Micro-dosing LSD / Modafinal

Hi peeps,

Again, apologies for the long absence on the site -I have been involved with some other activism, mainly on the European front, as part of the new EuroNPUD, the European Network of People who Use Drugs, whose aim is to represent the interests of drug users in the EU.

I will try and post more frequently however as BP is very close to my heart and we still have tens of thousands of people accessing the site every month, so thanks for coming back -we need information updated on the site and we have had someone connect with us offering to put the back issues up in PDF format, which would be fabulous as this is yet to be done in full so we will look forward to that.

Anyway, what propelled me to post today was coming across a neat 10min BBC video on the trend of DIY microdosing on acid or mushrooms. In the video they speak with a handful of very interesting people such as Ayelet Waldman who used acid in microdoses to combat her own deep depression, with ‘earth shaking’ results -and she has written about it in a book called A Really Good Day. And the very interesting James Fadiman, who has been researching psychedelics since the 1960’s and now has a website where he discusses microdosing in detail as well as collecting data on those who do it. His website says “This website has information on microdosing, including a protocol many people have used to microdose safely. What we offer is information on safe and effective microdose use. We do that by enrolling people in studies, then recording and analyzing their reports. We then share the results. We also advise and support other research projects related to microdosing“.


So, the piece was interesting, especially in the light of an increase in people microdosing -As James says, “If people are feeling the slightest bit high, then we tell them there dose needs to be reduced”. So it really is about microdosing your dose. We would love to hear from anyone that has done this and what they think about it.

Modafinal -How Smart is a Smart Drug?

Shortly after this video, getting sucked into YouTube (as you do), I came across another one on Modafinal. We really don’t hear a lot about Modafinal these days but it is still out there and this is quite an interesting piece. The young journo actually takes some Modafinal on camera and has tests at a clinic to see if it really improved his cognitive functioning. It did. By 10%. Not a lot but he certainly looked like he was buzzing a bit. But as he says, it wasn’t all plain sailing.  Although this film was made before the UK’s crazy Psychoactive Bill, and Modafinal is still legal to buy as long as you don’t sell it, it still gives a rather interesting look at what is a pretty interesting drug…Not quite like a speedball but, hey ho it is still a stimulant. BP would love to hear from you if you have taken Modafinal and let us know what you thought.



So, that’s it for today, I will get back on the case and keep BP updated. In the mean time for those in the EU, have a look at the EuroNPUD website -or indeed the international drug user network INPUD

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  1. James Spiazzi

     /  July 26, 2018

    My name is Jim i live in Florida i am 59 yrs old.I have been taking modafinil for approx. 2 yrs for the condition of severe sleep apnea.I am not sure why i am responding but bp was curious.There is really not much to say i take 200 mg. everyday some days 300mg.My experience with this drug is not speed but more concentration then anything my personal experience is it helps me focus better and i can only guess at how it gets me thru the day.But if i had to give you my honest experience i would have to say it does the job.But i would also have to say that whether it be mushrooms or acid i can guarantee they probably would help in the same respect from when i use to take these much missed items back in the day.Big pharma has us under there thumb and i am sick of it.The co pay on these drugs even with coverage is out of hand.Hope i did not bore you.If anybody can steer me in the wright direction to find either mushrooms or acid without repercussion it would be most appreciated. Thank you (sorry, we took your name and fone number out of this in case it brought you trouble, sorry, just thought it wasnt a great idea – BP….)

  2. Brendon Vallejo

     /  May 28, 2018

    There have been some studies; relating to severe cases of trauma that showed very high success rates. See

    Realms of the Human Subconcious
    Stanislav Grof

    Clearly society is kowtowed and would rather take pharma products than something growing out of the ground (psilocybin).

    • Your right about that! To think of magic mushys as a class A drug (which it is in UK) is so utterly ridiculous it beggars belief. Mushrooms are A GIFT to humans, a really special.gift from the universe and it feels like a violation to make it an illegal class A. Actually it’s more than a violation, it’s corrupt and it feeds on the pharma industries control over what we are allowed to ingest. We can’t be allowed to access something so wonderful for free after all….bastards! Grrrr! Thanks is for your comment!


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