With each and every day Russia loses more of the plot, and takes the lives and hopes of people who use drugs, with it…

Please.DO NOT MISS THIS ARTICLE. people around the world must learn more and more about the barbaric, lunacy Russia inflicts on people who use drugs. Brothers, sisters, fathers, cousins,children,mums…dragged away from their families to a Russian prison full of disease and death. No methadone, no Hepatitis C treatment, only one in 5 who need it get ARV treatment (which is stopped in prison) , people locked up for supplying clean needles and syringes, distributing harm reduction information, (especially users), and for distributing methadone. The EECA region is at the.centre of megaepidemics in the IDU Community, for reasons of ignorance, arrogance,.corruption and vested interests. Follow the story, and do what u can to pick it up and tell the world. This must not continue for another minute.


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