Your Body’s Venous System in 3D

At BP, we recommend these 2 excellent videos we have discovered as they give a really great look at the venous and arterial system throughout the body and created in 3D.

The speaker goes right through with you just where the veins run through the entire body -moving from the heart up through the chest, neck and arm, looking at the main veins we use like the basilic in the arm -and where the arteries lie in relation to the veins. Not just a good look at the neck area, part 2 gets into looking at the femoral vein (in the groin area), and even talks about Deep Vein Thrombosis and varicose veins.

Well worth a look for anyone who injects in order to learn more about how we are put together and therefore how to take care.

Thanks to the author of this film, it -insight into your circulatory system will help you / help injectors, take care of themselves.

Part 2 -Veins in the lower part of the body



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