50 Years of Prohibition…and where has it got us?

Check out this brilliant short film by the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union, – The worlds drug lords went to the Commission on Narcotic Drugs at the  UN to publicly thank them for 50 years of prohibition – and why not?! It’s made them richer than their wildest dreams…And what do we have to show for the drug policy exported by the US to the rest of the world?? A massive black market that funds crime, violence and wars. Millions of people who use drugs languishing in prisons across the globe, (in many countries drug users make up the majority of the people in prison), 3 million people who inject drugs infected with HIV, millions more with Hepatitis C, murders, corruption, young people on the streets, communities and families torn apart. Of all the trillions of dollars being poured into the war on drugs, and it is this very war that is killing the people it is supposed to be protecting. We need to change our drug policies NOW. But these guys – and the United Nations wouldn’t agree…

Check it out! Well done HCLU. (interviews with HCLU, Youthrise International Network of People who Use Drugs, US Harm reduction Coalition.

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