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A concise piece from the terrific HCLU on Needle Exchange Programmes and why they are so important, interviewing New Yorks finest at the organisation run by the Harm Reduction Coalition, who have been serving the needs of NYC’s injectors for decades, preventing HIV and HCV from escalating on a massive scale, why oh why are we still having to argue the necessity of NEPs  in 2011???
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Different perspectives on the Political Declaration on HIVAIDS 2011

Estimated number of people in the world living...

Numbers of people living with HIV in 2008

New York’s user led Harm Reduction Coalition runs a weekly podcast on a range of interesting subjects and during the High Level Meeting in HIV/AIDs that occurred in New York early June, Allan interviews several people (including myself) and gains a few different perspectives on just how people felt about the declaration and their input into it. Over to you Allan (text taken from the HRC podcast website)

High Level Meeting on AIDS: A report back from New York. A new Political Declaration emerged from the recent United Nations High Level Meeting on AIDS. This week’s podcast features interviews with participants in the meeting – Erin O’Mara from the International Network of People Who Use Drugs, Pablo Cymerman of Intercambios and Rick Lines from Harm Reduction International. The final Political Declaration is available here
Click here for the Podcast – no 33 

(The Harm Reduction Coalition has an excellent website, highly recommended and with good activist roots and the organisation is a definate contact point for any person who uses drugs when looking for drug related support in New York)

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