Rick Doblin -One of the Great Psychoactive Enthusiasts and Drug Policy Reformers

Rick Doblin, founder of MAPS the Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies, provides a terrific keynote speech for the SSDP (Students for Sensible Drug Policy) in Denver, in March 2012, just ahead of the UK’s SSDP conference, this April. Rick talks about what some very specific drug experiences have taught him in terms of life lessons, in particular, how to go on to create social change without becoming disillusioned, bitter or cynical. Rick lets us in to some of the poignant moments achieved through those moments when, through pschoactives we find ourselves in tune with the universe and able to hear its messages to us. This 20 min video is a must see, its fabulous to hear how Rick integrates these messages into the work he does on his journey towards drug law reform and debate. He alludes to the importance of really getting to understand your opposition, to sympathise and empathise with their worries and fears in order that you can get to explain your points in a way they will ultimately understand, because you understand them. This includes of course the ‘opposition’ areas in our own ‘fights’, like prohibitionists, the DEA in the States etc. Sometimes we certainly do get so caught up in the politics and the fight of it all, we forget we are not going to get anywhere when we stand on opposite sides of the riverbank, shouting who is right and who is wrong…Rick is one of those rarer researchers (PHD) who is out about his drug use, really enthusiastic about using psychoactives for therapies and bettering ourselves, and always working hard for policy debate and reform. SSDP gave him an award here in Denver, and one well deserved indeed. Dont miss this video, he is a really engaging speaker and will have you entertained throughout.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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