A Really Worthwhile Listen to -if you want to get up to speed on what is going on under the surface in the UK -and how we got into this abstinence mess;

A truly excellent and refreshing talk from one of the UKs most analytical, erudite, and progressive thinkers harm reduction and drug policy;  Sara McGrail presents:

Brief note: A really excellent presentation by Sara McGrail, vibrant, knowledgeable and incredibly insightful, Sara presents not only a picture of drug policy under the UK coalition -and more importantly how it affects the user on the ground. Sara also looks into what lies behind the the push behind the recovery movement, why it started, where the splits are showing, and how recovery has quickly come to mean ABSTINENCE.

Go to time splice number 16.35 in the video to find just where exactly ‘recovery’ entered the UK picture and you will see it slid in through the growing gaps of well financed treatments that were just letting the user down, and it was getting more and more obvious. Get Sara’s view on , how in the UK, splits were beginning to grow in the clinic style of maintenance and similar ‘treatment models’ and how the ‘recovery’ movement, coinciding as a new politik entered the room (soon going on to create their own splits, naturally!). Oh what an environment for all good protestant moralising and hatespeak! Just what the politicians like to wade in best!

The underlying tragedy is that the only outcome measure in our drug strategy, after an intense debate on ‘what is recovery’/ what is success’ -they have decided -point blank – that recovery is abstinence. And, dear readers, that is how services will be paid -and that is the only direction people with drug dependencies are being funnelled; abstinence. Sara also talked in the political urge to get people off treatment, with services utilising their big guns; making the service so miserable and stressful, that people would rather be on the street. ve seen it happen!) But when we start peeling back the benefit reforms we quickly find that those who return to the street wont be getting any benefits – oh no they’ll be taking those away if you don’t accept ‘treatment’. Its time to get out our pens, off our butts, networking with others and start to organise – coz otherwise we are going to lose big time readers, BIG TIME>
 So again, people who use drugs are paying for the egos and guilt of many, and today my friends, recovery, or should i say Abstinence’ is the order of the day. but really, so take out 20mins and have a listen to Sara’s talk.
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