Just something that made me smile…

I stumbled across this on that awesome website Opioids.com where a single link can lead to to places and dark corners within drugs and the brain you were always suspecting were in there somewhere but couldn’t follow enough leads! This quote is from a site linked to http://opioids.com  as you’ll come across some fascinating snippets and in depth research, totally for the all consuming trainspotter. Well here it is, its a bit daunting in technicality to start, but persevere.

0.4 Life In Dopaminergic Overdrive.

An important point to stress in the discussion to follow is that many dopamine-driven states of euphoria can actually enhance motivated, goal-directed behaviour in general. Enhanced dopamine function makes one’s motivation to act stronger, not weaker. Hyper-dopaminergic states tend also to increase the range of activities an organism finds worth pursuing.

Outside the pleasure-laboratory, such states of necessity focus on countless different intentional objects. So humanity’s future as envisaged in this manifesto is not, or certainly not just, an eternity spent enraptured on elixirs of super-soma or tanked up on high-octane pleasure-machines. Nor is it plausible that posterity will enjoy only the dullish, opiated sensibility of the heroin addict. Instead, an extraordinarily fertile range of purposeful and productive activities will most likely be pursued. Better still, our descendants, and in principle perhaps even our elderly selves, will have the chance to enjoy modes of experience we primitives cruelly lack. For on offer are sights more majestically beautiful, music more deeply soul-stirring, sex more exquisitely erotic, mystical epiphanies more awe-inspiring, and love more profoundly intense than anything we can now properly comprehend. I shall first schematically set out how a naturalistic, secular paradise of effectively everlasting happiness is biotechnically feasible.

Second, I will argue why its realisation is instrumentally rational and ethically mandatory.

Third, I will offer a sketch of when and why such a scenario is likely to come to pass in some guise or other. And, finally, I shall try to anticipate some of the most common if not always cogent objections that the prospect of psychochemical nirvana is likely to arouse, and attempt to defuse them.

(He has loads more written and I’ve lost the link direct, forgive me ill be fixing asap and huge apologies to the author.

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