Cocaine purity goes up in UK

Raw coke

Raw Coke

Just read an exclusive in Druglink magazine about drug gangs who are increasing the purity of the UKs cocaine in response to the new generation of stimulants like mephedrone (according to Britain organised crime agency SOCA) . Analysis of last years seizures jumped from a record low of 17% (and don’t we know it!) To 26% this year. After the Mephedrone ban last year it seems mephedrone sales had continued to rise (now we coulda told them that would happen!) but interestingly dealers may have finally realised that they had cut our coke back to the bone and are steadily making amends…of course I’m sure they don’t see it like that its all business to them but whatever the case, its nice to see our street coke returning back from the pathetic excuse for a drug it had become over the last couple of years. And just quietly, we believe at Black Boppy, it has indeed increased in quality – namely the crack on the corner is slightly better at long last, but still hardly worth spending ones money on. We will keep you posted of course and will be watching developments very closely.
Please leave your comments below on whether you have noticed this small change upwards in the purity of the UK’s crack and coke.
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