What packets of cocaine look like in your stomach


cocaine inside the stomach looked at via at CT scan


Radiograph of the abdominal area of a drug cou...X-Ray of the intestines with 38 packets of coke.

Just for our amusement..If you have ever wanted to have a closer look at what cocaine packets look like in the stomach, here it is.

The image comes via University of Bern, which did a study that found CT scans detected cocaine better than X-rays.

To the right we have the CT scan, and below right we have the x-ray…

The one below is a radiograph of the abdominal area of a drug courier. Multiple capsules of drugs are visible in the stomach (yellow markers **) and the intestines (*). The man swallowed 38 capsules of cocaine. (2007)

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  1. The greedy bastard!!!



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