in my story. I lived in fear and melancholy every day for a few weeks, I’m still coming to terms with it. (This was two months ago.) I laid in bed, petrified every night, with the door wide open and a couple nightlights here and there. I was too scared to sleep and felt like crying all night but I was too paralysed by my own fear. My sister has had epilepsy since she was very little and it’s normal to feel the worst-you’ve-ever-felt-in-your-fricking-life once you regain consciousness and it takes a different amount of time for everyone to recuperate. I wish you good luck and I promise it’s going to be okay, one way or another.
      NOTE, if a person has a long seizure that lasts more than 5 min, it is definitely a medical emergency and someone must call emergency services. Same as if a person has more than 3 or so seizures in a row. Very bad also – definitely call the paramedics. People can die from choking on vomit for example, being turned onto side into recovery position should sort that out. But as mentioned it is really about the injuries you can sustain by seizures. However, if a person is diagnosed with uncontrolled epilepsy, there is a relatively rare chance of dying from SUDUP (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy) but a talk with your doctor will sort out whether there is a need for further tests. Make sure though to let all your close friends and family know how to deal with seizures. People can be hopeless sometimes and do more harm than good aye!!

      • Craig

         /  October 17, 2016

        wow, seizures cause deaths often….especially from benzo or alcohol withdrawal. Give no more advice

  110. Ruby

     /  May 29, 2014

    Hey, I am 19 years old. I have had about 6 fits within a year and it started June last year when I was given something which was meant to be MDMA but instead was something else. Well I ended up waking up to people around me worried asking me if I was ok saying I have just had a fit and then an ambulance arrived( before then I was okay with drugs and handled them fine) but ever since I have had 5 fits. Quite major ones, and it’s such a horrible experience. People who know me have seen me have fits in a club and it’s only of drugs. I have had a fit 3 times in a club and 4 times in someone’s house when we have all been doing drugs in the space of a year. I never know when I’m about to have a fit it just happens. I just want to know if there is anything that can possible stop them or why it is happening. Really bothers me 😦 Thank you for reading x

    • Hi Ruby. You should see the responses to other questions about drug use and seizures, or I am going to be repeating the same stuff over and over here. But to focus on your main question, the only way you can be more sure about what causes your seizures is to seek medical help and advice. Ideally, this would mean telling your doctor about your drug use too, but you also need to consider the implications of doing this (eg. it could affect any applications for life insurance). Seizures can occur for many reasons, and use of drugs could be one of them – particularly stimulant drugs like amphetamines, cocaine and ecstasy (MDMA); and particularly regular or heavy drug use. If your pattern of seizures seems to be directly related to your use of drugs, then the best thing you can do is stop using drugs – or at least keep your drug use to the lowest level possible. Good luck.
      Answered by: Dr Nuke

  111. Kevin

     /  May 20, 2014

    I am going to my first massive in June and I am currently on anti-convulsants for previous seizures. I am wondering is there any drugs I can take that will not lower the seizure threshold? Thank you.

  112. Emily

     /  May 4, 2014

    So, I am pretty sure I just had a seizure for the first time following crack use. Should I go to the hospital or anything?

    • To avoid repeating myself too much, you should read the other responses to questions about seizures. But to focus on your question – should you seek medical help? – it really depends on how serious the seizure was (eg. how long did it last?), what consequences it had (eg. did you injure yourself?), and how anxious you feel about it. But if you have more seizures, you should seriously consider seeking medical help. More importantly, you are probably best avoiding any more crack use for the time being, as well as avoiding use of any other stimulant drugs (such as amphetamines or ecstasy). These are the most likely substances to trigger seizures, though the vast majority of users of these drugs do not have seizures. If you do use stimulant drugs again, and this is followed by more seizures, my advice would be to avoid using them at all
      NOTE written in later; Actually, that was a shit response ultimately if continuing using is what you are going to do. I’m so sorry! Really I should have said, If u can’t stop using stimulants of any sorts, or whatever sorts, then u must be prepared to do ur UTMOST and listen to your body – especially when it is telling you its had enough, it is ALWAYS RIGHT and it’s saying it for a reason. Same basic info applys here tho when you are repeatedly using and seizures start appearing.
      1) isolate your ‘trigger’ factors (what were u doing in the 24-48 hours before it, periods, lack of food, sleep etc??? what drug was it that caused it this time, has that changed from last time?
      2) and this is really actually your first port of call – your DR. Factors taken into account by the doc will help them to guide you if they are a little confused by yoiur seizure, towards an MRI or CT scan (easy peasy, no pain whatsoever, its a scan of head).
      Hope that helps a bit. Shows we gotta care for these bodies we live it, and we are all sooooo different! Good luck

