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Issue 14 – Our new issue out now

Sebastian Horsley in one of his last ever interviews

A Modern Day Libertine: Back in April, BP spent a long Sunday afternoon interviewing Sebastian Horsley; a rare romantic; rule breaker of our times. The most decadent of Dandies. Yet only weeks later, he is found dead. Overdosed at 47. BP pays tribute..Written by E O’Mara

Sebastian Horsley, London’s own Dandy. The newspapers have called him many things, but we shall say something different; Think Oscar Wilde and Quentin Crisp, but with the sexual proclivities of Byron; a Dandyfied Romantic with a celebrated wit, a performer and poseur with a devilish charm that left you either reeling in horror or demanding an encore! Outrageous certainly, he was even banned him from promoting his book in the States for ‘Crimes Against Moral Turpitude’! How perverse, how Horsley!

Delightfully honest, (some might say brutally) always direct, fabulously authentic, an iconoclast to the last…His style was original, colourful and in your face; on the ground he was a shimmer that would shammy along the streets of London, a challenge to the gray suits and dreariness of 9 to 5ers – declare your desires or get out of my way.

“I’m a romantic nihilist” Sebastian once told me. “People laugh at me in this country for being a romantic but to me its brave – and it always goes wrong. And the nihilist thing is not a cynical rejection of belief it is the positive courage to live without it. We have to turn nihilism into the arrow of longing; our anger into wit, our pain into humour and embrace life as a great big metaphysical joke”. He then declared “People think I’m absurd, but given that life is completely absurd, then to mirror it with an absurdest dance which is what Dandyism is, is in many ways taking up a real position, who cares if people think I’m insane, they just cant hear the music”. ….Continued issue 14

BP's Lung Health Series

BP's Lung Health Series

Maintaining Lung Health

Your LUNGS; Your tree of life, it’s branches ensure oxygen reaches every part of your body, keeping your brain and bodily organs fed and functioning and your energy levels up. BP introduces our Lung Health Series: Part 1, starting with the problems affecting those of us who smoke drugs. L.Innes & E.O.

At BP over the last few years in particular, we have witnessed what seems to be a growing number of drug users suffering from lung (pulmonary) disease and/or complications that arise from smoking, and sometimes injecting – drugs, including long term tobacco smoking. So our new series entitled Maintaining Lung Health hopes to shed some light on an area that is rarely discussed but is becoming more relevant, especially as we get older and have smoked longer. In addition, evidence now shows the emergence of new complaints such as ‘crack lung’ a controversial, though now recognised syndrome affecting crack and stimulant smokers. Tuberculosis -another lung disease (BP issue 4) is also on the rise (London has amongst the highest rates in Europe) though our knowledge and attitude towards it is old fashioned and should be updated (stay tuned). Irritating our airways with smoke, bacteria (and foreign bodies via injecting drugs) over the years can all contribute to a range of lung problems. Heroin smoking is also being attributed to shortness of breath, allergies and higher incidence of impaired lung function….Research into drug user specific lung complaints is not very easy to conduct and so has been slow to emerge. Many drug smokers/injectors are also tobacco or marijuana smokers (and many dope smokers also use tobacco) so teasing out what does what damage is difficult. Research studies are also difficult to control; the purity of drugs being smoked, depth of an individuals inhalation, patterns of smoking, number of puffs taken, adulterants in drugs used and the devices used to smoke ones drugs all make studies difficult to regulate and control….(continued page 18, issue 14)

and an excerpt from our Reader’s Contributions

I Predict a RIOTT…..

One woman, her boyfriend, two drug habits and rapidly failing health. Until

diamorphine - heroin on prescription

diamorphine hydrochloride

that is, she took up the offer of heroin on prescription from London’s only diamorphine trial, The RIOTT. By Hannah

RIOTT is the name of the government’s research trial for injectable opiate treatments, which runs an ‘injecting clinic’ at (London’s) Marina House. It was set up to test the efficacy of prescribing pharmaceutical heroin to reduce consumption of street heroin, test it’s affect on criminal behaviour and to see if it could have role in treatment in the UK for those who have proved as yet to be ‘untreatable’. I first heard about it at Stockwell Drug Project in 2007 after ‘yet another’ unsuccessful rehab programme. I remember being quite cynical thinking that it sounded defeatist ‘what’s the point in taking prescribed heroin, that’d be giving into it’. I thought it would lead to nothing but a life on gear, how depressing. So thinking I knew better I stuck my nose in the air and pronounced that I was going to go on Subutex and detox in the community. Within two weeks I’d overdosed in my flat, paralyzed my left hand, a huge cellulitis infection took over one of my legs, I’d lost my home and was told I may or may not get the mobility back in my left hand. (As a musician this would destroy any chance of a future in music)…(cont issue 14)

