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Image by Oscar D.

…The soundtrack from the movie The Fighter;

Christian Bale is mesmerising in this film and frankly, you can’t take your eyes off him. He plays the supporting role to his brother in the film, Micky (Mark Wahlberg), a quiet  but determined fighter trying to get out from under the label of ‘stepping stone’, the fighter that gets used  (stepped on) to move other fighters up the ranks. Christian Bale (Dicky) is a hero in his hot, dusty small home town as a bxing ,k\and, when he is not hanging out at the local crackhouse, trains his brother.

Christian Bale

Christian Bale; mesmerising performance

I am adding this here as we have decided to add tunes and tracks off the movies that depict drugs /drug use with intelligence and honesty (as opposed to the usual Hollywood bollocks) as well as some of the good ol’ songs about drugs. The Soundtrack to The Fighter is a killer, and this is the opening track by the band The Heavy – and worth a search.

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