  113. Jillian Stanfield

     /  April 26, 2014

    My bf had injected meth and went to the bathroom about 15 mins after the injection and I thought he was going number 2 he had asked me to do him a favor with his phone so while he was in there I had my music up singing with it and didn’t hear him hit the wall. I did call out to him after about 10 mins in there but didn’t hear anything figured he was still doing his business he finally came out n grabbed our bed I got up he yelled at me for not hearing him it the wall n toldme about his seizure he layed down andstarted staring into space not aanswering me nothing n when he finally did he was stuttering n angry with me asked me to leave him alone he didn’t want to look at me I left the room to give him space but cried cause I had no clue. He thinks I just don’t care about him cause I didn’t check up in the bathroom. He’s almost 40 an alcoholic been on drugs of all sorts for yrs but changes not all at once. This time around its meth. And he won’t smoke it I used to have Benzos but took myself all pain n anxiety meds.Am iI going to have to watch his every single move n time him since he won’t stop? And if so what can I do at home to help him? He is 200# im only 98# soak n wet so I can’t lift him.please helpn aalso how do I convince him I didn’t realise heis most iimportant to me

  114. nic

     /  April 5, 2014

    I am 32 I have been taking Xanax for about 6 years. On vacation I didn’t have any, couldn’t sleep for about 2 days and didn’t have much to eat. I went out to the beach felt weird and the sun was really bothering me all of a sudden I saw a bubble grow and change colors, like a real bubble that you make. I tried calling my husband’s name but I hit the sand (Thank goodness). Next thing I know I’m back in the hotel with my husband asking me if I knew what happened I was still lost for a minute and he explained he saw me on the beach with a mouthful of foam, jerking my whole body and bit chunks from my cheeks. My body hurt so bad for 2 days, my mouth hurt and it was the scariest thing I’ve ever experienced. He finally found me a Xanax and I was fine. I have since tried cutting back slowly but I can feel that feeling even if I haven’t had .5mg in 12 hours and lights really get to me easily. I am terrified to have another but have not seen a Dr. Will I really really have to worry about having another one years after stopping? Will I always be more susceptible to having another? How can I try to avoid it? Anti cunvulsants or Valium? So scared!

  115. oli

     /  March 14, 2014

    Hi I am about to try cocaine… i had epilepsy however it was well controlled by tablets. I no longer need pills and have not had a real fit for maybe a few years and havent taken tablets for almost three years…… are my chances of getting a fit from taking cocaine high? I have taken mdma and had no fit! Thanks

    • Hi,
      Thanks for writing in. Well, if you have a susceptibility to seizures, and indeed if you have had epilepsy, then you probably know that you have a few ‘triggers’ that can make you more vulnerable to having fits (as in the past). Things like lack of sleep, not eating, lots of stress, etc. So, in terms of cocaine, people do have seizures from overuse of coke, it is one of the main drugs that cause seizures, especially if you inject. Usually, seizures in coke users occur when they have too much, and have been pushing their bodies hard or have been drinking a lot on top of everything. In your case, if you are very determined to take cocaine, it would be best to take some precautions. 1stly, make sure you know your source. Have friends used it before you? Did they think it ‘felt’ ok/normal. Always try and buy from someone who uses their own product, or at least ensure your friends know the product. 2nd, Be sure on the day leading up to your coke session, you have slept well, (this is very important to get a good nights sleep under your belt), and have eaten well. Stock up on your B vitamins (good for nervous system) especially B12, (click this link) Mackeral or tuna and swiss cheese on a sandwich for example are excellent sources of B12, as are many crustaceans like crab etc; marmite/vegemite on toast, and swallow a B complex slow release vitamin in the week beforehand and the week afterwards. Ok so this won’t prevent a fit if one is coming but it arms you with a better defense.
      no 3) – is dont drink alcohol! Alcohol in itself can trigger a seizure, and cocaine allows people to drink a lot more than they normally would, only hitting them later, which it does, Pow! So, if you think you can pace yourself and just have a glass of wine or 2, or wine and orange juice etc, then that is up to you but to protect yourself fully, avoiding alcohol is the best bet. Be sure to never let yourself get dehydrated, so always drink water inbetween any other drinks, esp if you decide to drink alcohol. 4th, make certain that one of your friends who you will be with for the duration of the drug taking, knows what to do if you have a seizure. Mainly, this will involve, keeping you safe, holding you gently but firmly so you dont hurt yourself while fitting (bang your head etc) and placing you in the recovery position afterwards, and staying with you until you wake up and taking you home safely. It can be hard to ask a friend but remember, this is what friends are for, and remind them that you will be there for them should anything ever happen to them during such a situation. Good luck, dont go overboard on the coke, dont inject just snort or swallow, (smoking freebase can be fit material as well, much lie injecting so be very careful and when your body says ‘I Think Ive Had Enough’ – LISTEN to it!! Its always RIGHT!! Take care, BP x