Black Popy continues to include well written and comprehensively researched articles on issues of interest to the drug using community. We are always interested in your ideas and your stories. We pay for what we publish. Or to read the contents of the current issue, No.14 click here

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  1. I wish the united states would bring (DIAMORPHINE), for use here in the us instes=ad of methadone is it used long term treatment or is it prescribed for a withdrawel only? How long do people usually use( DIAMORPHINE) FOR?

  2. not sure who gets this but the person it is intended to is he owner of the bp or who started it name has popped out my head you said you turned your nose up to the riot scheme of prescribing diamorphine to an addict at the time till weeks later you went through what you did but is it true you met the guy doing a trial a while latr and managed to get on a trial yourself and you still take amps of diamorphine witch was clean mad you feel more like anormal person and start up your magazine bp as if you are the right person I am addressing you were on tv telling a little of your story so do you think people that don’t take to methodone should not be given clean diamorphine like you and not the odd person everyone deserves the right to have a life and if that takes ,,not taking substatuties that make me personally ill should I not be given that chance plus am Scottish we don’t get anything but liquid meth that if a can keep down I am in withdrawls you wright and see a lot of people about drugs goto other countrys see them get no help others with places to take drugs in a clean places this is Britain and its like a third world on drug issuses do they think we will die off like there war on drugs works in 50 year it has not and there was only 400 odd users at the time not 200.000 hey think there are were they get thar meth clinics at least another load prob the same wont touch meth it dose nothink but give someone enough enery to make money you no this it messes your head makes at least me very ill and weight but on heroin I can work I don’t sleep and nod off I don’t rob mug or rob houses steal cars or anything like all the people think every person addicted to drugs dose we look like crap to ordenery people because we rattle feel ill cant work cant eat more than one meal a day if we are lucky because we need to by heroin to not just have some out of this world euphoric experience they think we have cant they see the state we are in on meth and that’s Britain and the great british peoples pride and help and nurturing nature of this great country don’t moan about eddasin givng us light or instine the coked out acid freak coz he was so great and everything was legal then this country brought this stuff into our country not us ourself and as for me I took the stuff before I new what it was coz I was told it would help with my borderline personality disorder and anxity and my crumbeling spin hips that crush my spinal cord and the other things wrong with my back that surgery did not fix so self trial with pain killer found one that helped but left me in a bloody mess when they give other that blag injectables and morphine for a buss am not saying a don’t like heroin everyone bloody would but coz there only 200 to 400 thousand of us on a small island don’t forget we aint worth sxxt out of 100s of millions ,war on drugs aint getting better surveys,,,, people who need to fake the urine test to not kicked of there meth so there figures mean nothing,people lie they doing ok for same reason you cant even tell the truth these days because you are so scared the you will loose your meth the only thing you are so scared to withdraw from apart from other opiotes, its black mail controlling people you could use it like a pimp to extort his girls to do what he wants it degrading and should be bloody illegal even the mp who had a 15 year smack habit no one listens to Cameron bit of power gets the votes basically used us to get in then says war on drugs work complete bull people prescribed the drug the are addicted to and it aint daft canabis Christ aint going to make every child want to take smack tell a kid not to do something they do it everyone knows that one love to search the mps homes, drug test the commens toilets see what turns up biggest joke of all was proabition with drink coz 70 or 80 % drink its legal what we meant to do the same as the americans did for drik get the tommy guns out even while high society drunk behind the seens anyway only the working class are to be kept under heel trodden down this country especially we let run by public school boys that are that far behind the times luck if they have even seen any of the drugs that go around except a bloody joint in this day and age if you aint even seen coke,heroin e,s speed you can not say you are with the times like the complete twats that said it resantly complete idiots in a completely different generation or even two with the age of some of them even the old faithful stuff that we what to be able to buy from a chemist or get from a doctor or drug service prescription or were ever clean and properly processed 1 crime in drug trade basically out the window 2 more money for rehabilitation centeres coz us buying what we want pays for them and benefits others in nhs hospitals 3 people can work again coz they are not ill coz substatutes don’t cut it and has been known for the last 30 years 4 more money in to our acconamy coz of more workers and a lot of addicted people are highly skilled and if like me can turn my hand to any job and with a 140 iq with learning disability so you are keeping your best down because you are pompouses idiots that are more worried about the media and maybe loosing votes if you are so bloody smart you would see the general public are sick of you arcaic 50 year war on drugs and 30 of making people ill on methadone it works for some gets them about but that’s it a 30 year old woman looks like a 50 year old with no bloody teeth in a few years you are making us die as fast in missery dispare and screaming mental heath problems as poss only for he next generation to walk about looking dead instead of being a productive member of the human race even your police forces do not see addicts as real criminals its drummed into them more from kid to cop just catch real criminal the cartels and main dealers not a few kg but tons the benefits the government and us addict would have being able to feel like a normal human being again an addiction is not a crime and every normal person with two cence between there ears knows this its time to get rid of not on our door step let us get it clean from a chemist at a real price that until we find work or retrain at collage can feed and look after our familys buy making us look and feel like the waling dead coz we cant eat and provide because of a medical condition as we no it is and it actually cures certain mental health problems as is proven as well but if we cant afford to have it every day this is a plant at the end of the day so what give anyone else the right to turn plants to alcohol or any kind of drug that benefits any symptom or complaint you have and tell us no when at the end of the day before any of us got sick prob about 70% of us and had to find our own drug that worked instead of being a doctor lab rat for the newest antidepressants that messed us up more or would not give us strong enough pain killers in the first place and fast relief tablets are just not bloody fast enough when you have held on to as much pain as you can coz morphine and heroin are by far the strongest painkillers that we have and these drugs are not party that all your daft teens are buying of the net or from head shop that are killing a good few off them coz its not a party drug others were prob peer pressured into it and I did not in tend to right this small rate but when you no people can be helped and not 20 year down the line when they are too old or dead anyway things need sorted now not in a year or two or 10 20 30 will a go on people can buy cheap drink till they are ready to come off it kill more than every drug combined more car crashes more crime more fights every weekend murders slashings and more some people are so short sighted or just to daft to see the after and knock on affects your bloody alcohol cozes sorry folks meant to comment on why we should have the choise in the uk to get prescribed diamorphine coz meth makes me ill and went on a we messed up mind wander

