RELEASE gives us some much needed clarity interpreting the recent UK governments report on drugs

Head of legal services at Release Kirstie Douse explains the state of illicit drug taking in the UK on Sky News Tonight and does a great job. Nice one Kirstie – RELEASE does it again – clear, concise, succinct, evidence based. We have to give praise and thanks to Niamh Eastwood who is the current boss woman at RELEASE and has brought the organisation on in leaps and bounds. BP attended RELEASE  several times over the last month and has been blown away by the exceptional work, the terrific working relationships, the respect RELEASE continues to engender across not just the UK but the world, and our own gary sutton, who still heads up RELEASE’S  excellent drugs helpline – possibly one of the last bastions in the UK where, drugs, law and human rights intersect directly across the lives and futures of people who use drugs. Thanks to all the team at RELEASE for some really exceptional work. Thank God you are on our side! If you can – please don’t forget to donate to RELEASE – I can tell you they work extremely hard for the issues that affect the drug using community and have done so since 1968 – possibly one of the longest running drug law and human rights charity’s in the world.

NOTE: If you have been busted for drugs – and you think that the statements the police are giving/guiding the jury with are incorrect – that your ounce of grass is indeed for personal use not for sale, that your new car was bought from your own money not drug money, that the 8 ball of crack and few bags of heroin is for your own personal habit and is not a sign of you being some drug king pin or runner for the ‘man’ – get your lawyer to ring RELEASE and ask for their very experienced ‘Drug Expert Witness’ to analyse the police reports and give the jury and judge an honest, considered and extremely experienced look at what the evidence really means. It could be the difference between being locked up for years  or going home to your kids after court.

Don’t forget – call the RELEASE drugs helpline if you are having any issues, questions or problems with drug use, drug treatment, drug testing -regarding yourself or a loved one. BP’s Erin O’Mara is currently volunteering there every Thursday.

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