  116. Well here a story here I was using meth and I was up for 2 month’s straight and I got busted with my well a guy that is now my ex I had to of my kids with me yes it’s stupid I was dum but any way when dhs came and took my babies I lost it I had 2 seizures bk to bk it lasted like a few mins and tell this day I sit have them I have a symptoms every day and every time I have one they are different everytime I have one I forget what I’m talking abt and what I did later that day it’s like it erases some of my memory it’s crazy I get wearied symptoms like day dream tengaling and other things I just wish it would go away but with the past of meth use it will prob never go away

    • Dear April,
      Im so sorry to hear about your babies being taken, there is no pain greater on this earth. WE are so sorry to hear about this, it must have been horrific for all of you. Stress does indeed trigger seizures, it is often tho working with some other tings like lack of sleep, no food, low blood pressure, alcohol and/or drug use etc. You say you get these symptoms where you have a vague sort of black out and forget what you have been saying etc. Tis actually sounds like what they call Petite Mal seizures.Have a look up on the internet. Tey are sometimes known as ‘Absence seizures’. |But you will need a proper diagnosis. Petite Mal seizures can often be confused with complex partial seizures and it is important to get the right diagnosis as the treatment for one is not recommended for the other. Check out this link as a basic start point and see if this is relevant to you.. There is treatment for this and it is important that you seek out a good diagnosis and get the appropriate treatment as it is hard work for your brain to be experiencing this every day! You can ring your local Epilepsy Organisation or Trust and speak to someone there who may be able to give you more sympathetic advice as a first port of call. Good luck, and we hope you may one day soon reunite with your babies. Most kids always come looking for their birth mother. Best of luck April BPx

  117. Isaaq

     /  December 8, 2013

    I was smoking weed through my nose because i couldnt smoke through my mouth because i had my wisdom teeth removed ( i know im stupid) well as the day went on i was ok but once my friend rolled a blunt and i smoked it through my nose 3 minuted later my vision started turning gray like if i got up too fast, the next thing i know im on the floor waking up to see my friends looking at me asking if i was ok, i weirdly knew i had a seizure and my friends said it lasted less than a minute, but a few seconds later i went to pee and i went gray again, except i didnt twitch this time i just fell for a few seconds. I was dropped off home really tired and kinda confused but played it off to my grandma that i was tired and layed with her (just in case i had one in my sleep) i woke up the next day feeling ok maybe just a little dizzy and have a very small headache that is already going away, i didnt go to the hospital or doctor because of how ashamed i would be to tell my grandma. Should i worry i never had a seizure and i hope i dont get brain damage

  118. sara

     /  November 20, 2013

    This will be a interesting story for you guys. Once when I was younger my friends talked me into doing E. I was scared at first but soon jumped on the band wagon. After that I never touched it again. Years later I was having a sleep over with my friend, and all of a sudden I woke up walked to the light tried to turn it on but instead I was flicking the switch on and off I couldn’t stop and I was shaking yelling to my friend I was freaking out. I tried laying down after my little episode and my eyes started to flutter back and forth I tried drinking water and I couldn’t stop shaking my eyes were going a hundred miles per hour all I could say to my friend was I’m freaking out man. I was stuttering and couldn’t stop the violent shakes I don’t remember much after that and was unsure what cause it. Years later I spent the whole day and night with new friends popping and snorting E. ( I’d like to add I’ve only done E twice in my life) It was fine and interesting at the time but wow what a hang over. Nothing happened till a while after but I had a seizure at a friends. I was sleeping in a dark room and woke up on the floor. My friends soon took me to the hospital worried of my safety I told them I didn’t want to go but they insisted.That night we had some drinks and a little bump of coke it was not a big deal we didn’t feel very drunk or even high so we went to bed. I’ve done coke before and drank and slept fine. This had to happen this night, and I couldn’t figure it out for the longest time. Every time I’ve had an episode where I’m shaking or my eyes are fluttering back and forth it has been in a dark room. When I get this feeling I have to keep my eyes wide open or I feel like I’m going to have another seizure. I can usually get myself out of having an episode but years later I had another seizure I didn’t go to bed while on drugs or alcohol I was sober but I woke up on the floor the person I was sleeping with was hovering over me asking if I was alright. I said yes and went back to bed like nothing happened. Now its been a lot of years now since I have had a seizure but I still wake up sometimes in bed trying to fight off having one. I cant sleep in a dark room or close my eyes if its happening I have to have some light to focus on. There are more details which are hard to explain and I don’t want to make this story any longer then it is. This is the first time I’m putting my story out there. Only close friends know and I’m worried if these episodes I have will continue in my life or can I eventually get over them with time? what can I do for myself, do I see a doctor? I’m still not comfortable with that I don’t know how to bring it up. I’ve quit those drugs only alcohol and pot are sometimes in my life. I need some help or insight please, or direct me to the right person who can deal with this issue of mine. Thank you so very much for your time.

