A video for every bloke to have a look at -through the eyes of a woman

As a woman, it is always just part of your life; of course the younger you are the more regular the occurrences; sexual equality? where is it? Man oh man have we got a long way to go before women can simply walk down the street without being harassed, made to feel embarrassed, humiliated; women have to turn off their chance to maybe meet a nice person because they have grown up to be paranoid about what male attention in the street really means. And in bars, clubs, train stations, shops etc. For all the men who continue to do it -it means women are going to feel less and less like having any interaction with a stranger on the street at all; and, after this video, can you really blame her?

Published on 28 Oct 2014

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Creator/Director/Producer: Rob Bliss Creative- A Viral Video Agency – http://robblisscreative.com/
Business/Media Contact: rob@robblisscreative.com

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