One of those videos you just gotta have a listen too…

This is another terrific Exchange Supplies production -a straight up talk from a wonderful woman called Magdalena Harris. Mags, a Kiwi now living in London talks straight to camera about her life as a committed career drug user and her journey telling how she managed to pull all her experiences together and marry up her knowledge of drugs with academia. A really empowering story, Mags eloquently and succinctly takes us through her life as a street drug user – New Zealand style -with all its pharmacological nuances, to treatment and methadone which left her even more despairing as she battled the punitive ‘clinic system’. Make no mistake, this is no self pity story. This is upfront and in your face -but more than that it is extremely perceptive and Mags is able to tell us just how valuable those years of using were to the work she does today.Many will empathise with her battle with hepatitis C and her dilemma over ‘to treat or not to treat’  – and at each turn of the story you will find something you can take from it to empower, inspire, laugh or get angry. For just 15 minutes, its well worth a look readers. Nice one Mags, thanks for being so honest but more than that even, thanks for the inspiration. And thanks to Exchange Supplies for bringing us another goodie! we love you guys!

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