  119. Mae

     /  November 2, 2013

    Last Tuesday, I took one and a half rolls of X with my love, as we were coming down I kept smoking synthetic marijuana. He smokes it all the time, I rarely touch it. So he didn’t think anything of it. He thought it was the rolls that did that to me. Although it was his first time rolling, I’ve rolled numerous times in my past. Anyways, by the time the roll was ending and the synthetic weed started kicking in…I could feel that something was seriously wrong, I thought I was just fading out but that if I closed my eyes I was going to be dead. That was around the time I blacked out. Apparently, I shot straight up on the bed holding my chest and my pulse in my neck, having not been able to speak a word. He saw that I felt like everything was fading away from me and I had tried to dive out the second story window. After breaking through the first layer of glass, he grabbed me and I fell to the ground convulsing. I can faintly remember moments between each convulsion. All I can remember was that I was about to die, that something was wrong. I couldn’t hear him, I couldn’t speak. He had no idea what I needed or what was going on. He said it looked like a demon was trying to come out of me. I was bouncing all over the place with my eyes wide open and my pupils dilated with zero color, foaming from the mouth. I can remember between each episode, trying to get outside to cool off. I must have convulsed on the stairs b/c I dove from the top stair down 16 steps head first to the bottom steps, flailed around at the bottom, then got up like nothing happened and ran outside. I made it outside, naked. I remember running around in a circle trying to “fix” myself. I just wanted to be able to breathe. I guess I fell to the ground and convulsed again. He got me back inside, and yet again I was on the ground again. I finally made it to the bathroom, I was able to point to the water and he figured out to turn it on cold. I remember laying under the cold water, thinking again I was going to die and to try and hold on until the paramedics got there, and I convulsed again…only I could remember that one, my legs and arms flailing and my head knocking between each edge of the bathtub and my fiance trying to hold me down, I had no control. The paramedics finally got there and I still couldn’t move or speak. They said my pupils were unresponsive and fully dilated. The hospital is 40 minutes away, I was finally able to speak 5 minutes away from the hospital. They got my heart rate and blood pressure stabilized and discharged me 5 hours later. They did no tests on me, just an IV, albuterol, and a heart test. My fiance said I had a total of 7 possibly 8 seizures within 35 minutes. Was I dead if I didn’t get under that cold water? Was it just a really bad trip off the synthetic weed, were they really seizures? I have no background of seizures that I’m aware of. I’ve mixed numerous drugs in the past. From your replies, I’m also more prone to more seizures now in the future? I’m definitely not wanting the synthetic weed now or ever but am curious to solve this mystery. Thank you.

  120. krista

     /  October 16, 2013

    About 3 or 4 yrs ago, I overdosed on heroin. I shot up on a friend’s bed and laid back to enjoy the high. I heard what was going in around me and felt like my friend kept smacking me in the face to make me come to. My friend’s boyfriend shot me up with suboxin to counteract the overdose and i came to. My friend said I was seizing and my lips turned blue. I never went to see a doctor because I was doing drugs and didn’t want to get caught. I’ve always wondered if that seizure could cause me problems later down the road. I have chronic migraines and neck tension and don’t know if the seizure had anything to do with making them worse. As a teenager, I did all uppers (meth) but I swapped to heroin and that’s when things went south. I’ve been sober now for 3 or 4 yrs. I’ll never become a slave to heroin again.