    • Hi,
      Thanks so much for your comment! What a mouthful! And yes, you are right on so many levels. Drug use, dependence, addiction, its very complex stuff to be fair, there are a lot of different factors involved in each area of drugs and drug use; chemicals -chemistry in the brain and in the drugs we use, psychology and physicality of ourselves and the interaction of drugs, the effects of economical, political, social constructs etc. Prohibition certainly does have a lot to answer for. We can do something about that. Poverty and despair also have some part to play in this, neither so easy to deal with, neither issues are going away any time soon. Do I think there should be heroin prescribing? Damn right I do! I always have done; my only objection to RIOTT (the injectable heroin prog in London) was that people had to inject ON SITE every single day, twice a day, at the clinic. I believed this would prevent the very people who should have been freed with this drug, those who had never gotten ahead with methadone, now could finally get the drug they always were dependent on in measured daily doses – and then made to turn up to the drug treatment centre twice a day, every single day including xmas – you would be robbing them of a great chance to move ahead. I thought people should at least be allowed to have one take home dose in order for them to make a life away from the clinic – isn’t that the point after all? Yes, Im that person who was on the TV, whose life has been transformed thanks to that opportunity. I wish everyone could have the same chance -diamorphine is disappearing in England, its a tragedy. What you need to do my friend, is fight for it! Fight for the right to be prescribed it! There is enough evidence to support it now – get involved in User Involvement and take to the next level. There is a group in Scotland called Chemical Reaction, they are in Edinbrough I think but have groups elsewhere too, get in touch with them – get active, fight for those rights and freedoms for yourself and the next generation. I am currently trying to stop our government taking away our right to diamorphine at the moment, terrible but we wont give up. Look out for us on TV again, this time chained in protest to the gates of Parliament House! Thanks for writing, and good luck with it all, BP x


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