Breaking Convention: MDMA Debate – Its Place in Medicine, Society and Politics


MDMA for psychotherapy? Listen to the latest views

An excellent video which captures, for the first time in the UK, a conference convened on MDMA looking at the research and the debate around it being used as a drug for psychotherapy etc. This hour long video brings together some really knowledgeable speakers who each present for 5-10 minutes, and cover a lot of interesting info about the various studies undertaken with MDMA so far. There are various aspects of the debate highlighted here by the different speakers, a specific overriding issue for concern however is about how the risks of MDMA have been overplayed -indeed much of it is plain incorrect. Until recently, there was only 1 paper on the therapeutic benefits of MDMA and thousands about the risks. Yet all of these papers have assessed risks in terms of whether MDMA was safe to use in a theraputic setting,  based on research taken from street ecstasy used in a club setting, which they claim (and i agree also!) is vastly different to pharmaceutical MDMA used in a theraputic settings. For years researchers were unable to get funding for therapeutic based research of MDMA as it was consistently thwarted by the previous realms of more negative research on ecstasy which looked exclusively at street or black-market ecstasy (which may not have MDMA in it at all!), in hot, crowded athletic club settings -a million miles away from sterile MDMA in therapeutic settings. Rick Doblin took this even further and said he was deeply concerned about the egotism and careerism involved in much research publications etc, the sheer determinism to be published (and not challenged) all at the cost of the truth, another nail in the coffin of rational truthful drug research..Well worth listening to some of the worlds foremost researchers on MDMA, who happily seem to have also used it! Now thats the kind of researcher we like! Respect! thankks to MAPS for this (see more of their fascinating stuff -link on right hand side).

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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