    • Hi, thanks for your message. Yes, it can be a really traumatic thing to go through, and not something you forget easily either. Can you find out ( if pu still see those friends) whether you had convulsions and/or a seized up body and not just a seized up mouth and jaw area? Its just that grand mal seizures ( which they usually are when occurring at the same time as overdoses – as opposed to petite mal, the other sort) are accompanied by your entire body seizing up, sometimes frothing at the mouth, and usually some convulsing of body areas- or whole body. It last for a few minutes. I say this because I believe it is possible to have, when in midst of overdose, a very milder kind of seizing up of muscles, often jaw and throat area, but which relax as soon as air gets back in the lungs thru mouth to mouth or recovery etc. If you can find answers to exactly what jappened, you will know then whether it was a seizure with OD, or OD alone (which very often involve involuntary muscle tightening but that isn’t from a grand mal seizure, and sonothing to worry about long term.
      The next thing I wud say to answer ur question, is that neck problems may be triggering your migraines (but again I’m no doctor) if there is a trapped nerve going on, it might be worth gettong gentle chinese massage
      or trying acupuncture. It can have surprising results. I’m sure you’ve tried using beta blockers? As preventative measure, it shows highdegrees of success for many migraine sufferers and they are very easy to tolerate. Re a seizure making migraines worse, i’m afraid you’d have to ask a neurologist that one, but if u are worried there are many forums where you can engage doctors in questions like this and who shud gve u some answers. My personal opinion is that it is unlikely,from just one, and is more likely to be from tension emanating from your neck//trapped nerve. Sometimes years of amphetamine use can mean a lot of bodily tension builds up and we doont expell properly and so it can build up in solidlumps, esp around neck, shoulders, jaw, legs. You might have picked up
      some bodily positions from that time that are still with u to some extent, which pushes other muscles to compensate, wrongly. This can end up pressing on nerves or creat inflammation. Lastly, yess having a seizure will have lowered your ‘seizure threshold’ so remain mindful the next time u are overindulging and take extra care by eating plenty before partying, make time to sleep (pace ypurself by napping and getting quiet time) protect yourself – even more so if you have been feeling mentally or physically drained as these are often the basis to start chipping away at your threshold. Maturity in drug use often helps u really appreciate the benefits of pacing yourself, after all there is no real joy in being comatosed, ending up legless in a bush, or with ur head down the toilet all nite! Eat, rest, pace your drugs, always know your source Nd get to understand what drugs don’t agree with you and avoid them. Its not worth the trouble. Good luck on your road ahead and stick with what good for you, you know it deep down aye?! In solidarity, BPxx

  121. Hannah Marie Price

     /  October 7, 2013

    Hello, I am 17 and when I was 15 I overdosed on my friends anti epileptic pills, trying to commit suicide. Long story short, I went to many hospitals and ended up in a therapeutic boarding school. I just recently got out. For the past year, my eyes randomly look up- while I’m conscious – and I can’t look down but for a second or two. And sometimes I ”zone out” randomly. And completely stop paying attention to whats going on. Could I be having seizures? Or is this something a specialist needs to check out?

  122. Bethan

     /  August 4, 2013

    Hi, I’m an 18 year old female, I’ve taken various stimulants over the last few years. On Thursday around 2pm I took some amphetamine and I carried on taking it at regular intervals until Saturday 3am. I ate one meal in this time (chicken and rice). I also drank alcohol. I went to sleep and then when I woke up about 6am, I still felt off my face and wasn’t ‘normal’ at all’, but I wasn’t able to sleep for more than that. Later that day, I was at a theme park and I went on a ride. When I got on the ride, my eye’s started going blurry and I couldn’t see properly and then whilst on the ride (going upside down and being swung side to side, very high up), I just kept having a strange feeling like i was half concious/half not and then I can’t remember anything. The next thing I’m aware of is I’m off the ride and my mum/first aided are holding me up and I got really agitated that they were touching me and I had a sit down and some water and a biscuit. My mum said I just slumped in the seat and then my arms and legs started shaking/convulsing when I was on the ride. I think it was one of those tonic-clonic seizures? I bit my tongue, my lips/arms turned a blue-ish colour and I also wet myself. I read about causes of seizures, drug use, stress, sleep deprivation, mal-nurtition and strobe lighting etc (the lights on the ride may have been like that).
    I have gone longer than that (36 hours) without sleep/food but it was when I was taking a different drug, not amphetamine. Definately not going to be taking loads of speed anytime soon, and if I did I’ll definately eat and not stay awake a stupid amount of hours. I was just wondering weather or not I should go to the doctors? Could there also be anything underlying and that the drugs/no sleep/mal-nutrition triggered it? Would you advise going to the doctors or just being careful with the drug use etc in future?
    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Dear Bethan,

      Wow, I really admire your insight and at such a young age! Well done for thinking seriously about what happened and doing some research; seizures are serious -they are hard work for your brain, and it is essential you make sure your think about – and write down or tell a close friend/parent what exactly happened.
      Re your questions;
      1) yes, considering this was your FIRST tonic clonic seizure (sounds classic) -it is essential you see the doc and rule out any other conditions that may have triggered this. You may need an MRI, or to see a neurologist, or even if it is a case of money (lack of -or not wanting to let your insurer know the details of what might have caused it -they may penalise you in the future re fees etc -depending where you live) -you could even get hold of an epilepsy forum/helpline/group etc which could offer some really helpful and free advice.

      I didnt ever get an MRI when i had my first seizure – just got judged harshly by the A&E team and had my stomach pumped out and was sent home in shock. However I would at least get a series of bloods done and a check up by a Dr. It is important there is nothing underlying this.

      2) -Personally (and please Im no Dr, but have a great deal of interest, knowledge and experience of seizures), I would make a note of what happened in the days leading up to the seizure. It sounds like a classic case of pushing your body too hard too the point of exhaustion, you may have been dehydrated as well, low electrolites, low blood pressure from fatigue and hunger…All together, with days awake and amphetamines on top -it sounds like a classic seizure. If you had stayed in bed, even if you had woken up and couldnt sleep, but eaten something, drank milk -re stocked up on B vitamins (keep some handy to take when you are pushing your nervous system – especially after menstruation) -B12 especially. Electrolites you can buy at chemist in sachets -they are brilliant for instantly bringing up low levels of salts and important things your body needs and lacks when exhausted and hungry. Keep yourself a pre and post party care pack -and use it. The point is – once you have had your first seizure -your body is more suseptible to them -and the next one could occur in similar circumstances if you cane it the same way again. You gotta eat something – even if you can only manage smoothies, yogurts, ice cream, soups, water, juices, vegie juices are FAB, fruit salad with ice cream or yogurt. All easy to digest – but you can just forget. Dont. And you seem like someone who could really educate your pals as well -your brain is developing still until your 25 or so -its easy to hit the limit before you realise. Remember that a healthy body that is stoned, has more fun than a sickly person who is stoned. Make a pact with your buddies to care for each other – and show them all what to do if ANY of you has a seizure; many folk freak out with their pal convulsing -its very frightening (look at youtube for examples) -and its essential you have calmness around you when you wake up. The first aider and your mum should really of had you lieing down in the recovery position somewhere very quiet with the first face and voice you were to hear should have been only your mums. talking to you gently, softly, protectively. I wouldnt advise having a benzodiazepine on standby at your age as you have the chance to avoid these occuring again. They happen from ANY drug, even opiates. It is about TOXICITY levels, and an exhausted / vulnerable body. Your amazing for your insight -develop it -seek out harm reduction measures, tell your mates, look after each other. Much love and respect,
      BP x

  123. Britt

     /  April 21, 2013

    Yes. I just got back from the hospital because my friend gets them constantly when he smikes or even does lines now. It never ysed to be that bad. His seizer t gh is tim lasted 8 minutes, he didnt become conscience for 20 min and toom 3 hours to start remembering the date, ect.

    • Hi Britt, apologies for the delay -but we have added quite a bit to the comments section lately that your friend may find useful. As long as he doesnt use very regularly, he may benefit from taking a 5 or 10mg benzodiazipine BEFORE he smokes any stimulants. However benzos are addictive so it wont help him if he is using every day as he will end up with 2 habits. And, interestingly benzo withdrawal can actually CAUSE seizures so it is essential that this kind of help is only occasional, on days when he thinks he may be susceptible. It is dangerous to keep having seizures so he needs to find a way to reduce this risk. As mentioned – noting down -and then avoiding his ‘triggers’, having a few benzos handy, friends such as yourself knowing what to do when he gets one. Your description is typicalof a grand-mal seizure however it does sound like a very big one, and 8 minutes is too long and worthy of an ambulance – you did the right thing. Good luck and let him know he can write to us here,
      best of luck, BPx

  124. Lacey

     /  April 12, 2013

    HI Im 14 and i smoked Cocaine (crack) and had a Grand Mal i also did it again and nothing happened Will it happen again if i try it again? Im not scared of dying either i poroably will OD on purpose I WANT to die my life sucks ass!!

    • Hey Lacie, sorry for delay. I too had a seizure when i was 14, i took a trip and fell off a bed and banged my head and had a seizure. scared the shit outa me, but not enough to stop using drugs. I didnt have another til i was about 17 or 18 from too many downer type tablets and heroin, and then, throughout my 20’s i just seemed to get the mmore and more, anytime i was trying to push the boundaries when my body was fragile. Eventually it got to the stage when Id have one if I just woke up in the morning and had a reasonably sized heroin injection. However I got to know my ‘triggers; and gained more control, had a benzo when i felt very fragile as it was these occaisions when an injection etc would push me opver the edge. eventually i was able to avoid them, despite ccontinuing to use drugs -i just got more knowledgable about myself, the drugs i was taking and their effects and was able to make safer decisions, to the great releif of me and those who love me! As bad as things feel now Lacie -please hang it there – things will pass -all shitty feelings are a phase and you WILL pass through it. But you MUST try and protect your body -especially at your delicate age where the brain is still forming and you are still very vulnerable. Pushing onesself to extremes can end up in some very very tragic situations – death might feel preferable sometimes when things are really bad, but throwing caution to the wind could just mean you end up paralysed from a drug induced accident, brain damaged, burnt by laboratory accidents, in prison via some horrible mix up or accident, etc etc etc. believe me,it happens every day. Somehow you have got to find a balence, moderate your drug use if you dont want to stop using, keep your friends close, support each other in your drug use, make a pact that you will always help each other and not let each other down in a crisis. All these things can help. Hang in there Lacie, being 14 sucks for most people, but it does get better. You have the best experiences of your life still to come!! The times you will have in your teens and twenties will be the best ever -look forward to all that, you deserve a life kiddo! Do write again if you wana chat, Much love and respect, BP xx

  125. grace

     /  March 23, 2013

    my 28 yr old daughter has taken 3 drug overdoses in 30 days to try and kill herself this last time she had some real bad seizures in the er and her heart rate was 208 it scared the hell out of me she is now in mental health place will she have more seizures now that she had one? she said her hand writing is not the same now is that normal?

    • Hi Grace, Im sorry for the delay it must have been a terrifying time for you all. A lot of what triggers seizures in drug users is basically hitting what is called ‘ a seizure threshold’. Everyone has one and the toxicity levels that are reached when using drugs vary from person to person but it appears seizures will occur when a person hits what is essentially a toxic overload -or days of ‘overkill’ ie – pushing your body over days to its limits. It is essential, if you are having seizures that are connected to your drug use ie that you get a seizure in the hours or minutes after using drugs, that you look very closely at the drugs you are using, and what you are doing in the hours and days leading up to it, and whether you get any feelings, ‘auras’ or warnings before hand. It is important that you get to now what your triggers are, and to keep with you one or two 5-10mg benzodiazipine (ie like clobazam or valium) that you should take on the days you are feeling very fragile. This of course wont help you when you, as in your daughters case, has taken a large/overdose amount of drugs. It is important she knows that self induced overdoses very often can trigger a seizure as the brain reaches toxicity levels -and seizures im afraid can kill. It is a type of brain damage so people who consistently get seizures may find they lose some memory or other functions. But saying that Im not sure why she cant write, it maybe that you need to look this up – there is a great deal of information out there on seizures, less on drug induced seizures although the results are very similar. Again tho, i should stress that the more you have seizures (grand mal is usually the type to be associated with drug use) the more you become suseptible to having another, so if you can find a way to avoid them either through not using in the same way any more (being much more careful and knowing your ‘triggers’ (like heavy alcohol, opiates or coke use, or injecting etc) and then heading a seizure off at the pass by a benzo when you feel overly fragile, you can turn things around and start to have large gaps of time in between seizures – the longer the better. Most of us grow out of them as we age into our late 30’s and 40’s. Regarding your daughter – and please, we are not Drs here, but if her seizures were directly related to her ODs, then it is unlikely she will get them again when just living normally. However if she is a regular drug user – she MAY find her ‘seizure threshold’ has dropped somewhat and it is a bit easier for her to now experience a seizure when using drugs again. I recommend doing research, having a couple of benzodiazipines handy (this is exactly what they give you in hospital during a seizure and to help avoid them) and I would say (tho again im not a dr -that her handwriting will come back to normal -if it doesnt she may well need a neurological exam. ALWAYS call an ambulance for 1st time seizures and those which last more than 4or5 minutes AND especially those which happen repeatedly one after the other – these are the most dangerous and can be fatal. It is also crucial to learn what to do when someone has a seizure so you can help and prevent further problems. We wish you the very best and do let your daughter know we are here if she wants to write in,
      Erin and BP x

  126. Tom

     /  December 3, 2012

    Hi I don’t normally take drugs but on the week end I took 8 ecstasy pills and 4 lines of meow I was just really fucked then the next night I woke up in the middle of the night and had a fit its the frist time this has ever happened, I have just turned 17 as well I was just wondering if I need to worrie ?

    • HI,
      First please let me apologise for the delay in responding. We try to answer on the blog but it isnt always instant. Did you have a look at our page on drug induced seizures? If you go to our home page on this blog, click ‘A-Z of Health’ and under that you will see an article entitled ‘Drug Induced Seizures’. It seems every person has a ‘seizure threshold’ -and at the age of 17 -you can be very vulnerable to finding out just where your ‘threshold or limit’ is. First tho, it is important to see your DR – to check out nothing else is going on like epilepsy, for example or an illness or disease. But by the sounds of it it sounds (but please we are NOT doctors) like overkill. Too many drugs, crazy nite/s out, little food probably, pushing it with the stimulants. Perfect set up for a seizure. But PLEASE read the article – because once they have started up – you do become more susceptible, so you have to learn to listen to your body, get to recognise your limits, and tell your friends what to do if you or each other do fit from overkill. good luck and please dont hesitate to reply. take it easy. Make sure you EAT BEFORE you go out. Dont take E after E after E. Read up on some E article especially about dose. The more you take – well it dont work as great and neurologically speaking, your brain prefers less xtc and much more spread out over an evening. IT has happened to me to so i feel your pain. 2mg or 5mg of valium is an excellent way to head off a seizure if your feeling fragile – but NOT after drinking or opiates if you dont know WELL your tolerance. Good luck friend.

      • gwlees

         /  March 25, 2013

        So nice and wise of you to give advice on how to take drugs “better”….keep up the good work! 😦

      • lisa

         /  December 12, 2013

        ive takin up to 20+ eccies in 9ne night no seizier. Shot up speed and after the second night of no sleep or food my hands start contracting, I had no idea what was going on but I had a big drink of water and forced down a piece of bread and it went away. It also happened after a massive nite on the grog but as soon as I had a feed and relaxed it went away. Quite recently I had a big nite, I shot up speed and tried cocain, (and had a lot), the next day my hands, arms and legs went all stiff tight and contracted, I tried to stay calm, tried to walk around a bit, my hubby got me some food and water (as hard as it was to eat) it worked, not doin coke anymore as I think it is worse for me then speed. Was def from over indulging without food or water.

  127. Concerned

     /  November 16, 2012

    Hi I have a boyfriend who has just now started back on heroine and I’m really worried about him bc he had a seizure the night after he did it … Is it possible that that’s what caused it ?

  128. Hello, I am a seventeen year old male who overdosed on Tramadol (opiate) and had a Grand Mal seizure. Will I have one again with no drug use? I am very frightened for my future, please reply.

    • Hi Austin, im so very sorry for the late reply, I really am. I understand how scary it is, ive been through the process myself. Firstly you need to have an MRI or brain scan just to see if you have actual epilepsy. Its important to know this. BUT it could certainly be from the tramadol -using constantly over a period of a fair few months and sometimes just not eating, sleeping, using a lot of downers so you blood pressure really drops to low …learn to know what ‘triggers’ the. Write down what happened the few days before it happened. Also, you can be prescribed short acting (I think?) benzos, and they are very useful whenever you feel fragile like you might have a seizure. Dont go mad of course but just 5 – 10 mg would do it, once or twice a day. Now the less seizures you have, the less you will begin to have so it seems. So the more you dont look after yourself kinda thing, and the more fits you have (sometimes they become directly connected to fixing – stimulants or depressants -one can get very susceptible to them; dont leave it – as for micro doses of benzos -say you dont want anything like phenobarbitone that are way to strong and are not for you if you dont have diagnosed epilepsy etc. Write down your triggers, and head the seizures off at the pass with a muscle relaxant like a type of valium etc. so sorry for delay, let us know how you got on. in Solidarity,

  129. Mark

     /  February 26, 2012

    can u experience an aura for 2hr before having a seizure

    • Hi, Im so sorry to reply so late, I actually replied earlier but it got stuck in my phone! Grr! Anyway, re your question…Auras usually happen seconds before a seizure, perhaps a couple of minutes at most, and from what I have researched you could also have one hours before a seizure and you can certainly ‘feel’ very vulnerable or afraid; Seizures that happen to people who use drugs could be from a lot of reasons as our article suggests, and although auras tend to happen more to people who get partial seizures, they can happen to drug users too. Feelings of de ja vu, fear, vulnerability etc could also due to other things like perhaps lowered blood pressure, (perhaps from lack of sleep, a lot of opiates, lack of food, vitamins, or after days on stimulants, etc). It could be more to do with recognising your ‘triggers’. What was happening in the hours before your ‘aura’. were you under the same or similar sort of strains you were when you had your last aura or seizure? It is interesting also that auras will also happen in the same order each time, so they get to be recognisable and it is important to recognise them to help you ensure you get somewhere safe, or to alert you to taking meds. A valium or benzodiazipine can be a terrific tablet to have for the drug user that gets the occaisional seizure as it can effectively head it off at the pass. (Note that benzos have a high addiction potential and so should be used with real caution). Please know however, Im not a doctor however we do try and research things very comprehensively. If you know of anything different however, we are always keen to hear more. Thanks for writing. here is some more interesting info on auras; http://www.epilepsy.com/EPILEPSY/AURAS

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